End of Term Message

Term 3 2021 can be likened to strapping oneself onto a rollercoaster ride that constantly changes direction. It will be so nice to climb off the rollercoaster and have a couple of weeks break.

This term, we have noticed how resilient our children are becoming. Their ability to quickly adapt to changing situations is extremely mature for children their age. We are so very proud of them all.

These challenging times have been difficult, for everyone. We are so truly grateful to our amazing families for assisting our Surf Coast teachers in making sure our children continued their learning at home. Keeping our children learning and happy would not have been possible without you, thank you.

As we put Term 3 behind us there still is so much to be thankful for. Our Year 1 students watched their chickens hatch, we held our first Potato Olympics, our Preps celebrated their first 100 days of school and we raised money for cystic fibrosis with Crazy Hair Day. We also celebrated the outstanding results our Year 3 students achieved from our very first NAPLAN assessments.

As we look toward Term 4, we have many wonderful events planned for our children and families. We look forward to sharing these special times with you next term.

From our Surf Coast family to yours we hope and pray that you have a restful holiday break.

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

Debbie Riddle ,

Campus Coordinator

Thumbs up in Prep

One hand has one thumb. Two hands have two thumbs. This week during spelling lessons our Prep children were learning how to spell the word ‘thumb’ focussing on the silent ‘b’. To have some fun with their thumbs the children had fun creating pictures using their thumbprint and ink. They also learnt that we all of unique prints on our fingers and thumbs, prints that belong to only us. For their comprehension task they read the picture storybook Hand, Hand, Fingers Thumb and then completed questions using pictures and sentences

Debbie Riddle & Caitlin Maher,

Prep Teachers

Year One News

Week Ten has been fantastic! We have loved everything about being back together! We have had a chance to reconnect, reacquaint, collaborate and learn back in our superb facilities and school grounds, which we are blessed to have. Observing the joy upon returning is a reminder of the importance of friendship and connectedness.

Why did you do all this for me?” he asked. “I don’t deserve it. I’ve never done anything for you.”

“You have been my friend,” replied Charlotte. “That in itself is a tremendous thing.”

E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web.

Nick and I extend our blessing to everyone and pray that you have a wonderful holiday.  We look forward to a tremendous and joyous Term 4. God Bless.

Tracy McDonald ,

1T Teacher

Tracy McDonald ,

Classroom Teachers

Year 3 Detectives

For our last week of CL@H for Term 3, our Year 3 students received a top secret, classified package full of mysteries to solve and codes to crack. Students developed their ability to think, read and write like detectives, including writing messages with invisible ink and creating sets of fingerprints. Congratulations Year 3, you are now officially private detectives! Although we were unable to finish off the term in the classroom together, we enjoyed being able to catch up during our Teams meetings this week. Highlights were our virtual magic show, and also having AFLW player Renee Garing join us in a Teams meeting. Students enjoyed being able to ask Renee questions and find out what it is like to be an AFLW star! Congratulations Year 3 for the resilience and perseverance you have shown during our CL@H program!

Jessie Donnan ,

Year 3 Teacher

The Surf Coast Snack Shop

In Term 4 we will be opening a snack shop at our campus. The Surf Coast Snack Shop will be open on Wednesday lunch times (beginning in Week 2) and will be run by our Year 3 students. Initially, there will be a choice of Cool Pak popcorn (50 cents) and Berri Quelch Fruit Juice Icy Tubes ($1). Students will be able to buy one of each item each week. Money received will be used to replenish supplies, and profits will be put towards resources for our school.

Jessie Donnan,

Snack Shop Supervisor

Virtual Magic Show

What a treat for our children to take part in a virtual magic show this week with magician Anthony De Masi! Our Preps, 1s and 2s watched together at school while our Year 3s were able to watch from the comfort of their homes. It is great to find ways to connect with each other and still have fun even though we can’t physically all be together. We had so many laughs! It was wonderful to see the smiling faces of our children as they watched the show, their eyes lighting up at the amazing tricks. This was definitely a highlight of our week!

Jessie Donnan ,

Year 3 Teacher

Footy Colours Day!

Scarves, footy jumpers, and excitement filled the Surf Coast Campus this week as our children celebrated Footy Colours Day. This event was not only a fun day for our children but a worthwhile one too, with the children raising money for childhood cancer. The children were also fortunate to listen to a special message from AFLW Geelong Vice Captain Renee Garing who is also a member of the Christian College teaching staff. It was a wonderful way to enjoy the last day of Term 3.

Debbie Riddle ,

Campus Coordinator

Ev’ry Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright

What a delight it is to be back at school and making music together!

This week, the Year 1s have been exploring a different type of percussive playing, using cups! This is a great activity that works well with plastic tumblers or tin cans. You might like to try it around the dinner table sometime.

Our beautiful Preps have been learning the art of ensemble playing: listening carefully, watching for cues, and playing their part at the right time.

Please enjoy some snippets of our recent musical ventures!

Kate Notini,

Classroom Music Teacher & Surf Coast Choir Director

Surf Coast Campus CL@H House Physical Activity Challenge

It was wonderful to receive feedback and photos of the students taking part in out ‘Physical Activity Challenge’.

This CL@H activity provided motivation for students to undertake physical activity during ‘Lockdown’.

Throughout the last 3 weeks, Burrows and Penman battled for the lead with Taylor and Flynn close behind.

I am pleased to inform the students of PENMAN HOUSE that their efforts have secured them the win and we congratulate all involved!

Burrows House placed second, with Taylor and Flynn following.

These rather large totals of minutes will be added to the campus House points providing a boost towards the end of year 2021,winning House.

Thanks again to all those students and parents who embraced this House-based activity and contributed to it.

Jo Richardson,

P.E. Teacher

Year 1 and 2 Japanese – Calligraphy

Year 1 and 2 students had an opportunity to experience ‘Shodo’ this week. Shodo is Japanese calligraphy which is the art of writing with charcoal ink and brush. The students first learnt about a brief history and instruments of calligraphy. Then they learnt how important good posture is for calligraphy. They sat up straight and used not only their wrists but their arms as well when writing. The kanji characters they practised were 日本 (Japan). Before writing their final work, the students practised these kanji again and again, concentrating on how to move the brush for each stroke and paying attention to detail. For the calligraphy, the students learnt that they have only one chance, since the brush strokes cannot be corrected. All students created masterpieces with their own artistic taste and enjoyed this unique aspect of Japanese culture.

Yukiko Valent,

Japanese Teacher

Holiday Screen Time and Cyber Safety – Webinars for Parents

Given the context of lockdowns and increased screen time for remote learning and social connection lately, these coming school holidays may present some challenges for families when it comes to children and managing their time on screens. Parents may value these parent webinars and resources from Family Zone listed below, which I recommend highly.

Note that some of these parent webinars have sessions available over the weekend and through to Tuesday, while others are available throughout the holiday period.

Click the links to register for a webinar or view the parent blog:

? Parent Webinar: Managing Screen-time During Holidays.

? Parent Webinar: Managing Gaming Consoles.

? Parent Webinars: Cyber Safety Webinars for Families (multiple varied topics, take a look!).

? Blog for Parents: Holiday screen-time survival tips.

Parents, I hope these webinars are helpful in navigating the digital environment with your young person and positively guiding them on types of content and volume of technology they consume these holidays.

Brandon Vanderkley,

Director of Digitial Learning

Important Information From the Uniform Shop

Holiday Trading Hours
Please note our trading hours during the September holidays:
Closed for the first week; reopening Monday Monday 27th September 9.00-5.00pm every day until Friday 1st October.

Price Reductions!
In light of the announcement in last week’s Vine of the NEW wardrobe range for being introduced in 2022 many items from the current uniform are now heavily reduced to make way for this exciting new range.
There are NO exchanges or refunds on reduced stock and once it is gone, its gone forever so get in quick!!
All current uniform is only available to existing students to purchase as ALL new families commencing in 2022 are required to purchase the new uniform.

Assistants Wanted
The Christian College Uniform Shop is looking for people to help out serving our College Families.
Shifts vary but anyone interested would need to be available during some school holidays.

Please contact Genelle on 5241 6316 or pop in for a chat – Shop 6/7, 168 High St Belmont.

A MYTERN Message for This Week

Today, in this world of isolation, try to reach out and connect with someone. They may be strangers or a friend.

One of the most precious gifts that you can give them is your time.

Really listen to them. Make them feel heard. This is not about your story, but theirs.

The impact will be profound – for you both ❤️