What’s Happening at Surf Coast?

Is an up to date list of planned activities at Surf Coast Campus that you can use for planning purposes.  Please be aware that these dates are set early in the term and occasionally items may need to be cancelled or dates/times altered.  This itinerary is altered each week to reflect any changes – please check this list of events EVERY WEEK carefully when you read the weekly VINE newsletter.

TERM 4 2022 

Week 8 
Monday 21st Nov *Bike Ed Week 4 – Year 4 
Tuesday 22nd Nov *Discovery Learning Preps – Cosy Corner 
(formally known as Beach Prep) 
Tuesday 22nd Nov *Lunchtime Concert 1.20pm- 2pm – Multipurpose Room 
Thursday 24th Nov *Prep Camp – Ballarat Wildlife Park Day Camp. Pick up from Multipurpose room at 7pm. 
Friday 25th Nov *Assembly 
Friday 25th Nov *Swimming – Year 1 – SAC Middle School 

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Preppies Planning, Mapping and Building! 

Over the past two weeks in Integrated Studies, the Surf Coast Preps have been introduced to the idea of location. They have been learning about representations on which places can be located. They have also looked at creating models to show where familiar places and features are located. 

The Preps have explored the different places in which they live and belong and have been making observations about their specific features. They have looked at the features on simple maps and learnt about a bird’s eye view.  

The Preps were introduced to their very special project this week, where they will be creating a design of their dream school playground and Bush Prep area. They cleverly planned out, in much detail, all the fun equipment they would love to have in their design, labelled them, and connected them with pathways. 

The students are very excited to finalise their plans and start building their models next week! 

Debbie Riddle

Caitlin Maher

Year 1s Share Their Comical Work With Preps 

When the students in Year 1 described what text types they enjoyed reading, comics and other graphic novels trumped as the most popular! When asked what they wished to write next, the students shouted, “COMICS!” this came as no surprise. The teachers thought what a great idea! During the planning phase, the children brainstormed and decided to write, publish, and book-launch their comics to the Surf Coast Preps. They wanted to share with this year’s Preps how much fun writing in Year 1 is. Watching the children write for a purpose, be empowered to use writers’ voices, be motivated to entertain, and show pride in showcasing their first comic publication was incredibly rewarding for everyone. 

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Tracy McDonald

Nick Hogan

Year  2  – William Buckley Artists 

After visiting historic sites around the Surf Coast and Geelong, Year 2s imagined what it would have been like for William Buckley when he walked Surf Coast land and shores. On our excursion, they sketched a picture of the beach at Breamlea and drew William Buckley catching fish or warming himself by a fire.  

This week back in class, the children painted their sketches with watercolours, bringing their creations to life. There were warm sunsets, clear blue seas, hot fires on the shoreline, and crabs in the rock pools.  

Sharon Sutton

Leanne Crole

Year 3 – What do you Mean Slow Down??! 

Can somebody tell me whose idea it was to book an excursion and a camp in back-to-back weeks??? Oh wait, that was me! We always seem to say it but, what a huge couple of weeks we have had in Year 3! A busy fortnight packed full of learning but disguised as fun! 

In Week 6 we had our excursion to Scienceworks where we continued to learn about the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. It was great to see that the kids had all the answers to the questions the facilitator was asking during our education session. There is something about space that really draws them in and stimulates interest. 

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Adam Stewart

Library – Story Dogs Day and Hot Dog Lunch 

On Wednesday November 23, we will be holding our final Project Care Day for the year to raise money for the Story Dogs organisation. The Story Dogs organisation sends volunteer ‘dog-teams’ into schools to read with children to help create a calm, enjoyable, judgement-free environment while building confidence and a passion for reading. Each week over 3000 children around Australia are supported through the Story Dogs program.  

After receiving our Story Dogs accreditation in Term 3 last year, my dog Ollie has been donning his orange reading vest each Tuesday to come to school and read with a small number of students. It has been wonderful to watch the bonds between Ollie and his reading friends grow over time, often enjoying a snooze in a lap while listening to a book. While not all students get a chance to read with Ollie, he has visited a number of classes and many excited students love to visit him in the Library or have a pat as he arrives at school. 

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Katherine Tatnell Moore

Uniform Recycling Bin

Hello Surf Coast Families,
As most of you are already aware, the College is currently in uniform transition. ALL College Students are expected to be in the new uniform by 2025.  

In the Multipurpose Room you will notice a bin which has been labelled Christian College Geelong Recycled Uniform. 

This is for recycling our old Christian College uniforms.   

For those families who wish to have their children’s uniform recycled, our uniform provider will be collecting these items and recycling the fabrics.   

This incentive is to avoid the items going to landfill. 


This year students will finish their academic studies on Friday the 9th of December. Camp Australia will continue to provide their program to students of CCG parent users until Thursday the 15th of December at the Junior School gym 39 Broughton Drive Belmont.  

A MYTERN Thought for This Week 

Things can get hectic at this time of the year, often throwing a random curve ball, making you skid out of control. At first your reaction will be extreme. That's ok. Once the panic is over, stop and breathe. Regain control. Don't judge it. Give it space to unfold... and then inspire you 👍😊

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