What’s Happening at Surf Coast?

Is an up to date list of planned activities at Surf Coast Campus that you can use for planning purposes.  Please be aware that these dates are set early in the term and occasionally items may need to be cancelled or dates/times altered.  This itinerary is altered each week to reflect any changes – please check this list of events EVERY WEEK carefully when you read the weekly VINE newsletter.

TERM 4 2022 

Week 7 

Monday 14th Nov *Bike Ed Week 3 – Year 4 

*Camp – Year 3 – Discovery Parks Warrnambool (Mon 14th – Wed 16th) DEPART 

Tuesday 15th Nov *Camp – Year 3 – Discovery Parks Warrnambool (Mon 14th – Wed 16th) 

*Lunchtime Concert 1.20pm – 2pm – Multipurpose Room 

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Discovery Fun in the Sun!

With the sun shining, our hats and suncream on, the Surf Coast Preps ventured down to Cosy Corner for a wonderful afternoon at the beach for Discovery Learning.  

Each child brought down a bucket and spade, and took their time on the bus travel down, to plan out what they were going to build and create once at the beach. 

Some of the Preps loved working collaboratively to build sandcastles, kingdoms, mazes, and mermaid baths.  

Other Preppies enjoyed digging for crabs, exploring the rocks, and creating works of art using cuttlefish, shells and seaweed.  

So much fun was had by all!

Debbie Riddle

Caitlin Maher

Illuminate: How Science Comes to Light

On Thursday, we were lucky enough to head up the highway to Scienceworks accompanied by the Year 3s. In Year 1, our focus in Integrated Studies has been Light and Sound, which made Scienceworks the perfect place to visit. Illuminate was a hands on, interactive way to explore how light and sound work in a range of different and unique ways. We were also lucky enough to have a session in their planetarium! The kids were amazing about how the show worked in the big chairs. We cannot wait to use our new knowledge and skills in the classroom when we do our own experiments!

Tracy McDonald

Nick Hogan

Year 2 Japanese Sushi Making 

Our Year 2 unit of work this term is Japanese food and drink. The students have been learning about Japanese traditional diet and popular dishes in Japan. They learnt that Japanese traditional dishes are not only tasty but also healthy. As a part of the unit work, the students had an opportunity to make norimaki sushi. With the teacher’s help, they had a go at rolling sushi using a bamboo mat. After making own sushi, we practised ordering sushi in a restaurant setting. The students ordered sushi and green tea ice cream from the menu they created prior to sushi making. It was a great cultural hands-on experience and many students said that it was the best sushi they ever had! 

Yukiko Valent

You’ve Got Buckley’s! 

On a glorious Tuesday this week Year 2s explored the region, visiting sites where the convict William Buckley lived with the Wadawurrung people, between the years 1803 – 1835. Their day started on the beach at Breamlea, where William Buckley spent time living and perfecting his fishing techniques. The students sketched the beach and imagined William Buckley living there.  

The next stop was alongside the river at Barwon Heads. This was a favourite spot for the Wadawurrung people as it had so many of the resources they needed. Our students enjoyed playing on the playground and eating their recess snack, while imagining how the world was so different then.  

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Sharon Sutton

Leanne Crole

Year 4 Authors 

The Year 4 students have been working all year on their Writing Folio. Each piece of writing is checked for punctuation and the flow of the story, then edited by the students. Each story written goes through the process of three drafts. This is a great learning experience for the students, to keep working on their writing and make it better with each draft. The students have worked on a range of stories, including short stories, informative stories, reports and adventure stories just to name a few. It has been great to see how proud the Year 4s are of the work they have done. These will be fabulous collections of work when we are finished!  

Claire Deretic

Remembrance Day Service

On Friday, we held the first ever Remembrance Day service at our Surf Coast Campus.
It was a misty and overcast day that was quite fitting for the occasion. It was a very special time together and we were joined by the children and staff from Butterfield house as well as family members of our students.  

I would like to say a special thank you to our Year 4 students who all played a role in the service, including reading out poems, praying and raising the flags from half-mast. I would also like to thank the friends and family who joined us. 

Two of our Year 4 students were also invited to read a poem as part of the Torquay RSL’s service at Point Danger and they did a beautiful job. 

As I reflect on this day and moment, I’m reminded of Jesus, who 2000 years ago left us with the instructions of communion to “Do this in remembrance of me”. Just as we may take communion at church to remember the sacrifice Jesus made in giving His life, we also take these moments like today to remember those who gave their life. We take moments like these “in remembrance” of those soldiers and personal who are serving or have given their life in service.  

Lest we forget. 

Nathan Pratt

Broadcast From Camp Australia OSHC

This year students will finish their academic studies on Friday December 9. Camp Australia will continue to provide their program to students of CCG parent users until Thursday December 15, at the Junior School-Belmont gym, 39 Broughton Drive Belmont. 


Enhanced Digital Safeguarding on College Devices 

Members of our community will be aware from recent College communications, including our Wellbeing Evenings held late last term, that as a College we are moving to a more proactive and preventative approach to supporting each student’s digital wellbeing. This includes enhanced student safety, particularly on College laptops, wherever they may be used. Those who missed this information can access it online here. 
Transitioning to Improved Digital Safeguarding on College Devices 
We will be transitioning to improved digital safeguarding over the next week. Individual student devices may transition at any time over this period, and students may notice some changes once the process has completed on their device. 
Once this process is completed, our base-level safety filtering will be always active on all College laptops, and school-time filtering will be active on any network on school days during school hours. 

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Our New-Look ATD Festival - Now Open!

Our Art, Technology and Design Festival is underway at Villa Paloma ATD Centre! It opened at 10am this morning and the program runs until 9pm this evening. Tomorrow (Saturday Nov.12), it's on between 10am and 4pm. 

There's a magnificent exhibition of student artwork and products – all year levels from K-12 from all our campuses and Early Learning Centres are represented. 

Come along this evening or tomorrow - or both! There are food trucks, coffee and live music, a Food Studies Market Stall and Gelato Bar, face painting, the official opening at 6:30pm this evening, then the Wearable Art and Textiles Fashion Parade from 6:40 – 7:15pm. 

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Canteen not Open on Last day of Term 

Please note that on the last day of Term 4, Friday December 9, the canteen will not be open. 

Thank you to all volunteers for your fantastic help during the course of this term, and throughout 2022.  

Recycling Uniform Items 

As part of the transition to our new College wardrobe it was important that we consider the environmental impact of clothing items no longer required. Whilst it is still possible for students to wear items from the traditional uniform, when items are no longer able to be worn, they can be recycled. 

Any such items can be dropped off and placed in recycling bins at each campus. We are working with our wardrobe manufacturer to ensure that these can be recycled as part of the introduction of our new wardrobe over the next 18 months. 

A MYTERN Thought for This Week 

Change is probably the most constant thing in our lives, so be prepared to suddenly switch roads. Embrace it with excitement rather than failure. 

New road...new journey.... new you! 😊 

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