RW Gibson Centre for Music Performance Officially Opened 

Christian College’s state-of-the-art music performance and education facility was officially opened today by College Board Chair, Rev. Paul Stephens and Mrs Wendy Gibson, assisted by College CEO, Mr Daryl Riddle and Principal, Mr Glen McKeeman.  

The ceremony featured some excellent musical performances from Christian College students, including the VCE Saxophone Quartet, the Junior School String Quartet and outstanding clarinet soloist, Emily Treloar from Year 10. A special guest performer was trumpet soloist Campbell McKinnon, grandson of Robert (Dr Bob) Gibson, whose name the performance centre proudly bears. Both solo performers were accompanied by Ms Regina Thomae.  

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What’s Happening at Surf Coast?

Is an up to date list of planned activities at Surf Coast Campus that you can use for planning purposes.  Please be aware that these dates are set early in the term and occasionally items may need to be cancelled or dates/times altered.  This itinerary is altered each week to reflect any changes – please check this list of events EVERY WEEK carefully when you read the weekly VINE newsletter.

TERM 4 2022

Week 6 

Monday 07th Nov Bike Ed Week 2 – Year 4 

Monday 07th Nov Hoop Time – Year 4 

Tuesday 08th Nov Discovery Learning Preps – Cosy Corner 
(formally known as Beach Prep) 

Tuesday 08th Nov William Buckley Excursion – Year 2 

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Hello From the Campus Chaplain

Hi all!  

Today I wanted to take a moment to share something exciting I was able to pull off with our students last Friday at Assembly! 
Last Friday (October 28) we joined with other school around Australia to celebrate World Teachers Day! So, I hatched a plan a few weeks earlier to surprise our amazing teachers and I asked Deb if I could share a devotion at assembly. In the lead up, I interviewed a number of students and asked them why their teachers, including their specialist teachers, were the best.  

Well, the response was so genuine and heartwarming, there was no hesitation in their response as to why they thought their teacher was the best! 
We were able to then surprise the teachers during my ‘devotion’ by playing the video. There were lots of laughs, smiles and even a tear or two. Our students then stood and gave their teachers a round of applause! 

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Nathan Pratt

Orientation Day  

Orientation Day is a day of mixed emotions. The children are so excited to see what the future is going to be like, while still clutching on to the security of their current teacher and classmates. However, once they arrive in their new classroom and see many familiar faces and some new ones, they quickly realise that the future looks great. During our Orientation Day this week we welcomed 52 new students on campus. Our very first class of Year 5 students had a taste of what Middle School is going to be like. Our gorgeous new little Preps shared the morning with the mums and dads in their Prep room. Not only did we welcome new students, but we also welcomed three amazing new teachers. As the staff gathered together after Orientation Day and reflected, we were excited, anticipating that next year is going to be a great year!  

Debbie Riddle

Indigenous Perspectives in Prep 

Throughout the course of the term, the Surf Coast Preps have been learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. The Preps thoroughly enjoyed reading and listening to picture story books about Aboriginal life before English settlement. To represent their thinking, they created beautiful watercolour paintings and drawings.  

As well as listening to books about Aboriginal life, the Preps loved listening to Dreamtime stories. One of the most favoured stories was the Rainbow Serpent. The Preppies retold this story through role play and then took part in a collaborative piece of artwork. 

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Debbie Riddle

Caitlin Maher

Surf Coast Students Creating Content and More 

Digital Technologies this term, is all about creating content with apps and programs on our digital devices. We are exploring and discovering how to use these apps and programs to help us share ideas, tell stories and work collaboratively, all while staying safe when interacting with online platforms. 

Prep students are discovering how to create and share their ideas while using Book Creator to tell stories in a shared class library. Their books include lots of images and digital drawing, as well as organised text to create their narratives. 

Year 1s are interacting with ‘PowerPoint’ to create presentations that use text, images and drawing. We have made a fabulous start with a free choice topic while we are becoming familiar with how to use this program. 

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Emma Anderson

Year 2 

Orientation Day this week was a day of new beginnings, lots of emotion, and the excitement of meeting new friends and teachers. The students were thrilled to spend the day with their Year 3 teachers, Mr Stewart and Mrs Crole. During Orientation, the Year 2 Strings Group performed a concert for the Year 1s who were very impressed and keen to choose their own instruments for when they are in Year 2.  

Some beautiful reflections on the day. 

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Sharon Sutton

Leanne Crole

Year 3 Movie Stars 

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks in Year 3. In Literacy the kids have been busy becoming blossoming actors and directors as we have been recording a video to highlight the importance of respect and kindness and what is it means to be disrespectful. I have been so impressed with the stage presence and personalities on show to go with the message of the video. Hopefully you will all get a glimpse soon! 

In Maths we had the pleasure of participating in some lessons conducted by Peter Maher who is the father of our wonderful Prep teacher Caitlyn. Peter is a decorated mathematician with incredible experience and delivered a thought-provoking math session to the years 3 and 4s. 

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Adam Stewart

BLP Garden is Growing Abundantly! 

Our BLP Club was able to do a big harvest this morning. It is so exciting to see the plants that we planted as seeds and nurtured in our hothouse. We then planted these as seedlings into our garden. For the students to see the full cycle of these plants is amazing. This morning we harvested spring onions, beetroots, rhubarb, snow peas, carrots and kale. We have started to prepare the garden beds for the next lot of food to be grown. To watch the students getting excited and being engaged in our garden is great. 

Claire Deretic

Maths Day at the Surf Coast 

Since the beginning of Semester 2, our Surf Coast staff have been developing their skills, knowledge, and pedagogical approach to teaching mathematics. The staff have taken part in weekly professional development sessions and practical experiences. This week was certainly a highlight for both staff and students. Renowned teacher, mathematician and author Mr Peter Maher OAM spent the day at our Surf Coast Campus engaging the students in fun Maths lessons. He also spent time equipping our staff with practical ways to continue to develop our students’ problem-solving skills and deeper understanding when working with numbers. It was a great day and the staff look forward to putting into practice what they learnt from Peter.  

Lest we Forget 

If you or your child would like to purchase a poppy, these will be available to purchase at the school office as part of the Torquay RSL annual fundraising appeal.

Broadcast From Camp Australia OSHC 

This year students will finish their academic studies on Friday December 9. Camp Australia will continue to provide their program to students of CCG parent users until Thursday December 15, at the Junior School-Belmont gym, 39 Broughton Drive Belmont.  

Cyber Safe Schools Program: Qustodio Parent App Update

We were delighted late last term to share important information and details of how we are seeking to partner with parents to support students’ digital wellbeing, during our two Wellbeing Evenings.

Following these evenings some key information, along with a link to a recording of the presentation, was shared with all parents. If you missed it, you can access the document here. 

Qustodio Parent App Update  

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Our New-Look ATD Festival - Now Open!

Our Art, Technology and Design Festival is underway at Villa Paloma ATD Centre! It opened at 10am this morning and the program runs until 9pm this evening. Tomorrow (Saturday Nov.12), it's on between 10am and 4pm. 

There's a magnificent exhibition of student artwork and products – all year levels from K-12 from all our campuses and Early Learning Centres are represented. 

Come along this evening or tomorrow - or both! There are food trucks, coffee and live music, a Food Studies Market Stall and Gelato Bar, face painting, the official opening at 6:30pm this evening, then the Wearable Art and Textiles Fashion Parade from 6:40 – 7:15pm. 

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Canteen not Open on Last day of Term 

Please note that on the last day of Term 4, Friday December 9, the canteen will not be open. 

Thank you to all volunteers for your fantastic help during the course of this term, and throughout 2022.  

Recycling Uniform Items 

As part of the transition to our new College wardrobe it was important that we consider the environmental impact of clothing items no longer required. Whilst it is still possible for students to wear items from the traditional uniform, when items are no longer able to be worn, they can be recycled. 

Any such items can be dropped off and placed in recycling bins at each campus. We are working with our wardrobe manufacturer to ensure that these can be recycled as part of the introduction of our new wardrobe over the next 18 months. 

CCG Foundation Patron’s Dinner 

Join us for the Foundation Patron’s Dinner, to be held on Saturday, 12 November 2022 at The Pier Geelong. 
On this night, the Foundation will be officially launching the establishment of our Public Ancillary Fund - 'The Eternity Fund'. The purpose of this fund is to provide sustained giving for the future. This fund will invest donations to return a greater value in years to come - a donation that lasts a lifetime. 

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A MYTERN Thought for This Week 

Try not to get caught up expecting others to think and behave like you do. Without judgement, let them drive down their road while you take control and choose your own road 😊 

Discover more about MYTERN here