What’s Happening at Surf Coast?

Is an up to date list of planned activities at Surf Coast Campus that you can use for planning purposes.  Please be aware that these dates are set early in the term and occasionally items may need to be cancelled or dates/times altered.  This itinerary is altered each week to reflect any changes – please check this list of events EVERY WEEK carefully when you read the weekly VINE newsletter. 

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Save the Date! 

An Important Parent Evening for all Families  

Save the date for this event to partner with us in support of our young people’s wellbeing. 

The past few years have been challenging globally, and at Christian College we have not been exempt from facing difficulty. Pleasingly however, through the ever-present blessings of God, and the hard work of our wonderful team, we have delivered “The Learning That Matters” consistently and effectively throughout this time and continue to do so. 

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Brendan Vanderkley

Preps Discover the Seasons 

During this week’s discovery and investigation session, the Preppies explored the four seasons. The multipurpose room was divided into four sections and was filled with clothing items, photographs and images. The Preps had so much fun sorting, describing, and explaining what the items were and which season they are suited to. 

The Preps were able to identify how the weather affects our daily lives and our daily activities and how we should appropriately dress to accommodate to the weather conditions.  

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Debbie Riddle, Campus Coordinator

Caitlin Maher

Fun Ways to Learn Hiragana – Japanese 

The students in all grades from Prep to Year 4 have been learning hiragana, the basic phonetic script representing the sounds of Japanese. There are 46 basic hiragana characters. First, the students brainstorm what each character looks like, for example, the hiragana(a) looks like an antenna on the roof. The little hints help them to memorise the characters as pictograms. Then the students practise writing them, paying attention to the stroke order to write them accurately. Finally, they are encouraged to read words and phrases without English letters and comprehend what they mean.  

The students are mastering the script through various fun ways such as card games, online learning tools and even hiragana exercises. They are now ready to order ‘すし‘ from a menu in a Japanese restaurant! 

Yukiko Valent

Year 1 – Chicken Fever 

Chicken fever has taken over Year 1! It was sad to say goodbye to our chickens last week. So, in Year 1, we put our head together for a way to keep them next time. We are designing our very own chicken coops to build here at Surf Coast. All the students have been amazing in their designing phase. From their planning to 3D models of their coops, Year 1 have been super creative. We have made sure that our designs will allow chickens to thrive in their environment with comfort, water, food, and lots of room to roam around! We cannot wait to introduce chickens to our school next time our cute chicks stop by Surf Coast!  

Tracy McDonald


Upon their return to school this term, the Year 2 students have enjoyed reading about, and considering, the characters, settings, problems, and resolutions presented in some traditional fairytales. They have discussed the moral of the story in The Ugly Duckling and then investigated the differences between swans and ducks in Integrated Studies, noting the changes which take place as the ducklings and cygnets hatch and grow through to adulthood. When reading the story of Peter Pan, the students considered Peter Pan’s desire to never grow up and in Integrated Studies they explored the changes humans go through from birth to old age. 

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Sharon Sutton

CCG Basketball Extravaganza 2022 

Yesterday students in Years 3 and 4 participated in our College’s annual ‘Basketball Extravaganza’ held at AWA Stadium in Belmont. 

Our Surf Coast students enjoyed participating alongside their classmates and played teams from our Belmont and Bellarine Campuses. 

Our ‘Future Star Cats’ team played successfully to win all three of their games. The ‘Future Star Giants’ team were very competitive and developed their skills and game sense. Our ‘Rookies Blue’ team celebrated one win out of their three games. 

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Joanne Richardson

Year 4s Head to Senior School 

On Wednesday afternoon our Year 4 students were lucky enough to be invited to take part in the Senior School House Food competition. We were given the honour of being the invited guests to the House Food restaurants where our students, alongside Senior School staff members, were treated to restaurant level food. The students were then given the opportunity to vote for the food that they liked the most. Safe to say we were all rolling home with very full bellies. We were treated to delicious soup, amazing mains and then desserts that were out of this world. 

Following this we were taken on a tour of the senior vegie garden. We got to taste test smoothies that used home-grown ingredients. We got lots of ideas for our own Surf Coast vegie garden. Finally, the Year 4 students got to cook with the Year 12 Food Studies students in the Senior School kitchen. 

It was an absolutely amazing afternoon, and one that the Year 4 students will remember and cherish for a long time.  


Claire Deretic

Crazy Hair and Casual Dress Day

Colour, fun and craziness certainly flooded into our Surf Coast Campus this week for our Crazy Hair and Casual Dress Day. Our children literally let their hair down to raise money for such a worthy cause.  All money raised was donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The children had a wonderful time showing of their crazy hair creations.  

Debbie Riddle, Campus Coordinator

BLP Clubs 

As a new term begins so does a new round of BLP clubs. The excitement filled the air as the children joined the rest of their new club members and their new club leader. BLP clubs help foster many Building Learning Power dispositions. The clubs give the children the chance to develop skills such as collaboration, perseverance, resilience and managing distractions. As the term continues the children will continue to develop these skills while having fun in their Term 3 club. 


Debbie Riddle, Campus Coordinator

A Call out to all Families……

We are looking for any old uniforms from sizes 8+ for the Surf Coast sickbay – we have had an overwhelming number of students falling in muddy puddles or getting very dirty due to this winter’s bad weather and we do not have enough uniform pieces in our wardrobe to sustain us! 

If you can assist us that would be AMAZING!  

Thank you. 

Liz and Stacey @ Reception

Father Day Stall Gift Wrapping – Help Needed 

This year our Surf Coast Campus Fathers’ Day stall, where students can purchase a special gift for their dad/grandpa/pop/or even uncle, will be held on Friday 2nd Sept. 

This event is such an exciting time for students as they ponder over the gifts to purchase. However, as our campus grows, so too do the number of gifts that need to be wrapped. 

On Monday August 8 at 9:00am, straight after drop off, we will be wrapping presents. Anyone who can offer an hour of their time please let Liz or Stacey at reception know via email at surfcoast@ccg.vic.edu.au  

This normally doesn’t take very long – many hands make light work! 

Thank you in anticipation! 

Scholarship Applications for 2024 Entry now Open! 

Each year we offer Academic Excellence Scholarships for entry at Year 5 (Middle School-Highton, Bellarine and Surf Coast campuses); Year 7 (Middle School-Highton and Bellarine); and Year 10 (Senior School-Waurn Ponds).  

These scholarships have been designed primarily to encourage and support new and current students who wish to attend Christian College and who demonstrate high levels of academic excellence.  

We are now seeking scholarship applications for entry at any of those year levels in 2024.  

For more information, and to apply, please see our website. Use the hotlink from our homepage or click here 

Applications close on Thursday September 29. The examination date is Saturday October 8. 

East Timor Trivia Night


National Collection of Data on Students With Disabilities

Every year, all schools in Australia participate in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD). With data collected on the first Friday in August (this year, on the 5th), the NCCD process requires schools to identify information already available in the school about supports provided to students with disability. These relate to legislative requirements under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Standards for Education 2005, in line with the NCCD Guidelines (2021).   

Please see the attached NCCD Fact Sheet for more information.   

Fact Sheet for Parents Guardians and Carers

Golf Tournament 

The Foundation Golf Tournament is set for Thursday, 27 October 2022. Join us at 13th Beach Golf Links from 8:00am for a shotgun start. Tickets are $190 each ($150 for members) or $750 for a group of four. RSVPs close on Thursday, 6 October 2022 at 5:00pm. 

Funds raised from this event will be allocated to our Foundation Scholarship Fund, supporting current students who are in need of financial assistance.  

Book online at: The Foundation Golf Tournament

A MYTERN Thought for This Week 

During these challenging times it's easy to feel overwhelmed. 

You are not alone. Many people are feeling this way. 

Whatever road you are now on, just take a deep breath and know that everything is going to be ok. Even if you can't change your circumstances, you always have the option to change the way you feel 👍🙏😊👏 

Discover more about MYTERN here