National Sorry Day

Thursday, 26th May, Surfcoast Campus reverently honoured National Sorry Day. Students listened to the Sorry Day story, created sorry chains and reflected in prayer on what it means to say sorry and how this act can support our nation in healing the past. As a College, we respect that National Sorry Day is a day to acknowledge the strength of Stolen Generations survivors and reflect on how we can all play a part in the healing process for our people and nation. 

Tracey McDonald

Nick Hogan

Surf Coast Preps Explore the Past 

In our inquiry and discovery session this week, the Preps explored the past.  

The Preps started with a learning provocation, where they examined and posed questions about objects that are now regarded as being out of date. They were introduced to many artefacts such as an abacus, an old telephone, old books, an old iron, a rusted rabbit trap, and a floppy disc. They discussed what the objects were used for and what is now in place of these and how they are new and improved.  

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Debbie Riddle

Caitlin Maher

Flying Through Art 

This term the students at Surf Coast have been working on a unit of Construction. We started off the unit by exploring the different ways we can think like engineers, mathematicians, designers and artists to create different structures. We have also been looking at different kinetic sculptures and moving artworks by different artists. 

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Bea Greenhalgh

Exploring Data with Year 2 

Are you left or right-handed? What colour are your eyes? What colour is your hair? What is your favourite hobby? Do you have a pet at home?  

These are some of the big questions being asked by Year 2 students during Digital Technologies this term.  

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Emma Anderson

Local learning in Year 1 

This term, we have been exploring the historical story of the Surf Coast Campus’ local town, Torquay. Students have been observing photographs, listening to stories, and viewing olden day video clips to grasp life back in the 1900s in Torquay. On Thursday, Year 1 was excited to see sunshine as they embarked on their Integrated Studies excursion, looking at how places change over time. They visited Taylors Park, The Esplanade, Gilbert Street, the old post-office site, and Nairn’s Dairy corner location.

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Tracey McDonald

Year 2 

The Year 2 students have been exploring Australian currency this term. They have been investigating the features of coins and notes, discussing the concept of dollars and cents, working with groups and partners to show different ways to make equivalent amounts, and setting up mini shops to buy and sell ‘goods’ so that they can practise adding coins and notes, and give change to their ‘customers’.  

Using money has been a fun way for the Year 2 students to consolidate some of their addition and subtraction strategies and to practise their skip counting and multiplicative thinking. Our money maths lessons have been buzzing with excitement as the students see how Maths is a part of our everyday lives. 

Leanne Crole

Sharon Sutton

National Simultaneous Storytime 

This week, at 11am on Wednesday, over 2 million children across Australia gathered in schools and libraries to read the same book at the same time for National Simultaneous Storytime. At our Surf Coast campus, we gathered in the library to read this year’s book ‘Family Tree’ by Josh Pyke and illustrated by Ronojoy Ghosh. Family Tree is a beautiful celebration of family, community and seasons of life.  

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Katherine Moore

eSafety Parent and Carer Webinars

Parents and carers of our students have access to a range of eSafety webinars made available by the eSafety Commissioner throughout the year. eSafety’s free webinars provide parents and carers with the knowledge, skills and tools to support children to have safe, positive online experiences.

The webinar focus by eSafety for May is on parental controls. This webinar promises to provide valuable information and support to parents. Christian College parents are also encouraged to read the article ‘Should I be using a parental control?’ available on our Online Safety Hub.

I encourage all parents and carers in our community to explore these webinar offerings by eSafety and register for events that are relevant to you. The link is below:

2022 Parent and carer education topic schedule

Brendan Vanderkley

COGG Needs Crossing Supervisors

The City of Greater Geelong is experiencing a shortage of school crossing supervisors due to illness, including COVID and influenza, meaning that a limited number of crossings around the municipality may not be supervised at certain times. In such instances, staffing busier crossings is prioritised over quieter ones. Sometimes this is achieved by deploying Parking, Local Laws and Animal Management teams to crossing supervision roles.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a crossing supervisor, COGG is recruiting via this link:
Casual School Crossing Supervisor – City of Greater Geelong 

Golf Tournament 

The Foundation Golf Tournament is set for Thursday, 27 October 2022. Join us at 13th Beach Golf Links from 8:00am for a shotgun start. Tickets are $190 each ($150 for members) or $750 for a group of four. RSVPs close on Thursday, 6 October 2022 at 5:00pm. 

Funds raised from this event will be allocated to our Foundation Scholarship Fund, supporting current students who are in need of financial assistance.  

Book online at: The Foundation Golf Tournament

A MYTERN Thought for This Week

If you are on a rough road, use the discomfort as your power to take control. See it providing fuel for your journey....expanding your map....adding to who you are....shaping who you are becoming 😊

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