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Love, Faith and Influence 

Last week I attended the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA) / Independent Schools of Australia (ISA) National Education Forum in Canberra. The purpose was to discuss matters relating to the vital role that Independent Schools play in the lives of our young people. There are so many aspects to this, and as I listened to political leaders from the major parties, notable speakers in the fields of education, reconciliation, wellbeing, governance, e-safety, and economics, I reflected on the role that Christian College plays in the lives of our young people, and wider College community. 

Over more than 40 years our College has influenced and shaped the lives of our students, staff, families, and more broadly, our local, national and global community. It is remarkable to think that in our relatively short history, there are so many people connected with the College contributing to society in so many ways, through wide spheres of influence: business, the arts, theatre, music, sport, medicine, law, science, the environment, recreation, community service, our churches – and more.  

Whilst celebrating the life of a former colleague and friend Syd Strauch at his Memorial Service held in the Middle School Chapel last Friday afternoon, I was reminded of the impact that one person can have on a community. It was a privilege to gather with Syd’s wife Jan, his children Jenni, Zoe and Lachlan, and their family, friends, colleagues and many of the students Syd taught, to mark the life of a man who positively influenced the lives of others. Indeed, sadly this year, we have also had cause to reflect on the lives of Major Wilga Morris and Mr Bob Schultz who also passed away earlier this year. Wilga, a former Salvation Army member of our College Board, and Bob, through his involvement as a parent, like Syd, made wonderful contributions to the lives of others by contributing to the life and ministry of Christian College. 

Interestingly, the data discussed during the National Forum indicates that increasing numbers of families are making the choice to send their children to Independent Schools. Enrolments in Christian Schools are growing at a significant rate.  

In the conversation last week, we explored some of the important factors that challenge our young people and how schools can best meet the complex demands they face. I am convinced as I work each day alongside my colleagues at our College, that we are taking every measure in striving to meet the demands we face to support our students and staff to flourish. 

Over the past few years, a significant amount of our energy has been directed toward the area of wellbeing with the lofty intention of seeing individuals and our community flourish. Flourishing might seem to be a fanciful notion in a world that is confronted with the horrific events in Ukraine, the recent floods along the east coast of Australia and a global pandemic. However, flourishing is our aim, and schools like ours can begin by providing the love, faith and influence through our Christian ethos that offer our young people and families a level of hope and peace in these uncertain and unsettling times. 

At the recent Prefect Investitures, each Guest Speaker reminded us of the example Jesus is for our lives, whether we have been chosen for leadership or not. Learning from His life reminds us of our call to love and serve others as we seek to find meaning and purpose. And, as I think about that, I think about Syd, Wilga and Bob and what it was about them that we celebrated. It was their love and service to others – that’s why we mark those people’s lives as having been well lived. 

The challenge then for schools and families in supporting our young people to flourish is to continue investing in the way we encourage, nurture and model the Christian faith each day. 

This week our community has been blessed to have Rev. Tim Costello as our guest. It was a privilege to hear Tim share with our staff and students in various formats and as our Guest Speaker at the Gathering Hope Appeal Luncheon hosted by the College Foundation. His message of hope through a presentation which encouraged us to see the community strength provided through faith, morality and democracy, was poignant in light of current global uncertainty. 


One of the first verses I recall learning in Sunday School was “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” found in Philippians 4:13. I remember thinking that Jesus was a type of ‘super hero’ to provide such protection and support. As I think about that now I am reassured that despite the challenges that we see in the world, and the difficulties we might individually face, God’s love and grace help us to find a place of peace, contentment and safety in times that shake us. 

The notion of a flourishing life is lofty. But with God’s help and influence, it is obtainable and available. 

Perhaps this is why more families are seeking and choosing Christian schools for their children? 

God bless. 

Cyber Safe Schools Program: Parent Update

Parents may recall that in Week 1 of this term I introduced our new Online Safety Hub as part of a new Cyber Safe Schools Program that the College is in the process of implementing. This is in formal partnership with Linewize by Family Zone, providing tools and support for school and home to work together and guide our students in the development of positive digital behaviours.

Over this term, we have been putting in place some new tools at school that will help support and protect students in the digital space while at school and enable teachers and pastoral staff to be empowered to support our students’ wellbeing more effectively going forward.

In my communication earlier this term, I also shared some excitement about some complimentary Family Zone parental tools that will be made available to parents as part of the Cyber Safe Schools Program. These optional tools for the home will support Christian College parents to have better visibility and awareness of their child’s digital behaviour while at home. I’m pleased to share that these tools will be made available to parents, along with further information about the wider program, early in Term 2.

We’re delighted that these significant preparations to better protect and support our students in partnership with parents are nearing completion. Parents can look forward to the official launch of the Cyber Safe Schools Program in Term 2 as part of a broader wellbeing focus that will provide opportunities for parents to connect, engage and partner with the College to support the wellbeing of our young people while at school and in the home.

Following the upheaval and challenges of the past two years, the need to proactively support our young people in the areas of wellbeing and the development of positive digital behaviours has never been greater, and we’re so excited about the steps we’re taking with parents to meet that need.


Beach Prep

Tuesday of this week marked the Preppies’ final Beach Prep for Term 1. The students enjoyed making many comparisons to their previous visit. The weather was cooler, sky cloudier and the tide was a lot higher that last time we visited!
However, this didn’t deter the children from having all the sandy fun they had! The Preps had a sandcastle building competition, enjoyed collecting stones and shells and some dug as far as they could to find buried treasure!
We are all very excited for next term’s adventures at Bush Prep.

Pictures in the Stars

This week, Year 1 have been looking at the night sky! We have been learning about the stars and the constellations hidden in those stars. We have been able to get hands-on using our creative sides by drawing and making different star constellations. We first had a look at creating them using drawings and chalk boards. Our ‘drafting’ stage was fun and very inventive. The kids then got very creative and used kebab sticks and marshmallows to design different constellations. They were able to cut different sized sticks and use numerous marshmallows to come up with the perfect creation…although we did lose a few marshmallows to some cheeky students!

Year 2

The Year 2 students have been learning about procedures and instructional writing during their reading and writing lessons. They have been learning about the organisational structure of procedure writing and what to look for in a procedure to guide them to complete a new process. This week, as part of our reading lessons, the Year 2 students read a procedure and learned how to make ‘The Sparrow’, a paper aeroplane. They had fun testing their creations out and then it was their turn to design their own paper plane and write a procedure explaining how to construct it. The students paired up and tested each other’s procedures. There was much excitement and the students enjoyed the practical side of their reading and writing lessons.

Year 4s Reduce the Rubbish Project

The Year 4 students have been busy learning about recycling and composting. They are very excited to be setting up the recycling program at our Surfcoast Campus. At assembly today they spoke to the staff and students about what can be recycled in our paper recycling bins and what food can go into our new compost bins. The compost will be collected and put into our new big compost bin that will then go on our own school garden.
We weighed the waste that each class produces and we have calculated that as a school we are sending over 1200kg of waste to Landfill each year. As we grow in size this number will only get bigger. The Year 4 class has set a goal to reduce this number this year.
They have also finished their bracelets in Beads of the Bible, where we discussed a different part of the Bible each week and connected it to a colour.

Supporting Those Affected by the Floods in NSW and QLD

Next Friday, the 1st April, we will be holding our first Project Care day for the year. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn the importance of helping others. The students will be encouraged to come to school in casual dress for the day and to bring a gold coin donation, or one of your choosing, to help raise funds for those people who have lost so much in the floods. For there to be greater meaning for our students, it would be great if you could have a conversation with your child/ren about what they could do to raise the money to bring to school, as opposed to simply asking you for the donation. I would love for our students to get an understanding of sacrifice. This might mean they do the dishes for you, or the vacuuming or wash the car. This way they are consciously doing an action, giving up some time, so that they are able to give to others.

As a part of the day, we will also be having a sausage sizzle for lunch. Your child will have brought home an order form already. Thank you to those who have returned them so promptly. If your child wants a sausage in bread, please return the form with the money to school. Please note that the money for the sausages is separate to the donation on the day. All of the money will be going to the Salvation Army Flood Relief.

Thank you for your support of our Project Care program at Surf Coast, I’m looking forward to a great year of working with our local community, and broader communities, to help our students have real understanding of our school values.

Art Room Supplies

To all Surf Coast Families,

I am seeking cardboard donations and hoping you may be able to help build the construction supplies of cardboard items in the Art Room so we can continue to build some cool structures!
I am sourcing, in particular, small cardboard boxes (tissue box size and smaller) and cardboard rolls.

Any contribution is much appreciated. Thank you.

What’s Happening at Surf Coast?

March 28th – Family Picnic
March 29th – Year 4 Beach Ramble Excursion
March 31st – Year 4 Athletic Sports (Bellarine Campus)
March 31st – Year 1 Narana Excursion
April 1st – Casual Dress and Sausage Sizzle
April 6th – Year 4 Gateway Challenge
April 7th – Annual Surf Coast Cross Country 9.30-11.10am
April 7th – Year 1 Out and About Fishos Excursion
April 8th – Easter Bonnet Parade
April 8th – Easter Service (Students Only)
April 8th – Last day of term 2.30pm dismissal
More events will be added once excursions etc are booked and finalised.

Notice to All Parents Regarding CSEF Funding

The Victorian State Government runs a program called the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF). As the name suggests, the fund is designed to assist families meet costs associated with school camps, sport and excursions and requires families to apply in each year they have a child who is eligible. Families who have an eligible child will receive $125 per year for a primary aged student and $225 per year for a secondary aged student.

If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. Please complete a 2022 Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) Application Form and return to your campus administration office by the end of Term 1 please.

Please read the attached letter for further information

CSEF Information:
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CSEF Application:
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We’re Hiring

Christian College seeks the services of a Digital Technologies teacher for Terms 2, 3 and 4 this year.

This is a part-time (0.5) position based at our Middle School – Highton Campus. Interested, or know someone who might be? Check our website for a Position Description and application details (Homepage > Join > Employment)

A MYTERN Thought for the Week

In this world of uncertainty , try not to be too influenced by the opinion of others.

It is not THEIR journey. 

Your journey is unique. 

Seek advice, but then make sure that you are in control of the roads that you choose to drive down 😊

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