What’s Happening at Surf Coast

March 8th – Beach Prep
March 11th – Year 3 &4 Swimming sports (Kardinia Pool)
March 14th – Labour Day Holiday
March 15th – Prep MoPa Excursion
March 16th – Preps attend school
March 17th – Year 3 Wonka Excursion
March 18th – Assembly – Leaders Induction
March 22nd – Beach Prep
March 23rd – Parent Meet and Greets – TBC
March 24th – Year 3 Practice Naplan Test
March 25th – Assembly – TBC
March 31st – Year 3 & 4 Athletic Sports (Bellarine Campus)
March 31st – Year 1 Narana Excursion TBC
April 7th – Annual Surf Coast Cross Country 9.30-11.10am
April 7th – Year 1 Out and About Fishos Excursion
April 8th Easter Bonnet Parade/ Easter Service and last day of term.
More events will be added once excursions etc are booked and finalised.

Tap, Tap, Boom!

In literacy learning this week, the Surf Coast Preps have been focusing on the word tap, and the letter Pp.
The Preps comprehended the story Tap, Tap Boom, and were able to use their text to self connections by reminiscing on the stormy weather that has been in the air this week.
The students loved getting crafty with the letter Pp, by creating their very own Pom Pom Parrot!

Celebrating Shrove Tuesday

Pancakes at school are always such a treat. On Tuesday this week our children celebrated Shrove Tuesday, which meant lots of pancakes and maple syrup. Shrove Tuesday on the Christian Calendar is the day before Ash Wednesday when Lent begins and is 40 days before Easter. The 40 days before Easter marks the time that Jesus spent fasting in the desert. Traditionally, Christians would mark the period with prayers and fasting, abstaining from a whole range of foods, including meat, eggs, fish, fats and milk. On the day before Lent Christians would empty their cupboards on Shrove Tuesday and eat the foods that they would abstain from during the period of Lent.
To assist our children’s learning about Shrove Tuesday and the period of Lent they enjoyed eating pancakes for morning tea.

Classroom Music and Marimba Magic!

The Classroom Music program has started the year with a buzz! What a joy it is to see our students so enthusiastic in their music making.

Our Preps are developing their sense of beat – one of the most essential building blocks for music, and a skill that also enhances language development.

It’s been a pleasure to be back in the classroom without interruption and to watch each year level exploring the instruments. This includes our newest additions: two beautiful, large homemade marimbas. These wonderful instruments were constructed by the legendary, retired CCG Music teacher, Mrs Lesley Walters, and her husband, Des, with assistance from musical artist and instrument maker, Jon Madin. The instruments were constructed in 2005 and have found their new home at the Surf Coast campus, ready to be enjoyed by all – including two of Lesley and Des’ very own grandchildren!

Year 3 and 4 House Swimming Carnival

Parents and students are reminded of our upcoming House Swimming Carnival to be held at Kardinia Pool, next Friday 11th March.
The bus will depart Surf Coast Campus at 9:00am and return approx. 3:20pm.
Surf Coast students will be joining the Bellarine Campus students for an exciting day of healthy House competition and fun.
Parents will have previously received EdSmart notification outlining all details and requirements. Please ensure you have submitted confirmation of your child’s attendance if they will be attending.
Year 4 students have had the opportunity to nominate their swimming events and will also participate in novelty events.
Year 3 students will only participate in the novelty events in the ‘Learn to Swim’ pool, however they will be given the opportunity to watch the competitive swimming and experience the House Carnival atmosphere and excitement.
House points are awarded for all events including the novelty events.
Parents are welcome to attend the Carnival at Kardinia Pool, however you will be required to show proof of vaccination on entry. Parents will then be asked to remain in, and spectate from, a designated area, as advised on the day.
We are all looking forward to an exciting day of House spirit and fun!

Science Understanding

Week 5 is the beginning of our year-long investigation exploring understanding and knowledge in Earth and Space Science and Geography. We are building our confidence to use Science skills for human endeavour by learning how to care for our environment and living things. We visited the local beach landscape, Fishos, and made scientific observations concerning the area, including cliffs, sand-dunes, ocean, creeks, and we also viewed the surrounding skyscape features. Whilst observing the area, the Year 1s noted natural, managed and constructed features at Fishos and observed how differently they engage with the environment. After our visit, we returned to class to respond to what we discovered and observed. We are now ready to take this further and cannot wait to revisit making our second set of observations, predicting changes that may occur, and exploring possible reasons for changing landscapes and skyscapes. Integrated Studies has been an excellent link to connect with the importance to care for God’s Creation and realise how Science and Geography are a considerable part of this mission.


What is a computer? Am I safe online? How has technology changed?
This term in Digital Technology, students are continuing to build their knowledge and understandings about how to safely use our devices (computers, iPads, tablets) when exploring online topics while also discovering how computer technology works and what that involves.
Each week during Digital Technology classes, students alternate between an ‘unplugged’ device-free activity and working on the Surface Go devices. The learning from the unplugged activities helps us to build our knowledge about how computers work and how to navigate a digital platform.
I’m so excited to be working and learning with the fabulous classes at Surf Coast Campus. Each year level has made a wonderful start to the term and it’s fantastic to see all the students engaged and excited about their digital learning and indeed, the digital world.

Emma Anderson,


Year 2

Year 2s have completed some amazing work in their Integrated Studies unit, Combining Materials. They have designed their ultimate dream car and entered their designs into the Toyota Dream Car Contest. The students have designed cars to help others: either people, animals or the environment. Some cars pick up rubbish and clean the waterways, others pick up sick and injured animals before having a vet treat them. Other cars clean the air, ridding it of pollution and viruses.
Year 2s have been analysing the properties and uses of different materials in our world and will decide on the best materials to make their dream cars. On Thursday, Urban Upcycle visited the school and the students were able to choose suitable materials to build models of their dream cars.

Surf Coast Enrolments

Student places for Prep 2023 and 2024 are filling.
All students need to be formally enrolled.
Please do not assume that because a sibling is enrolled that a younger child is automatically enrolled.
If you are unsure if your younger children are enrolled to start school, please contact Kellie at reception.

Chair’s Lunch

Join the Chair of the Foundation Board for lunch as we celebrate the significance of Easter and learn more about the work of the Foundation.

All funds raised from this event will be allocated to our Scholarship Fund supporting current students who need financial assistance.

Book online today at www.ccgfoundation.org.au/chairslunch 

For all enquiries, please contact Jennifer Freind via j.freind@ccg.vic.edu.au.

Year 3

Busy, busy, busy busy!!! The Year 3s have had an exhausting fortnight! Twos ay was a huge hit, we had Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday which gave us great discussions and purpose. Somewhere in there we managed to fit in some English, Maths and Science!
In English, the kids are just putting the final touches on their procedure texts “How to Make Fluffy Slime” (photos next fortnight). This sits nicely with our continued investigation into states of matter in which the kids used the greenhouse to experiment with melting and custard powder to try to classify solids and liquids.
We have also investigated place value, numbers to 10000 and begun vertical addition in Maths.
This week the Year 3 and 4 cross-level activities included a dominoes challenge where students had to work together in teams to create a dominoes trail around the whole room! While we didn’t quite get there, it provided an incredible experience for working together. Lots more to come in the next fortnight so as always, keep an eye on The Vine.

Bible Presentation

Today was a wonderful time of celebration for our Year 2 students and the new students to our campus. Today these students accepted the gift of a Storybook Bible. This Service was the first one on our calendar this year and it was a very special one. The children proudly accepted their new Bible before their families and friends. They will use their new Bibles during Devotions and Christian Ed lessons.

World Day of Prayer

Hey there! I hope you have had a wonderful week!
On Friday we had our first assembly for the year! It coincided with World Day of Prayer.
During the week I met with a student from each class and we took to time together as a group to talk about what prayer is and to write some prayers as part of assembly.
Prayer is something that can be seen as ‘just words read off paper’ or ‘saying things to someone out there hoping they hear’. But that’s not really what prayer is.
When I was a young boy, I would think about a lot of things and I would feel things very deeply. Often this would keep me up late at night and my dad, who is a bit of legend, would sit on the end of my bed at night and just let me talk and talk. I’m sure he must’ve got a bit over it sometimes and wished I’d just shut up and go to sleep, but I never would have known if that was how he felt. I always felt listened to and often I would feel so much better afterwards. And then my dad would pray with and for me.
When I think of prayer and as I read about it in the Bible, I can see the picture painted is relational; it’s communication; it’s heart. In Matthew 6, starting at verse 5, Jesus begins to talk about prayer and what it isn’t. Prayer had become this thing that the religious leaders do and had come to look a certain way with rules and dos and don’ts. Then in verse 9, Jesus sets the record straight and explains what it really is. And He starts out with these 2 profound words… “Our Father…”. Now you may know the rest of The Lord’s Prayer, but those 2 words were revolutionary! Jesus was calling God… the creator, the big man upstairs… His Father! Not only that, but He was teaching normal people like you and I to approach God in that way! (Insert brain explosion emoji). Now I am aware some of us may not have had dads who were approachable or legends and that can impact our ability to see God as a good and approachable God. Jesus was conscious of that, so that’s why He shared in John 14:9 “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” Jesus came to show us how good God is.
Anyway, I shared with our students about how God is relational and that prayer is simply talking, it’s sharing the thoughts, fears, feelings, joys etc… with God, just like I did with my dad when I was a kid. There’s something that happens when we communicate the good, the bad and the ugly with God. He has big shoulders, and like my dad would have, He already knows what’s going on. I bet God loves listening, because He loves hearing our heart, that connection time. He also loves answering our prayers, because He is invested in what is good for us. I vividly remember praying for my dad once because he had a headache and within moments (to our surprise) it totally disappeared! I’ve seen so many prayers get answered! I have not only heard, but experienced the power of prayer!
After talking about some of this, the students and I then took some time and wrote prayers about the things that were on our mind and it was a beautiful time together!
We then took a moment on Friday to join many around the world in prayer. I was proud of our students. Their prayers were beautiful!
I want to put something to you. Is there something currently happening in your life that’s going on? Can I encourage you to give it a go and chat to God about it? If you’re not sure that’s something you want to try just yet, that’s okay. 😊 If you’d like, you can even send me an email and I would love to pray for that thing or situation for you.
I not only believe, but I know – prayer can make a difference.
Have an amazing weekend.

A MYTERN Thought for This Week

Sometimes we spend so much time on busy roads that we start to feel uncomfortable when we drive alone.

Take a moment today to be still and silent. Look at and listen to the nature around you. Feel that connection.

 Know that you are never really alone 😊