From the Dean of Christian Culture

Engagement…With Questions

Who loves playing the game called “Who Am I”?

Let’s play a quick round.

Who Am I?

I was born in the city of Barry in Wales, UK, on 29th September 1961. I migrated to Australia with my family in 1966, settling in Adelaide. I was educated at Unley High School before moving to Melbourne in 1982 to study at The University of Melbourne. I graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Law. I joined law firm Slater and Gordon in 1987 to work in the area of Industrial Law. I was elected to the House of Representatives in the seat of Lalor in Victoria in The Federal Election of 1998. I held various Shadow Cabinet portfolios between 2001 and 2006 before becoming The Deputy Prime Minister after the 2007 Federal Election. I stepped into my new role on 24th June 2010 becoming the first woman in the history of our nation to hold the office of Prime Minister. I was the 27th Prime Minister of Australia. I am…..The Honourable Julia Gillard MP.

Shall we play one more round?

Who Am I?

Born on 6th August 1951, I am an Australian television personality and musician, and I am a triple Gold Logie award-winner.

In more recent years I was honoured with the awarding of a Medal of the Order of Australia, and with the release of a series of postage stamps featuring my portrait, but it all began in 1971 when I was asked to present an afternoon children’s program called Cartoon Corner. Over the past six decades I have hosted and produced television programs such as New Faces, Blankety Blanks, Family Feud, and Dancing with the Stars – but my rise to national fame originally came because of my long-running role as host of Hey Hey Its Saturday. I am ….. Daryl Somers.

Why did we do that? Why did I choose to ask you to play this game?

I think this little exercise demonstrates a clear fact for us; that most people love asking and answering questions. We have a deep love and hunger for knowledge, information and learning.

The desire to ask questions and find answers is something we seem to be born to do. Anyone who has children will remember little babies reaching out to touch and taste everything around them – and then we watch as toddlers learning to talk begin to form seemingly never-ending questions, often as short as the well-known “But Why?”

Questions and answers are fantastic! We should never stop asking questions and finding answers because it is how we learn and grow – the thirst for knowledge is the foundation not only of academic learning but also of new discoveries, initiatives and creativity.

So many questions like, “How do you make that paper aeroplane fly just that bit further?”“Why is the moon that shape and colour?” … (and any other one of a million or more questions you might think of)…help us to challenge the current status quo and push further out into the territory of the unknown.

This search for knowledge is Biblical. In Matthew 7 we read the account of Jesus teaching His Disciples and the crowd with a message which has since become known as “The Sermon on the Mount”, in which He addressed a wide range of topics including Love, Money, Generosity, Family, Prayer, Judgement and Worry. In the middle of this message, in Matthew 7: 7 Jesus says this:

Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks the door will be opened.”

Ask, seek and knock – Jesus was encouraging and teaching people to search for answers and to look for truth and understanding.

With the right motivation and a genuine heart, we can discover the answers to so many as yet unanswered questions. Our aim is not to derive personal benefit from the information gained, but rather to utilise the learning to assist us as we give back to the community. In this situation our language will not be “I want” but “I wonder”; not “I must have” but “I am interested in”; not “give it to me now” but “teach me please”; and not “tell me now” but “can I ask please?”

Life is a wonderful journey, and we are designed to ask questions in order to discover answers – questions about all things; matters scientific and matters faith-based, matters physical, emotional and spiritual. There is still so much truth for us all to learn, and we should be encouraged to continue asking questions of each other, of our learned leaders and teachers, and, most importantly of God Himself.

Perhaps 2022 can provide the opportunity for you to become engaged or re-engaged with the joy and delight of asking questions. As a community at the beginning of a new year we have focused our thinking on engagement; the notion of opening up possibilities created through connecting, preparing, committing, and building relationships. Our journey so far has taught us that engagement increases opportunity, engagement releases strategy, and engagement delivers fruitfulness, so our focus now, both individually and corporately, is fixed on discovering areas in which we could engage or re-engage.

Maybe for some of us that focus of engagement could be placed on the concept of asking questions – with a view to learning and growing; and ultimately being able to make a positive contribution to the lives of others.

Bless you all.




Twosday – a day when our Surf Coast students celebrated the uniqueness of such a special moment in time. When you write it, 22-2-22, it’s a palindrome, meaning it reads the same forward and backward. Our students celebrated this special moment dressing in all things 2. Some students joined a sibling or a friend and dressed as a pair of characters such Mickey and Minnie Mouse or Thing 1 and Thing 2. While other students wore 2 of something, 2 hats or 2 scarves. During maths lessons the focus was all about the number 2. After lunch the celebrations continued, the countdown was on to 2.22pm and this was followed by a dance party to celebrate this special occasion.

Preps Inquire and Discover

This week the Preps explored the difference between natural materials and man-made materials. They also learned that different objects are made from different materials.
The Preppies went outside and frolicked in our beautiful natural environment and collected materials such as gum nuts, leaves, rocks, grasses and flowers. They also collected materials that are found inside and around our classroom and homes, such as cotton wool, foil, baking paper, cork and wood. The many items were then shuffled up, selected one by one, classified, and sorted into their appropriate category of man-made or natural.

Year 4 is Fabulous!!

It has been a busy fortnight in Year 4! We have solved problems and challenged ourselves. Using dry pasta, marshmallows and sticky tape the Year 4s were given the challenge to see who could build the tallest structure. Isabelle, James and Matilda built a tower that stood nearly 75 cms tall!!
Twosday was a big hit. It was so much fun to see what came out of the imaginations of students and families as everyone came to school dressed up and took part in our fun activities and dance party.
The Surf Coast Snack Shop is up and running again. The Year 4 students did an amazing job of setting up and running the snack shop on Wednesday for the rest of the school. Keep an eye out as we are hoping to add more items to sell in the coming weeks.

Year 2

The timing of Twosday has slotted right into the Year 2 focus on calendars, months and seasons of the year. This week the Year 2 students investigated the features, layout, language and patterns of calendars. They worked in groups to record and discuss their observations and had much pleasure in finding their birthdays on a variety of calendars, and sharing which day of the week their birthday would fall on in 2022.
As part of our Twosday celebrations the students created their own February calendar. They explored more deeply the concept of a leap year, of only having a birthday once every four years if you were born on the 29th of February, and the alignment of the Olympic Games with every leap year.
The Year 3 students have reluctantly relinquished their responsibilities for the guinea pigs as our fabulous Year 2 students have enthusiastically taken on the full responsibility of caring for their new class pets. The Year 2 students should be commended for the mature and sensible manner in which they organised groups for the lunch and recess roster, and for the patience they are practising whilst waiting for their visit to the guinea pig enclosure each week.
Our creative Year 2 artists have been imagining a better world and their Dream Car designs show a genuine passion for others and the environment. We look forward to sharing their finished products in the weeks to come.

A Delicious way to Learn Maths 😊

Throughout this term, Year 1 has been working on their graphing skills. We have been asking questions so that we can gather data for our picture graphs. This week, we were able to have a bit of fun incorporating M&Ms into the lesson. The Year 1 students were given two packets each and we were counting and sorting the colours of our chocolate. We then displayed our data on a graph. We were also able to explore the concept of chance and whether or not each bag will be the same. The Year 1s definitely enjoyed their edible Maths lesson!

What’s Happening at Surf Coast

(These dates may change, so please check the calendar and The Vine regularly for updates.)

March 1st – Beach Prep
March 1st – Shrove Tuesday
March 3rd – Parent Helper Training session – Rescheduling to Term 2
March 4th – Assembly Bible Presentation – Postponed
March 11th – Year 3 & 4 Swimming sports (Kardinia Pool)
March 14th – Labour Day Holiday
March 16th Preps attend school
March 18th – Assembly Leaders induction – Postponed
March 22nd – Beach Prep
March 23rd – Parent meet and greets
March 25th – Assembly – TBC
March 31st Year 3 & 4 Athletic Sports (Bellarine Campus)
April 7th – Annual Surf Coast Cross Country 9.30-11.10am
April 8th Easter Bonnet Parade/ Easter Service and last day of term.
More events will be added once excursions etc are booked and finalised.

COVID Update

As per the latest guidelines the following rules are still in place.

• Face masks will NOT be required by secondary students or staff; however they remain compulsory for students and staff in Years 3-6, and for ALL students in Years 3-12 travelling on the College bus network.
• RATs will continue to be supplied for the remainder of Term 1, to be administered twice weekly by students and staff, as per our current regime and expectations.

Unfortunately, parents still cannot come on site for events etc., but hopefully this rule will change soon.
Once we are notified of any further changes, we will notify our families.

Have you Visited our Online Safety Hub for Parents?

Looking for support to navigate the digital world with your young person at home? Christian College parents are encouraged to visit and explore our new Online Safety Hub especially for parents. This comes as one facet of our new Cyber Safe Schools Program, which we are implementing this year in partnership with Linewize and Family Zone to better support our community and students.

Parents and carers, if you have not yet visited this wonderful new resource, you can access it from the tile in SEQTA Engage or via the link below.

Christian College Parent Online Safety Hub

I expect you’ll find the time taken to do so well worthwhile.



Chair’s Lunch

Join the Chair of the Foundation Board for lunch as we celebrate the significance of Easter and learn more about the work of the Foundation.

All funds raised from this event will be allocated to our Scholarship Fund supporting current students who need financial assistance.

Book online today at www.ccgfoundation.org.au/chairslunch 

For all enquiries, please contact Jennifer Freind via j.freind@ccg.vic.edu.au.

Enjoy a Musical Afternoon With the GSO!

We are excited to announce that the Geelong Symphony Orchestra is now ‘at home’ rehearsing in the new RW Gibson Centre for Music Performance at the Senior Campus.

Each year this fine orchestra presents superb and varied programs of beautiful music in Costa Hall. The first Costa Hall concert is at 3pm on Saturday March 5th and it provides a great opportunity for families to experience the exhilaration of a full symphony orchestra on a concert hall stage. Many of our College Music Faculty and CCG graduates perform in the orchestra.

Titled ‘Vienna – City of Dreams’, this superb live concert features violin soloist Emily Su and highlights music from the golden era of Vienna – favourite songs, waltzes and orchestral showpieces from Johann Strauss II, Franz Lehar, Brahms and Puccini, including the well-known melodies of Blue Danube Waltz, Overture to Die Fledermaus and Hungarian Dance no 5.

In recognition of the College’s Community Partnership with GSO, CCG families and staff are able to purchase concert tickets at a reduced price using the code CCGCOMMUNITY. Ticket prices for CCG Community are:-

  • Adults $40 (reduced from $55)
  • Students under 20 years $20
  • Children 12 Years and Under are free.

Tickets can be purchased on the Geelong Arts Centre website.

Fiona Gardner

Director of Teaching and Learning – Music

Update to Christian College’s Online Uniform Shop

Over the coming weeks, we are updating our Online Uniform Shop to include our new wardrobe items. We expect this to be complete by the first term holidays.

There will also be some other updates made to rectify some of the teething issues we have experienced with locating items in the online shop directories since launching our new website in Term 4 last year.

Please check coming issues of The Vine and our social media platforms for notification about when the update is completed. You can access the online uniform shop here.



A MYTERN Thought for the Week

Sometimes we spend so much time on busy roads that we start to feel uncomfortable when we drive alone. 

Take a moment today to be still and silent. Look at and listen to the nature around you. Feel that connection.

 Know that you are never really alone 😊

Discover more about MYTERN here.