Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events is an up to date list of planned activities at Surf Coast Campus that you can use for planning purposes. Please be aware that these dates are set early in the term and occasionally items may need to be cancelled or dates/times altered. This itinerary is altered each week to reflect any changes – please check this list of events EVERY WEEK carefully when you read the weekly VINE newsletter.

Thursday November 11th – Celebration Night Filming
Monday November 15th – Prep Readiness Session for New Preps 2022
Tuesday November 16th – Prep Excursion – MoPA
Wednesday November 17th – Orientation Day
Wednesday November 17th – 2022 New Students visit 3.45pm
Friday November 19th – Beach Prep
Friday November 19th – Art Extravaganza
Friday November 19th – Year ¾ Basketball Extravaganza
Monday – Wednesday November 22nd – 24th Year 3 Camp
Tuesday November 23rd – Prep Day Camp
Tuesday November 23rd – Ballarat Wildlife Park Excursion Year 1
Wednesday November 24th – Year 2 excursion to Surf Museum
Thursday November 25th Celebration Night
Friday November 26th – BLP Clubs
Thursday December 2nd – Surf Coast Carnival Day
Friday December 3rd – Assembly & Christmas Service
Friday December 3rd – Last Day of 2021 School Year 2.30pm dismissal

Year 1 swimming Friday October 8th to November 26th except for November 12th.

New Basketball and Netball Court

During the last seven weeks our Surf Coast Campus has undergone a change to the playground. Our students have watched as a patch of grass has been turned into an amazing basketball and netball court with a view that speaks for itself. The new court was officially opened on Thursday by Mrs Joanne Richardson and Mr Daryl Riddle. The new court will also be used for events such as Book Week Parades and Tabloid Sports. We look forward to spending many hours playing and having fun on this new space. Our staff and students are very thankful for this wonderful blessing to our Surf Coast Campus.

Year 2

It has been a busy term for the Year 2 students with lots of learning happening in the classroom. It’s incredible to think that we are halfway through the last term of 2021 and it’s wonderful to see how much the students have grown academically, emotionally, and socially. Our memory verses for the last two weeks have fostered an attitude of encouragement and kindness towards each other and it is truly heartwarming to witness the genuine positive exchanges between the children.
The Year 2 students have been practising their narrative writing this term and are engrossed in creating characters and plots which showcase their imaginative ideas. They are looking forward to sharing their stories soon.

This Week in Prep

Rehearsals are well under way for our Preps very first Celebration Evening performance. This year our Preps will be performing the song ‘Hopeity Hope’. They are working on their dance moves and learning the lyrics to the song while loving their new costumes. The Preps are looking forward to taking a bus next week to the new R.W Gibson Performance Centre at our Senior Campus to have their performance recorded for our Celebration Evening.
It is shaping up to be a memorable performance.

Torquay Town

In class, we have been exploring the historical story of CCG Surf Coast campus’ local town Torquay. The children have been observing photographs, listening to stories and viewing olden day video clips to grasp what life was like in Torquay back then. On Wednesday, Year 1 were excited to go on their Integrated Studies excursion, looking at how places change over time. The excursion had the children travel to Torquay for a walking history guide of the town. They visited Taylors Park, The Esplanade, Gilbert Street, the old post-office site and the original Nairn Dairy. They enjoyed seeing some of the original historical dwellings which are still standing – The Seaview Villa and the Scammel on Pride St. At each historic site, the children photographed the current perspective and discussed what they noticed had changed from the pictures we had been researching. It was about then that the awaiting rain fell, a drizzle at first and then enough to sidetrack us back to the bus for shelter. It was a very exhausting tour, as we covered a vast range of locations, but it was beautiful to see how many things have changed so much and how things can also stay the same in other ways. Back at school, the children compared the different photographs from ‘then’ and ‘now’ and completed a reflection on how places change and started to discuss why towns change. The day was a fantastic ‘legs-on’ experience for everyone.


Yesterday, the Surf Coast students enjoyed a fun and active session of Tabloid Sports.
The weather was kind, and everyone enjoyed participating in their multi-aged groups.
It was amazing to hold our first whole school event on our new hardcourt area. We are blessed to have such a wonderful facility in our beautiful environment.

Students participated in eight activities rotating between events, focusing on participation with a non-competitive feel. Events included, 3 legged race, Soccer Goal Kick, Egg & Spoon, Rob The Nest, Target Throws, Obstacle Course, Crazy Catches and Just Dance.

Students did a great job encouraging and supporting each other. House points were awarded for fair play and actions towards others.

Congratulations to all students for being ‘great sports’ and cooperating together and thank you to our teachers for helping make our Tabloid Sports Event a success.

We look forward to welcoming parents and the wider school community along next year.

Order Your East Timor Calendar Now!

The 2022 East Timor calendar is due to arrive soon! Proceeds from sales will enable funding for 16 University scholarships. Each year Christian College sponsors four new university scholarships, and we are excited this year that these students will come from our very own Uma Maun Alin volunteers.

You can pre-order and pay for your calendar now by calling any one of our campuses and paying over the phone via EFTPOS. They will be available for collection in the next two to three weeks.


A MYTERN Thought for the Week

When your life outside feels unstable…it’s ok.

Just stop for a moment and take control of what is on the inside.

Take a few deep breaths, look at a flower, watch a bird or a cloud. Listen to music.

Take control of what you can, knowing that no road lasts forever.

All will be well 👍😘