Jakara Anthony – Our Golden Girl!

Our College community – together with the rest of the nation – felt incredible elation and pride as 2016 Christian College graduate, Jakara Anthony, captured the world’s attention winning gold in the Womens Moguls event in Beijing last Sunday.

From the moment she set foot inside our Bellarine Campus, Jakara stood out for her commitment and determination to achieve her best.

The world has now seen the trajectory she’s followed to achieve her long-held goal of being the best athlete on the planet in her chosen discipline, but her peers and teachers at Christian College knew a long time ago that she had the motivation, application and temperament to get where she wanted to be.

Jakara knew all about remote learning long before COVID. Despite the challenges, she was able to complete a lot of her schoolwork remotely while training and competing, including during the vital VCE years. She is still able to find that balance between all facets of her life. While achieving at the highest possible level as an athlete, she is also completing a degree at Deakin University.

As a student, she always loved sport – she never missed competing in Christian College House Sporting Carnivals every year she was a student here.

There are many current teachers and ex-students who know Jakara from school days, and beyond, as an outstanding and much-admired human being. For all of us, her Olympic success is a great news story – and one to which many within our community have a personal connection.

Together, we say congratulations Jakara – our College community is immensely proud of not only your achievements, but your fine character and remarkable determination. We wish you every success as you continue a stellar career!

*Thanks to the Australian Olympic Committee for the photo.

From the Dean of Christian Culture


As a focussed thought for the consideration of our College-wide team during our recent Staff Commencement Service, held prior to the on-site arrival of students for 2022, we examined the concept of engagement.

We reflected together on the understanding that as a result of the current international health crisis, and the subsequent challenges experienced by us all over the past two years, we as a College, and we as a society, might well be lacking engagement. We considered the proposition that we all may need to be encouraged to develop, or redevelop, a focus on, and an understanding of, engagement.

When we use the word engagement in this manner it paints a picture of relationship, not only the obvious “agreement to marry” depiction of engagement, but a more broad inference pertaining to connection, involvement, commitment, readiness and attachment. Essentially the notion of engagement can be summarised as a “promise to be present”.

During our Staff Commencement Service, we asked ourselves two important questions;

  • With whom could I engage or re-engage in 2022?
  • In what could I engage or re-engage in 2022?

In so doing, we were effectively challenging ourselves to be honest and to decide whether or not, when reflecting on words such as connection, involvement, commitment, readiness, attachment, and relationship, there was perhaps an area of engagement in our lives which may need some focus and attention this year.

We concluded our Staff Commencement Service by investigating the importance of engagement within us all as individuals and as members of a community – and we discovered, through the Biblical stories of Zacchaeus and Nehemiah respectively, that engagement increases opportunity, and engagement releases strategy.

Today, as we continue to ponder the concept of engagement and as we contemplate how we might individually strengthen our “promise to be present” with the people, events, activities and environments around us, it might also be worthwhile to reflect on our personal engagement with God. This connection could indeed be a wonderful starting place for a renewal of our understanding of engagement. Why is that?

Because when we are discussing our relationship with God, we know that engagement delivers fruitfulness.

The idea of fruitfulness from a Biblical perspective is the concept of bearing fruit in our lives; reaping the fruit that grows as a result of God’s love and presence in our lives; and learning to sow good things into the lives of others and into the community around us with what we do and what we say. A list of the Fruits of the Spirit of God is recorded for us in Galatians 5: 13 – 26 and it is easy to see that each of these described fruits are wonderful values which can help create great patterns of life. So, how we can grow these fruits in our lives; the nine fruits of; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control?

How do we begin to see the growth of this healthy fruit in our lives? Here is a Scripture which may help us to answer this question.

“Happy are those who do not follow a God-less path……but whose delight is in God……They are like trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in its season, and their leaves do not wither. In all that they do, they prosper….” Psalm 1: 1-3

And if we read the same Scripture in plain English from the Contemporary English Version of The Bible, it is even more clear;

“They are like trees growing beside a stream; trees that produce
fruit in season and always have leaves. Those people succeed in everything they do.”
Psalm 1: 1-3

We must remember at this point to note that prosperity and success in God’s language doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will always work out the way you wanted it to, but rather that if we remain engaged with Him there will always be fabulous fruit in your life – healthy and growing results from all that we do and say.

This is God’s plan and pattern – people who chose to become and to stay connected to Him, our wonderful and life-giving God, will see great growth and wonderful fruit in their lives, just as trees who stay planted beside a stream of life-giving water will see growth and fruit as a result. With God we flourish.

And the opposite therefore is also true; when we disconnect ourselves from the life-source it becomes more and more difficult to grow and to bear good fruit. We tire quickly and find ourselves unable to be fruitful. But staying planted, remaining connected and engaged to Him, allows us to be replenished and sustained which in turn allows us to be fruitful and to then share our fruit with others.

May we all consider engaging and re-engaging with God, with one another, and with what is genuinely important as we step into this new year of 2022 – let’s be encouraged to love each other, to joyfully support one another, and to treat each other with peace, kindness, patience, gentleness, compassion and respect. May these simple but beautiful fruits be passed on through our smiles, our words and our actions into our College community and into the broader community.

Be engaged and be fruitful.

Bless you all.

Rev. Tim Edwards

Dean of Christian Culture

eSafety Parent and Carer Webinars

Parents and carers of our students have access to a range of eSafety webinars made available by the eSafety Commissioner throughout the year.
eSafety’s free webinars provide parents and carers with the knowledge, skills and tools to support children to have safe, positive online experiences.
I encourage all parents and carers in our community to explore these webinar offerings and register for events that are relevant to you. The link is below:
2022 Parent and carer education topic schedule

Chaplain’s Message

Well we are under way!
Firstly, if we haven’t met before, Kia ora! My name is Nathan, but if you hear your child(ren) talking about Pratty, that’s me! I have the privilege of being the Chaplain here at Surf Coast and I just love it here, not just the location, but the community! Our staff, you and your children, all play a part in making this school what it is, so thank you for all you bring!
I hope you have all had a wonderful and mostly uninterrupted Summer!
Looking back over my summer, it wasn’t anything like I planned. I was planning on balancing youth work with spending time with my fiancé Tarlee, going to a concert together, attending my good friend’s wedding and then attending our churches youth summer camp… and then it happened! I had a terrible sleep (this never happens) and I started feeling unwell, went to work, felt worse, took a rapid test after work which came back negative, had another terrible sleep and by the end of that day I was done! I spent the next five days trying to tell myself I didn’t have the man flu and finished watching seasons of Manifest, New Girl and Emily in Paris on Netflix. Then I started to feel okay and I figured my couch was sick of me. So as a precaution, I took that rapid and we all know how the rest of this story goes. I was stoked that I didn’t have the man flu and I wasn’t imagining things. I had already missed the concert and realised what I was about to miss the wedding and youth camp. Those next days were such a struggle, seeing Tarlee through the glass and not being able to hug her… torture! The fomo, the cabin fever… it really took a toll.
So you might be think, “okay Pratty, get to it already.” I’m getting there! 😊
So when you report those two red lines to DHHS, you get a text and if you’re lucky, a call. At the end of this really long text were these words: “If you are re-exposed within 30 days, you do not need to quarantine or test again. You can attend work, education and sensitive settings within the next 30 days.” Those words… they made me feel so invisible! There was a freedom and excitement, like I was Superman.
The reason I share all this is that it reminded me of how we will all face challenges in life, many of us already have in some way, particularly over the last few years. Going through those can take its toll. And I thought about how when we come through the other side of these challenges, while we never would want to go through that again, there’s often a strength, a learning, a growth that sometimes comes with scars or fatigue.
In the Bible, we see the promises of God, that He is like a good shepherd, that He will be with us and look after us in those valleys, in those challenges and that He will bring good from those situations.
While I have no idea what 2022 holds, I have this assurance and peace that despite whatever challenges come our way, we will come through this, we will grow, we will learn and goodwill come from this if we look for it!
I hope that’s of some encouragement! I am excited for the year ahead! I am excited to get to know you all some more as we go on this adventure! Let’s do this!

What’s Happening at Surf Coast

(These dates may change, so please check the calendar and VINE regularly for updates.)

February 14th – Evacuation Drill
February 15th – Beach Prep
February 22nd – Twos Day
February 23rd – Snack Shop starts
March 1st – Beach Prep
March 1st – Shrove Tuesday
March 3rd – Parent Helper Training session
March 4th – Assembly Bible Presentation
March 11th – Year 3 & 4 Swimming sports (Kardinia Pool)
March 14th – Labour Day Holiday
March 16th Preps attend school
March 18th – Assembly Leaders induction
March 22nd – Beach Prep
March 23rd – Parent meet and greets
March 25th – Assembly
March 31st Year 3 & 4 Athletic Sports (Bellarine Campus)
April 7th – Annual Surf Coast Cross Country
April 8th Easter Bonnet Parade/ Easter Service and last day of term.
More events will be added once excursions etc are booked and finalised.

Physical Education and Sport @ Surf Coast

It has been a pleasure getting to know our new Preps, as well as students new to Surf Coast and great to see all our wonderful returning students.

Over the past 2 weeks, students have been focusing on the ‘Fundamental Motor Skills’ (FMS) of ‘Locomotion’ (running, leaping and dodging) and Vertical Jump.

During our lessons, we discuss when and how these skills are used in various sports providing students with an understanding of the importance of developing FMS. The components of each skill are broken down to highlight how each is linked to establish good technique and efficient movement patterns. Individual practice is followed by small group activities, or a minor game is played incorporating the developing skill.

Later this term, Year 3 students will commence a unit on Cricket and the Year 4 students, Tee-ball. Such games provide the opportunity for students to integrate the FMS developed during Prep – Year 2. We are focus on batting technique, over-arm throw and catch, fielding and running between wickets/bases. Students will be given the opportunity to combine these components within a game setting during weekly Year 3 and 4 Sport sessions.

Students have also commenced the Term 1 Health Unit titled ‘All About Me’ (Prep – Year 2) and ‘Importance of Physical Activity’ (Year 3& 4).

Last Friday the Year 3 and 4 students came together for our first combined Sport session. This double period session is conducted weekly and we are focusing on Track and Field events and distance running. This is to prepare the students for our upcoming House Athletics and Cross Country Carnivals held towards the end of term one. Results from these carnivals will help form CCG’s teams for interschool competitions, involving Year 4 students. More information regarding these events will be provided to Year 4 parents throughout the term.

Today, Year 4 students Ava Rice and James O’Shanassy participated in our College swim trials at the Highton Campus SAC. We congratulate them on their efforts and wish them well for possible selection in the CCG swimming team.

I am looking forward to the year ahead, developing skills, improving fitness and playing games. FUN!

Preps Inquire and Discover Their 5 Senses

The Preps explored their 5 senses through a myriad of hands-on experiences in Inquiry this week.
With their lab coats on, and their excitement at an all time high, the students shared their findings and opinions orally and then recorded them through drawing and tracing a sentence.
The scientists used their sense of smell to work out which items they though smelt nice and which were yucky, their sense of taste to work out which foods were sweet and sour, which objects look big and small, which sounds sounded soft and loud and which things felt smooth and rough.

  • Welcome to Country

    What an incredible first two weeks of school. Everyone has settled in so well to their new class and have hit the ground running in all the new concepts being taught! This week in Year 1, we have explored Welcome to Country. An amazing Indigenous text that explores Australian landscape and gives an amazing insight to cultural appreciation of Indigenous people. The text brought up some amazing conversations and wonderings from the Year 1s. They were able to express their feelings through water colours and using the natural environment around us to help them create their own art.

  • Year 2

    Year 2s have settled into the second week of school with wonderful positivity and a willingness to learn. When working on place value and bundling pop sticks into tens, they decided to count a brand-new packet of pop sticks. When they bundled the sticks into tens and hundreds, the students found that instead of there being 1000 pop sticks in the packet, there were only 987! Perhaps we should ask for a refund!
    Our memory verse this week is ‘I am a child of God.’ John 1:12. The children have loved reflecting on what it means to be loved and cared for by our Heavenly Father. God only wants the best for us.
    In English, Year 2s enjoyed their ‘Reading to Someone’ session. Sharing a story allows them to improve their fluency while partaking in the joy of a good book.
    Elbow to elbow,
    Knee to knee,
    I read to you,
    And you read to me!
    Elbow to elbow,
    Knee to knee,
    Put the book in the middle,
    So we can both see!

    Sharon Sutton,

    Classroom Teacher

  • Year 4 Week 2

    It’s been a big week of smiles, fantastic new friendships and learning all about each other in Year 4 this week.
    The Year 4 students have settled into life in our classroom with ease this week. It is so much fun to watch them work together, get to know our new students and build new friendships that will last for years to come.
    Students have worked hard on the presentation of their “Who am I?” describing themselves so that we all had to guess who each poster was about.

    Claire Deretic,

    Classroom Teacher

  • Art

    I’m so excited to be back in the Art Room with the students at Surf Coast Campus. We have had such a great start to the year already and I can’t wait to see what work we produce!
    The students are currently working on a Drawing unit where they are experimenting and developing their mark making skills to complete a self-portrait based on famous artists. We have had lots of fun experimenting with different lines and patterns and learning about the different features of the face.

  • Vale Mr Robert ‘Bob’ Schultz

    Many of us associated with Christian College were saddened last weekend by the passing of Bob Schultz, a past-parent and generous supporter of our community.

    Bob and his wife Helen initially enrolled 2 of their children at Highton, when we were a single campus College. In the early years of our College, working bees were a regular thing and Bob together with other families from Drysdale, are remembered for their efforts to paint the old ‘Drysdale ‘Hall (named in honour of their work) that was formally part of the Highton campus.

    Bob and Helen moved their two boys, Christopher and Michael, to the Bellarine Campus where they were joined by their sister Emily, who started in Prep as foundation student in 1996.

    Bob was an active supporter of the campus and together with other enthusiastic parents, formed the Parents Association where he served as President for many years.

    Our College is grateful to Bob for his loyal and generous contribution to the life of our College, particularly the Bellarine Campus where the clock that was presented to the campus at the official opening and dedication service by the Parents Association was affectionately named ‘Big Bob’.

    The clock will remain as a reminder of a ‘good man’ for his faithful and generous service to our College.

    Our sincere condolences, love and prayers are extended to Helen, Christopher, Michael, Emily and their families.

    Glen McKeeman


    Camp Australia – Out of School Hours Care

    Christian College partners with Camp Australia to make out-of-school-hours care (OSHC) available. Camp Australia wants to ensure that new families starting school this year know that they are there to help them and their children settle into school.

    To make the process easier for these families, and to answer any questions they may have about OSHC, Camp Australia is hosting free virtual parent information sessions. Please see the attached document for details.


    Camp Australia – Virtual Information Sessions:
    View Download