Important Dates for Senior School

Monday 18 October – Flynn and Penman Year 12 Clock Tower Visit

Tuesday 19 October – Taylor and Burrows Year 12 Clock Tower Visit

Tuesday 19 October – Last day of Year 12 classes

Wednesday 20 October – Year 12 Final Service and Orientation Day

Thursday 21 and Friday 22 October – Year 10 Students on site

Thursday 21 October – Year 12 VCE Swot Vac commences

Tuesday 26 October – Year 10 Students return full time

Wednesday 27 October – VCAA Written exams start for Unit 3-4 students

Wednesday 17 November – Final day of Year 11 classes

Thursday 18 to Tuesday 23 November – Year 11 Examination period

Friday 19 November – 2021 Christian College Art Show online

Sunday 21 November – Final day of Year 10 classes

Tuesday 23 November – Senior School Presentation Afternoon

Wednesday 24 to Friday 26 November – Student Free days

Monday 29 November to Friday 3 December – Senior School Transition Week

Congratulations to Year 12 VCAL Student Annie Hannah

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a leading structured youth development program that is internationally recognised in 144 countries. It offers a life changing experience, and an opportunity to improve self-esteem, build confidence, gain resilience, problem-solve, teamwork, communication skills, develop patience, perseverance, commitment, and encourages personal discovery and growth. Annie is to be congratulated and recognised for recently achieving the Gold Award which is at the highest level. It has taken her just under three years to complete, with COVID 19 restrictions delaying the last adventurous journey. Annie’s experiences have included volunteering at Blazing Saddles and GAWS, horse riding, learning to drive a car, spending time with the Anangu First Nations people in the Northern Territory, canoeing and hiking on the Murray River and just recently hiking in the Grampians. Involvement in the program has taken commitment, time, a work ethic, and perseverance. At times it was challenging and pushed Annie out of her comfort zone, but mostly it was fun and rewarding. We are proud of Annie for embracing this challenge and sticking with it. The Award Ceremony that usually takes place at Government House in Melbourne has had to be put on hold. Participation in this program has been a positive and rewarding experience for Annie. Year 12 VCAL student Ted Page-Walker has been investigating opportunities to implement this Award program into our school curriculum as part of his Personal Development Skills project.

Congratulations to our Year 12 Studio Art Students on a Mighty Effort!

As we prepare for our end of year Art Technology & Design Festival online exhibition, it is quite remarkable to see the magnificent artworks that have been created by our Year 12 students. The students have had to endure constant lockdowns coupled with the inability to access the facilities at the Villa Paloma, yet have truly excelled.

Students have been through quite a rigorous process to reach this final stage and as you can see from samples of the featured works below, the art is outstanding.

The students have worked very hard throughout the year in their folios, exploring their chosen artforms, trialling materials and techniques and developing their conceptual possibilities.

Congratulations to all!

These works as well as others will be featured in our Art Technology & Design Festival online exhibition. We will keep you updated with further details as the event approaches.

  • Congratulations to Ted Page-Walker – Finalist in the National Competition for Videos for Change

    In Semester one this year, our Year 11 and 12 VCAL students had the opportunity to participate in creating a one-minute video on a social issue for Videos for Change. Videos for Change is run by High Resolves, an organisation that sets out to inspire young people from Years 7 to 12 to create a one-minute video on a social issue they feel passionate about. These videos then have the opportunity to enter a national competition where the very best are adjudicated and a winner selected.

    Ted Page-Walker developed a one-minute Video for Change about youth homelessness and the issue of couch surfing. Ted developed an interest in homelessness through his association with the Salvation Army and his volunteering work with them.  After researching the topic, he focused on young women and couch surfing, as they seemed to him to be unrecognised. Ted then entered his Video for Change into the National Competition and was advised on Tuesday that his video has been selected as one of the finalists, with the overall winner being announced in the next few weeks. Ted has done so well to be selected as a finalist!

    There is also a People’s Choice Award, where anyone can vote on their favourite Video for Change. Voting is only open for 1 week beginning next Monday 18th October.

    As the voting is not open yet, there is not a link for the people’s choice but here is the link to the competition and there should be a link to vote on Monday. https://australia.videosforchange.org/competitions/australian-national-competition

    It would be wonderful for parents and students from Christian College School Community to watch the video and log onto the website and vote.

    Recognition of Some Fine Achievements!

    Year 12 VCAL student Nicolas Kouwenoord, will soon complete his three-year journey at Senior School with three certificate qualifications as well as his Year 12 Certificate. He began his vocational pathway in Year 10 when he studied first year of Certificate II in Animal Studies. Choosing the VCAL pathway enabled Nicholas to complete his second year of this certificate and undertake his first year of Certificate II in Agriculture in Year 11.

    In Year 12 Nicholas studied his second year of Agriculture and as part of this, he was awarded a Geelong Community Foundation Scholarship of $500.00. He used these funds to purchase dedicated clothing suitable for the horse industry that he is involved in. He also studied first year of Certificate III in Equine Studies and did so well that GOTAFE gave him the option to complete additional units (which normally applies in second year) to complete the Certificate III Equine qualification in one year.

    Nicolas chose to study VCE Maths as part of his Year 11 and 12 VCAL. He believes that VCAL has given him the flexibility to undertake his secondary schooling in a way that worked best for him. He says that he is passionate about what he studies. ‘I love what I do’. His work placements have included working with a horse vet where he says ‘I was able to go out with the vet and observe all the amazing things that they did to help the animals’. Another work placement was at Rosemont Stud which is a large Thoroughbred Stud, where they breed and train horses – including some that go on to race in the Melbourne Cup. ‘While at this workplace I carried out a wide variety of jobs on the farm from feeding the horses, helping move the newborn foals and assisting with the breeding side of the business.

    Nicolas is to be congratulated on winning the Victorian State Championship in his chosen sport of Extreme Cowboy Racing (EXCA) on a horse that he has trained himself. He has also managed to work over the last three years and is currently riding two other horses bringing them back into work for someone he knows. He plans to study Vet Nursing in 2022 and would like to work with large animals and farm animals in a rural town. Nicolas should be very proud of his achievements, and we wish him all the best for a successful future.

    Early Release Book Lists

    As we start to look forward to 2022, we begin with planning our Orientation Week and understand the importance of having a great start to the next step in our academic journeys. Preparation is the key to any success and as such we offer an Early Release Book List for English Studies.

    To allow for a great start, it is important students have access to their English texts for their first Area of Study. A strong indicator of success in English is for a student to have read the text independently prior to working with their teacher to discuss and analyse how the text works.

    Emails have been sent to families with all the details about the Early Release, as well as the General Book List.

    I have also included the information below:

    The following texts will be required for Transition Week, 29th November 2021:

    Year 10 Extension: Growing Up Aboriginal In Australia, Anita Heiss

    Year 10 General English: The Simple Gift, Steven Herrick

    Year 10 Foundation: Teacher providing excerpts (no text required)

    Year 11 English: Starting with Point of View Oral Presentations (no text required)

    Year 11 Literature: Dark Roots, Cate Kennedy

    Year 11 Language: English Language for Senior Students, Kirsten Fox

    Year 12 English: Like a House on Fire, Cate Kennedy

    Year 12 Literature: Picnic at Hanging Rock, Joan Lindsay

    Year 12 Language: English Language for Senior Students, Kirsten Fox

    Career Spot

    Career Newsletters

    You will find attached the two weekly Career Newsletters. We hope you will enjoy reading these important documents. Don’t forget to look in the parent portal in SEQTA Engage for our CAREERS section. There is a lot of important information sitting there for students and parents.

    Topics this week include:

    *   University of Melbourne Hansen Scholarship (Year 11)
    *   Get one-to-one course advice from universities
    *   Helping people with eye disorders – orthoptics and optometry
    *   University and TAFE applications – reminders
    *   Focus on VET pathways (TAFE, traineeships and apprenticeships)
    *   Interesting STEM articles – the A-Z of STEM careers and marine biology careers
    *   Train to become a flight attendant
    *   CSIRO Digital Careers initiative – take the free test!
    *   Endeavour College of Natural Health Open Day
    *   Federation University – online webinars (OT, Psychology, Nursing & Midwifery)
    *   Australian Defence Force – gap year program and upcoming events.

    Careers Newsletter 1:
    View Download
    Careers Newsletter 2:

    A MYTERN Thought for the Week

    Giving is a wonderful way to regain control of your steering wheel.

    To give unconditionally is a blessing for not only the person receiving, but for the giver as well.

    The best gifts are usually the ones you can’t wrap – a hug, a smile, or a kind thought/message.

    Who can you give to today? 😊