From the Head of Senior School

The first week of our final term for 2021 has ended with the vast majority of our students now back on campus. The General Achievement Test, or GAT, was held on Tuesday and gave many of Year 11s and 12s the experience of sitting a formal VCE external assessment. This week also saw Drama, Music and Language students undertaking performance and oral assessments that contribute significantly to their end-of-year study score. Year 11s were back to a full timetable on campus from Wednesday and it was wonderful to hear how relieved and excited they were to be once again in the classroom and catching up with peers. Some of our Year 10s, those studying a VCE Unit 1-2 subject, also had the opportunity to come to school in the latter part of the week and we look forward to welcoming all Year 10s next Thursday and Friday.

The school year is quickly drawing to a close for our Year 12 students with just seven more days of their timetable, the last day of classes being on Tuesday, October 19th. There are still quite a few formalities to see out the year, however, with a Clocktower visit and Celebration Day on Wednesday, October 20th and then, of course, the examination period for our VCE students. Whilst we still wait for further guidelines from government and health authorities, we are pressing ahead with plans for the Year 12 Graduation to be held on Sunday, November 21st in whatever capacity we can. Students this week had gown fittings for this special occasion and, for many, this was a reality check: that their time at Christian College is seriously and rapidly coming to an end.

  • Important Dates for Senior School

    Thursday 14 and Friday 15 October – Year 10 Students on site

    Tuesday 19 October – Last day of Year 12 classes

    Wednesday 20 October – Year 12 Final Service and Orientation Day

    Thursday 21 and Friday 22 October – Year 10 Students on site

    Thursday 21 October – Year 12 VCE Swot Vac commences

    Tuesday 26 October – Year 10 Students return full time

    Wednesday 27 October – VCAA Written exams start for Unit 3-4 students

    Wednesday 17 November – Final day of Year 11 classes

    Thursday 18 to Tuesday 23 November – Year 11 Examination period

    Friday 19 November – 2021 Christian College Art Show online

    Sunday 21 November – Final day of Year 10 classes

    Tuesday 23 November – Senior School Presentation Afternoon

    Wednesday 24 to Friday 26 November – Student Free days

    Monday 29 November to Friday 3 December – Senior School Transition Week

    Year 12 Drama Performances

    First exam done and dusted! Year 12 Drama students performed their major solo exam today after a term of research, improvisation and scriptwriting.

    The students created a 7 minute solo performance based on a structure provided by VCAA. Characters included Cleopatra, The Performer-based on the musical Victor/Victoria, The Concierge and a couple of feminist Disney princesses fed up with their submissive and stereotypical roles in life.

    The girls should be so proud of their efforts, with so much of the work done during remote learning and then intensive rehearsals once we could get back into the drama space. All the stress called for a celebratory ice-cream afterwards before we begin preparation for the written exam at the end of November.

  • Career Spot

    Career Newsletters

    You will find attached the two weekly Career Newsletters.  We hope you will enjoy reading these important documents. Don’t forget to look in the parent portal in SEQTA Engage for our CAREERS section. There is a lot of important information sitting there for students and parents.

    Topics this week include:

    • University applications – Victoria: important dates, reminders, scholarships and accommodation
    • Apprenticeship resources
    • VCE Summer School (current Year 11 students)
    • Hansen Scholarships (current Year 11 students)
    • Australian Catholic University – upcoming events
    • Film competition
    • Youth Employment Program
    • Medicine and Dentistry webinar
    • Year 12 university scholarships
    • STEM webinars – technology & cyber security and future energy careers
    Careers Newsletter 1:
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    Careers Newsletter 2:
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