From the Head of Senior School

We were thrilled this week to be able to provide our Year 12 students with the Graduation event they had hoped for. The outdoor ceremony at the Geelong Racecourse, held last Sunday afternoon in front of 500 family and friends, was a joyous occasion, with Tokyo Olympics high jump silver medallist Nicola McDermott our guest speaker via Zoom, beautiful messages from our school captains, Maggie Johannes and Zac Wray, and 165 fine young men and women gracing the stage in their academic gowns as they graduated. The celebration continued into the evening for our students, enjoying a dinner and entertainment hosted in the Piano Bar marquee at the Geelong Racecourse.

The 2021 academic year ended for our Year 10s and 11s also this week, with a busy few days of exams, a thanksgiving service for Year 10s and award presentation filming. On Thursday and Friday, our 2022 College and House Prefects participated in a prefect immersion program, aimed at equipping them with a better understanding of the qualities and expectations of a student leader at Christian College. Activities included an opportunity to serve at local community organisation, One Care, a river walk against the flow on the Barwon River at Buckley’s Falls and a fire circle on Thursday night. I was really impressed with the commitment, teamwork and humility of the entire group of 24 students and look forward to their leadership of our community next year.

From 7.00pm tonight, families will be able to watch the Senior School Awards Celebration for 2021 via this link https://tinyurl.com/hnkmd42e. An email has also been sent to parents with the link and instructions on how to view.

Next week, we are looking forward to welcoming Year 9s to the Senior Campus for our 2022 Transition program; an opportunity for students to get acquainted with their Semester 1 classes, teachers and curriculum. It’s also a chance for Year 9s to find their way around the campus and experience some of the wonderful benefits of being part of the Senior School community.

Important Dates for Senior School

Friday 26 November – Senior School Presentation Ceremony

Monday 29 November to Friday 3 December – Senior School Transition Week

Friday 3 December – Students Finish at 2.30 pm

Year 10 Japanese Students Celebrate End of Year

The Year 10 Japanese students celebrated their achievements of completing their last class for 2021. Experiencing eating an authentic Japanese lunch bento box with friends has always been a highlight shared amongst students, reflecting on memories of the year. Whilst eating the delicious lunch, students had the opportunity to have a one-on-one video chat with students from our sister school, Naga High School, which is 8106km away from Waurn Ponds. Mr Inui’s Year 11 World History class joined in for an interactive conversation where students exchanged information on school life, family, hobbies and favourite music and sports. Many similarities and differences were found and the students were able to grasp a further understanding of Japanese culture. This was a great opportunity for the Naga High students to connect with our students – they are very keen to come and visit us in the near future, and vice-versa.

In 2022, Christian College Geelong will celebrate the 30th Friendship Anniversary with Naga High School. Let’s hope that the exchange programs will be up and running again once restrictions are eased next year.

Learning From Your VCE Textbook

So you (or your parents) have purchased your VCE textbooks… what next? You may well be wondering how you get the most value from this new purchase. This guide is intended to help you get the most out of having a textbook.

Why do you have a textbook for your VCE subject/s?

Firstly, it is worth addressing why we ask you to purchase textbooks as part of your studies. In summary:

  • VCE textbooks are written by experienced teachers specifically for the VCAA study design of the Unit 1 and 2, or 3 and 4, course you are studying. They are thorough and reliable in covering all of the content with clear examples and explanations. This helps you meet the expectation that in VCE, you will approach your studies in a more independent and self-responsible manner than you may have done in previous years. Having a textbook allows a different source of information than just that provided by your teacher.


  • VCE textbooks are visually rich and will include diagrams and illustrations selected for a specific purpose to inform and educate. These can be a wonderful aid to check and enhance your learning.


  • VCE textbooks generally contain large numbers of questions, usually with solutions. The questions in any one section will generally progress in complexity to provide you with an appropriate challenge for different stages of your learning. Your teacher may set some questions in class, or for homework, but you can also use them yourself to assess your level of knowledge and understanding,
Specific Tips for Effective Textbook Use
 Tip #1 Familiarise yourself with your textbook as soon as you get it
  • Look at the table of contents, how is the textbook organised?
  • How many chapters does it have? How many are in each unit and area of study?
  • Where are questions located? Are they spread throughout a chapter, at the end of a chapter or both?
  • Does the textbook have a glossary?
  • Do sections contain worked examples of how to go about answering a question?
  • Are solutions included in the back of the textbook?
  • Is there an eBook you can activate, and/or additional resources offered online?
Tip #2 Do not wait for your teacher to direct all of your textbook use
  • The textbooks is yours, is written for the course you are studying, and contains all of the content you will be covering. You can, and should, access as a support for your studies independently, as well as when directed by your teacher.
Tip #3 Read headings and sub-headings
  • Headings and sub-headings set very helpful contexts and big ideas to help make sense of the explanations and images that follow. However, it is very easy to skip over them and miss their vital clues.
Tip #4 Pre-read your textbook before every week of classes
  • Your VCE teacher will have given you an overview of what you will be studying each week during a unit. Use this to pre-read from your textbook before material is covered in class.
  • Pre-reading familiarises yourself with key terms and ideas. It is not pre-teaching, rather it is about priming your brain to gain the most from the time you are in class.
Tip #5 Read the relevant section of your textbook after every class
  • This allows you to review the content you covered in class and add to your notes.
  • Revisiting ideas helps with your learning.
Tip #6 Use your textbook as your own source of questions
  • Your teacher may set specific questions to be answered in class or as part of your independent learning. You do not need to be limited by this.
  • You also don’t have to wait for your teacher to set questions.
  • VCE textbooks are written specifically for the course, so all questions will be relevant and could help your learning.
Recommended useful further reading:

Be Your Own Teacher: How to study a textbook, Learning Scientists Blog https://www.learningscientists.org/blog/2016/2/12-1

4 Steps to reading a textbook quickly and effectively                                https://www.studyright.net/blog/4-steps-to-reading-a-textbook-quickly-and-effectively/

Careers Spot

Career Newsletters

You will find attached two career newsletters. We hope you will enjoy reading these important documents. Don’t forget to look in the parent portal in SEQTA Engage for our CAREERS section. There is a lot of important information sitting there for students and parents.

Topics this week include:

  • Get savvy about your finances and complete the ‘FinLit’ program
  • Careers in early childhood education
  • New criminology and policing degree! Study at the Victoria Policy Academy and Monash University
  • Monash University – campus tours and science precinct tours
  • National Youth Science Forum – applications close 5 December
  • University of Melbourne VCE Summer School – applications now open
  • Upcoming career events
Weekly Careers Newsletter:
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Calendar of Events for week 26th November to 5th December:

A MYTERN Thought for This Week

In this busy time of the year, there will be moments when you feel as though you are driving along a rough road surrounded by high hedges…blocking your view and making you feel that there is no exit or end in sight.Don’t despair.Just slow down…breathe…and be confident in knowing that you are improving your driving skills.Remember…no road lasts forever 😉😊