From the Head of Campus 

The blast of cold wind and wet weather this week was felt on campus, so we opened up a number of classrooms during lunchtimes to give students respite from the outdoors. As I moved around these rooms, it was great to see groups of students off their phones and enjoying some traditional pastimes like chess and hangman. We will continue to provide these rooms through winter when the weather requires it, however, we expect students will respect the rooms, other users and the instruction of teachers on supervision duty.   

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Rick Geall, Head of Senior School Campus

VCAA’s Plain Speaking Competition 

On Wednesday 25th May, the regional heat of VCAA’s Plain Speaking Competition was held at Sacred Heart College. The competition consists of two public speaking challenges that require students to develop their capacity to speak clearly, confidently and with conviction on topics they consider to be important. The first speaking challenge in the competition is a six-minute prepared speech on a topic of the student’s choice, whilst the second is a three-minute impromptu speech in response to an unseen prompt.  

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Jess Brandon

Year 10 History 

In semester one, Year 10 students studying history have studied many significant eras, events, developments and figures that have shaped today’s modern world. Each topic and case study has focused on developing critical thinking and analytical skills – such as the ability to synthesise information, scrutinise evidence, evaluate competing interpretations and form arguments – which has equipped students to engage in their own ongoing independent research task. Throughout the course of this unit, students have come to realise that studying history is not only academically enriching and interesting, it I also capable of developing our sense of humanity. This is precisely because it is not merely about facts, dates or textbooks; it is a considered examination of the ideas, issues and lived experiences of real people like us.  

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Jess Brandon, Molly Daly, Annie Jurukovski 

Year 10 English – The Sapphires 

Last week I mentioned that as part of our film as text work on “The Sapphires”, I had asked my classes to have a conversation with a family member inspired by this quote: “It occurred to me that there was a lot of history that I’ve been missing out on because I haven’t been asking…” 

Please enjoy Part 2: some excerpts of students’ writing about their chat with a loved one… 

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Lee Stringer

Mindful Mondays 

On the last Mindful Monday in May, Senior School students were taught the art of Macrame.  Mrs Martin and Ms Soldatos, together with students, were able to create a gorgeous macrame wristlet.  Macrame is the art of tying knots to create beautifully patterned pieces of work.  Macrame has soothing effect on the mind, focusing on the task at hand allows a person to feel more positive emotions and calm. The motions and movement involved create a meditative atmosphere where it becomes just you and your craft.  You learn to focus less on stress and on negative emotions and replace them with uplifting thoughts and vibes. Creating a piece of art awakens both hemispheres of your brain, you become more in touch with your ability to focus, think quickly and learn. The feeling you get after you complete your art boosts your self-esteem and confidence. The fact that students were able to try, learn and crate a wonderful piece of art during their lunchtime was motivating and something to feel proud of.

Important VET and SBAT Information for the Holidays 

Please be mindful that as VET and SBAT classes operate externally to CCG, they will continue into the first week of our school holidays with Friday June 24th being the end of term date for VET and SBAT students. Students will need to make their own way to their course on Monday 20th and Wednesday 22ndJune. Please be reminded that attendance at VET is very important and should be prioritised in this week. Some VET courses require students to attend classes during the holidays. All students should check with their teachers regarding their course expectations over the holidays. If you are absent from VET and SBAT training classes, they are very difficult to catch up. Please notify Cathy at our student office of any VET absences by emailing c.brew@ccg.vic.edu.au 

Year 12 Ball 

We are so excited as we prepare to celebrate with our Year 12s at their upcoming Ball.  Now that ticket numbers are known, I am pleased to announce that it is not too late for families to request some additional tickets. 

You can do this by contacting us on senior@ccg.vic.edu.au 

We hope this is a special night for students and families that can attend.   

Deakin University Virtual Open Day 

A day that’s all about tomorrow – it’s on this Sunday, June 5, between 9am and 4pm. 

Join thousands of students, just like you, who will watch information sessions on courses and uni life, ask questions in live Q&A, chat to study experts and students, and win prizes. Get inspired from more than 90 online sessions with world-class academics and study experts. See what it’s like to be a Deakin student and discover the perfect course for you. One day – all your questions answered. 

Virtual Open Day is an interactive event for you to explore courses, check out campuses and chat to study experts – all from home: 

  • 90+ info sessions hosted by study experts 
  • Explore world-class facilities across our campuses 
  • 50+ live Q&A sessions – all your questions answered 
  • Learn about scholarships, fees, special consideration and more 

You can register here. 

More information is available here 

Messaging and Online Chat – Helping Parents to Keep Young People Safe 

One of the most challenging aspects of young people’s technology use for parents is messaging and online chat. Where age-appropriate, these apps and platforms enable young people to stay connected, be in the moment with someone, meet new people and collaborate with others. 

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Brendan Vanderkley

Graduate Professional Development Day 

Learning is for more than just our students - Christian College is building a strong career foundation for new teachers. 

Teaching can be a tough job— as any veteran teacher will tell you over the past few years. Finding ways to make it sustainable is imperative for the strength of our profession, student learning outcomes and continuing to build the quality teaching in our College. Our targeted mentoring program is designed to support graduate teachers and was further enhanced by our recent seminar day with visiting speakers from Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) and the Victorian Institute of Education (VIT). 

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Ingrid Staggard

Sport Faculty Wrap 

It has been an incredible fortnight for our CC Eagles Sport Teams. 

Our Senior Male AFL squad and our Senior Female Netball Team both won GISSA Championships in the last two weeks. 

Our victory in the Division One AFL Titles was a significant step forward for our Sport Faculty’s AFL Program, as it means our College will now advance to the next stage of the ‘Herald Sun Shield’ for the first time in many years. 

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Matthew Murnane

Golf Tournament 

The Foundation Golf Tournament is set for Thursday, 27 October 2022. Join us at 13th Beach Golf Links from 8:00am for a shotgun start. Tickets are $190 each ($150 for members) or $750 for a group of four. RSVPs close on Thursday, 6 October 2022 at 5:00pm. 

Funds raised from this event will be allocated to our Foundation Scholarship Fund, supporting current students who are in need of financial assistance.  

Book online at: The Foundation Golf Tournament