From the Acting Head of Campus

The beginning of the 2023 academic year has been punctuated by community highlights amidst the important business of classroom learning. In addition to our House Carnivals, we have had Outdoor & Environmental Studies students camping in the wilderness, and Vocational Major students ‘camping’ in the Melbourne CBD; excursions to art galleries and the theatre as well as to local charities such as Geelong Mums; hosting students from Indonesia and students from the Eltham High music program; and running netball clinics for junior students at CCG and Northern Bay College. This is just a sample of the many elements of our teaching program that take our students beyond the classroom and into the richness and diversity of both the natural and social world that surrounds them.

Schools are great places to be because while there is rhythm and routine, there is also diversity and variety. Though they may have the same ‘feel’, no two days at school are ever the same. Our students have a plethora of opportunities and experiences each day. These range from the obvious and explicit learning opportunities that are presented each day through the curriculum, to the more subtle social opportunities that allow our students to consider the ways they interact and support the people with whom they share this community. Our College philosophy states that ‘honesty, integrity, compassion, respect and tolerance’ should be the foundation of all our interactions with one another, and opportunities for students to grow and flex their muscles in this area of relationships are just as valuable, arguably more valuable, than the opportunities to grow and flex their subject-specific muscles. Add to this the regular presentation of moments that allow for character growth – outlined in the philosophy as ‘self-discipline, initiative, self-esteem and self-motivation’ – and we get a clear sense of the many ways that school provides variety and diversity in the opportunities that are afforded to students on a daily basis; each endeavouring to support our collective aim (of both families and the College) to develop the whole-person.

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Damian Stephenson, Acting Head of Campus

Year 10 Japanese Live Chat Sessions With High School in Japan

“KONNICHIWA” from Japan

The former Naga High School teachers Ms Hiramatsu and Mr Kato, and Mr Tosaki from Hashimoto High School in Wakayama Japan created a great opportunity for CCG Japanese students. Ms Hiramatsu started our exchange program 31 years ago. Last week, our Year10 students had unique and interactive live video chat sessions with Japanese High School students.

Cultural exchange: Video chatting with students in Japan can provide an opportunity for cultural exchange. We learn about their customs, traditions, and way of life, while they learn about our culture and way of life. This helps broaden our understanding of the world and develop a greater appreciation for diversity.

Motivation: Video chatting with students in Japan can be a great way to motivate language learners to keep practising and learning. Seeing the progress that they are making and having the opportunity to interact with native speakers can be very encouraging.

Fun and engaging: Video chatting can be a fun and engaging way to learn a language. Students share common stories, information and engage in other activities during conversation that can help make the learning process more enjoyable.

Video chatting with a Japanese school can be a great way for 2nd language learners to improve our language skills, learn about another culture, stay motivated, and have fun.

Yuji Nakayama

Year 10 Market Day

On Wednesday April 5 the Year 10 Running a Small Business classes will be holding their Market Day. It would be great to see a huge number of staff and students there to support them. Here are the important details:

When: lunchtime, Wednesday April 5

Where: Taylor House area

What: savoury food, sweet food, Wensleydale Farm produce, drinks, a carwash, rings, bracelets, stickers… what more could you want?


Thanks in anticipation of your support!

Lee Stringer

Lizzie Lowe

Year 10 Coaching and Officiating

This term, students in the year 10 Coaching and Officiating elective have been having a great time putting skills learnt into practice. They have been guided by expert coaches – Nyah O’Brien in baseball, Paul (Chippa) Dawson in basketball and coaches from Netball Victoria and Surf Rescue Victoria. They have learnt how to develop lesson plans, how to plan and deliver fun, engaging and productive activities that encourage students to improve skills in a wide range of sports, while being physically active. Our students coached grade 3 students from Northern Bay College, with a focus on netball skills. Every Wednesday for the last 4 weeks, they have been coaching year 7 and 8 students in the Christian College Sport program. Confidence, organisation and communication are just some of the skills that our students are learning. Opportunities for self-reflection are provided after each coaching session, where strengths and weaknesses are evaluated and lesson plans are improved. The fun and learning continues when students will continue to coach alongside staff in the year 7 and 8 students in the GISSA program during term 2. Many qualifications have been achieved, including First Aid with St Johns Ambulance, Community Coaching Essentials Skills Course by AusSport and Surf Rescue 24/7.

Tracy Dawson

Congratulations Emily Treloar!  

Congratulations to Emily Treloar who last Year – as a Year 10 student – Completed Unit 3 & 4 Music Investigation and who has now been recognised as Top of the Class! Emily was selected to perform in VCAA Top Class for the Music Investigation study in not just one concert, but in two of the concerts which were held at the sold-out Melbourne Recital Centre this week. Emily’s performances stood out to the examiners, they noted her technical facility, total command of her instrument and the extended techniques she displayed in both her end of year performance exam and also her performance of her composition. Accompanied by Brad Treloar she wowed the audience 2 days in a row! A range of music staff and senior college leaders attended and had the pleasure of enjoying the results of Emily’s tireless work which has seen her develop extraordinary skill and beautiful musicianship. Congratulations Emily for your wonderful performances and in receiving such recognition – particularly as a Year 10 students completing a Unit 3 /4 study. 

Fiona Gardner

Brighid Mantelli

A Feast for the Eyes!

This week the Year 11 Art students travelled to Melbourne to visit two exciting exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria’s Australian gallery.

The first exhibition they visited was the Melbourne Now exhibition, this celebrates new and ambitious local art and design. Melbourne Now crosses a range of contemporary disciplines including fashion and jewellery, painting, sculpture, architecture, ceramics, video, performance, printmaking and publishing. Melbourne Now 2023 highlights the latest art, architecture, design, and cultural practice shaping Melbourne. Bold in scale, Melbourne Now is displayed throughout all levels of The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, Fed Square, including permanent collection galleries, showcasing new works and commissions by emerging, mid-career and senior practitioners as well as local collectives.

The second exhibition that the students viewed was the inaugural TOP ARTS exhibition 2023

At this exhibition students gained insight into the passions and concerns of young artists from schools across Victoria. Top Arts 2023 showcases extraordinary works of art and folios that achieved outstanding results in VCE Art or VCE Studio Arts 2022. The students were inspired by the artists’ creative processes, imaginative ideas and skilful use of materials across a range of media in an exhibition which highlights the NGV’s strong commitment to contemporary art and arts education.

Jane Bailey

Sally Gray

Talking Money With ECSTRA Foundation

This week three classes attended a presentation designed to explain work rights, superannuation and pay rates to students. Ms Stringer’s Law and Eco, Mr Warden’s 11 Accounting and Mr Bromilow’s 10 English classes were engaged and interested in what guest speaker Jake had to say, with several students wondering if perhaps they are part of the 75% or teenagers who are being taken advantage of at work, usually by being underpaid.

Careers Newsletter

Topics this week include:


  • Scholarships for high achievers
  • Medicine, dentistry, oral health – UCAT ANZ
  • Australian Defence Force – gap year program
  • Early entry applications now open
  • Work experience – electrical engineering, IT, Electrical Trades (female students)
  • Work experience – Australian Defence Force
  • Work experience – Powerhouse Museum & Sydney Observatory
  • Event: SAE Creative Media Institute – create for a day
  • Event: Monash University MySci (3-day science program)

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Bec Bromilow

Progressing Through Teaching and Learning is in Full Swing….

Our Teaching and Learning programs have been in full swing across our campuses. We are excited to offer a breadth of rich opportunities for our students, and this is just the beginning of what’s on offer this year. During Term 1 at Senior School there have been many camps, excursions and guest speakers that provide wonderful opportunities for social and emotional development, teamwork, building self-identity, and applying classroom skills and knowledge in real-world contexts through critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, and ethical understandings through a Christian World View lens. We are also thrilled to offer plentiful opportunities for community involvement through our Campus Carnivals, House events, family events such as afternoon teas, information sessions, student learning conferences and more, as well as continued development in intercultural understandings through our international guests from Indonesia. Each of these has seen positive engagement with our Teaching and Learning program. Students and staff have been excited to be part of a program that enables students to engage with critical competencies and real-life opportunities and develop skills and knowledge in a diverse range of classes. Our Senior students have embraced the rigors of the VCE and the VEC Vocational Major with many students demonstrating their new knowledge and understanding through school-assessed coursework, meeting VCAA assessment criteria or demonstrating new skills to industry practitioners through work placements and VET courses.

You can view your child’s progress in each of their learning areas through our In Time reporting program via SEQTA Engage. Log onto the parent portal via the College website and select the Assessments menu to view your child’s progress. As a reminder, there is also the SEQTA App that can be downloaded to your phone. I have attached a couple support documents that highlight how to get the most out of SEQTA Engage.



Antony Benson, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning

Picnic at Hanging Rock – Performances on Next Week!

Picnic at Hanging Rock is a captivating and mysterious story that explores the disappearance of four schoolgirls and their teacher during a picnic at a local geological formation in Victoria, Australia, on Valentine’s Day in 1900. The novel by Joan Lindsay, published in 1967, was adapted into a film by Peter Weir in 1975, which became a landmark of Australian cinema and culture. The story has inspired many interpretations and adaptations, including the performances brought to you by our Christian College Senior School students.

Excitement is now running high - next week's shows are on at Platform Arts in Geelong in Lt Malop St, with three evening shows from Thursday May 11 to Saturday May 13.  Tickets are only $30 and the cast and crew are looking forward to performing to full houses.  Please note that Picnic at Hanging Rock contains mature themes, parental discretion is advised re the age of audience members.

To purchase tickets please follow this link:


Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Days!

All Christian College campuses will open their doors on May 2 in the first of our Open Days for 2023.

This is an opportunity for parents/guardians and families who are considering Christian College as an option for their young people to visit one or more of our campuses, meet students, teachers and campus leaders, tour facilities, visit classes in progress and have their questions answered. It provides an authentic insight to how our College operates on a day-to-day basis. For those considering either Junior School-Belmont or Surf Coast Campus, please note our Early Learning Centres - Williams House in Belmont and Butterfield House in Torquay - will also be open for visitation at the same time as the campuses.

No booking is required, with campuses open at the following times:

Junior School-Belmont: 9:30 – 11:00am

Bellarine Campus: 9:30 – 11:00am

Surf Coast Campus: 9:30 – 11:30am

Middle School-Highton: – 11:15am – 12:45pm

Senior School-Waurn Ponds: – 11:30am – 1:00pm

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Big Science Competition!

We welcome all students in Years 7 - 10 to consider taking part in the Big Science Competition!

A 50-minute, multiple-choice competition, the Big Science Competition isn't like other tests. This test focuses on how students can use their science knowledge and critical thinking skills to solve problems. 

The Big Science Competition can also lead to BIG opportunities.

All students in Australian high schools who sit the Big Science Competition have a chance to win one of four great prizes*, up to the value of $1,498.

Here's everything you need to know. 

  • The Big Science Competition is open to students in Year 7-10 who attend Australian and International schools.
  • The Big Science Competition will run on a date to be determined between 15-26 May 2023.
  • Expressions of interest will close at the end of Term 1.

Registering your interest

All students who would like to participate are asked to complete their details on the following form:

Expression of Interest Form

Please speak to your science teacher or email Mrs Huddart if you have any questions.

Elissa Huddart, Director of Teaching and Learning - Science

A MYTERN Thought for This Week

When you are on a rough road, people often tell you to get a grip and drive on.

 Try not to judge yourself harshly if that feels too hard. 

 Sometimes it's not as simple as just shaking it off and moving on.

 Slow down, take a deep breath and know that no road lasts forever 🙏❤️


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