From the Head of Senior School

It’s hard to believe we have arrived at the end of Week 7 and what a special week it has been. I’m sure no one was complaining about the public holiday on the Monday to provide a three-day weekend and a chance to find a little more downtime after such a busy start to the year. This then led into the Student Learning Conferences on Tuesday with an incredibly large online turnout of parents wanting to meet with their child’s teachers – 280 families to be exact; 306 students and a total of 1381 appointments! This year we had a noticeable increase in the number of parents booking a time with their child’s House Mentor, an indication that parents are appreciating the important role this teacher has in the overall support of each student – pastoral and academic.

On Thursday we were delighted to spend a day basking in warm weather at Kardinia Aquatic Centre for our annual House Swimming Carnival. The day was fun, vibrant and colourful, with the competitive aspects visible, not just in the racing pool, but also the synchronised swimming and novelty events. I want to thank all the students in attendance on the day for making it such a successful occasion and a reminder of the joy that comes from being together as a community that we so missed through two years of interruptions due to the pandemic. I also want to thank our House Prefects for being so committed to their role of organising participants for each event, fostering House spirit and supporting the Heads and Assistant Heads of House with various tasks through the day.

Today, two of our College Prefects, Nathan Tarrant (male school captain) and Kristen Wigg were privileged to take part in the first ever Year 4 Leaders’ Investiture Service at the Surf Coast Campus in Torquay. It was so special to witness Nathan and Kristen having the honour of handing out leaders’ badges and congratulating the Year 4s as they stepped into roles of leadership and service.

Important Dates for Senior School

Monday 21 March – Year 12 English Author visit – Toni Jordan

Tuesday 29 March – Year 12 Drama to Top Class – Melbourne

Wednesday 30 March – GISSA Surfing Championships

Tuesday 5 April – Year 12 English Analytical Response AM

Friday 8 April -Last day of Term 1 (2.30 pm dismissal)

House Swimming Carnival 2022

On Thursday, the Senior School campus enjoyed spectacular weather for our Senior Swimming Sports. It was a great day full of fun, competition and developing community. It was good to see our Year 12 students and house prefects lead from the front and set the standard for the day.

All four houses battled it out for the bragging rights for taking out the 2022 swimming sports. It came down to a battle between Taylor and Flynn, with this year’s overall winner being the Flynn Falcons.

The highlight of the day for many was the synchronised swimming event. Students trained and designed their routine through lunchtime training sessions in the lead up to the event. The synchronised swimmers delighted with their creative and detailed routines. It was a very close competition for the synchronised event this year but Flynn house won the event.

Some other highlights for the day included seeing Nicole Briscoe get fastest on campus, as well as break Christian College records in every race she swam in, across four different strokes. A very impressive effort, well done Nicole! Jonti Wylie also took out the male fastest on campus, well done Jonti.

Please see below for summary of the day below:


Year Level Male Female
101st Kylan Nelson

2nd (equal) Sam Coleman,

2nd (equal) Jonti Wylie

1st Molly Daly

2nd Caitlin Deretic

3rd Alexis Jane

111st Cooper Welsh

2nd Thomas Breguet

3rd Benjamin Morse

1st Nicole Briscoe

2nd Mackenzie Saunders

3rd Angelica Lawrence

121st Oscar Murdoch

2rd Benjamin Breguet

3rd William Andueza-Mossop

1st Madison Cooper

2nd Maya Fuller

3rd Bethany Dean


Synchronised Swimming

Flynn HousePenman HouseBurrows HouseTaylor House


Overall Results

Flynn HouseTaylor HousePenman HouseBurrows House


  • Student Opportunity – The Santos Science Experience

    A nationwide STEM outreach program for Years 9 & 10 students

    The Santos Science Experience is a three-day hands-on science activities program. The program aims to inform students of the importance of science and technology while stimulating and heightening student interests in a wide range of scientific disciplines and career opportunities, encouraging further studies in the science, while at the same time giving students a ‘taste’ of university/tertiary life.

    The following programs are being offered in Victoria this year:

    Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre, Queenscliff11 April 2022
    University of Melbourne, Parkville11-13 April 2022
    Federation University, Ballarat27-29 June 2002
    RMIT University, Melbourne28-30 June 2022
    Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn6-9 July 2022
    KIOSC, Wantirna18-20 July 2022
    Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre, Queenscliff27 September 2022
    Federation University, Gippsland20-22 September 2022
    Federation University, Berwick20-22 September 2022
    University of Melbourne, Dookie30 November – 2 December 2022

    Details of the programs offered at each venue can be found at www.scienceexperience.com.au or on the attached flyer. Interested students should register directly via the website. Cost is $190 per student for the three day programs and $65 per student for the one day programs (at Queenscliff).

    Further information can be obtained by calling 03 9756 7534 or email admin@scienceexperience.com.au

    The Santos Science Experience Flyer:
    View Download

    Year 10 English – Crafting Texts

    In Year 10 English students studying ‘Crafting Texts’ are studying Steven Herrick’s The Simple Gift and the ‘power of kindness.’ This unit has inspired students to explore big ideas and complex real-world issues in their own writing. Many students have embraced opportunities to explore ideas like compassion, loss, adversity and destitution with great sensitivity.

    Old Bill and Billy’s First Encounter from The Perspective of Jessie

    By Ruby Sinfield

    I watched over my dad

    he was alone

    after all.

    My fault.

    He looked more

    and more


    each day.

    His beard overgrown

    and a mop of

    grey wirier hair

    was all that seemed to be left of him.

    He was hollow.

    nothing like my dad.

    Not like I could


    I hadn’t lost my child

    and my wife

    in the span of a


    No one gets over that.

    It pained me

    that dad




    in the pub,

    but for him

    maybe it was better than feeling.

    That morning

    when my dad

    dropped his beer

    I thought he was


    His final straw.

    But then something



    a young boy came out of the carriage.

    A sweet boy

    with a kind face.

    He rushed back

    in the carriage

    and came back out with

    a pack of


    Handed them to dad.

    I don’t think dad

    knew what to do,

    it was the

    kindest thing

    anyone had done for


    in a long time.

    And then he smiled


    but a smile


    As they sat

    watching the sunrise

    I knew this was the

    start of something.

    My dad and


    simple gift,



    Homelessness by choice

    By Daniel Scott


    Sometimes it’s a choice

    sometimes the choice is made for you.

    James’ family died:

    wife, kids

    flushed down the drain

    So he flushes down the pain

    with a drink on the streets

    till it numbs all thoughts.

    Mary was wrongfully convicted

    and when she got out

    the world had changed.

    She tried to get back

    to the world she once knew

    but the world fell

    and she did too.

    She landed hard

    on the streets

    and died there.


    doesn’t know his real name

    parents didn’t care to name him

    He fended for himself

    in a home that could host war

    until he ran away.

    16 years old.

    The best thing he ever did

    He can’t trust himself

    in a home

    cause he believes

    ‘History repeats’

    ‘Generation after generation’

    And doesn’t want to put others

    through that.

    Unselfish and homeless

    Foundation Chair’s Lunch

    Join the Chair of the Foundation Board for lunch on Friday, 8 April 2022 as we celebrate the significance of Easter and learn more about the work of the Foundation.

    All funds raised from this event will be allocated to our Scholarship Fund supporting current students who need financial assistance.

    Book online today at www.ccgfoundation.org.au/chairslunch

    For all enquiries, please contact Jennifer Freind via j.freind@ccg.vic.edu.au.

    Notice to All Parents Regarding CSEF Funding

    The Victorian State Government runs a program called the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF).  As the name suggests, the fund is designed to assist families meet costs associated with school camps, sport and excursions and requires families to apply in each year they have a child who is eligible. Families who have an eligible child will receive $125 per year for a primary aged student and $225 per year for a secondary aged student.

    If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. Please complete a 2022 Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) Application Form and return to your campus administration office by the end of Term 1 please.

    Please read the attached letter for further information

    CSEF Application Form:
    View Download
    CSEF Financial Assistance Information for Parents:
    View Download

    Rev. Tim Costello to Visit Christian College Next Week

    We are thrilled to welcome Rev. Tim Costello to our College next week.

    On Wednesday afternoon, he will address Christian College staff at One Hope Baptist Church – Barrabool Hills. On Thursday morning he will deliver devotions to the staff at Middle School-Highton, then will spend time in the classroom at Senior School speaking with students of Global Politics, before delivering a keynote address at ‘Gathering Hope’, a function organised by the Christian College Foundation at Mt Duneed Estate, (which is now fully booked).

    We look forward to Rev. Costello’s visit and the opportunity for students and staff alike to benefit from his profound experience and wisdom in a range of areas, including social justice, the ministry, the law, local government and global politics.

    A MYTERN Thought for the Week

    When someone says something that hurts or offends you, try to take a moment to look at what road they are on. 

They are usually worse off than you are, so why join them? 

Keep control on your road ( be it rough or smooth) and lead through example 😊

    Discover more about MYTERN here.