Australian Reading Hour

On Tuesday, Middle School Highton students were invited to join in The Australian Reading Hour by reading simultaneously during the Wellbeing session. As you can see there was a wide variety of books! The Australian Reading Hour is an initiative from Australia Reads, a nonprofit organisation driven by a common passion for reading. Their mission is, ‘to get more people reading, more books, more often….and to promote reading as a healthy, daily habit to help improve outcomes from all Australians.’

Research has shown that reading is a great way to improve your cognitive ability, relax your body and lower your heart rate. Reading at least 10 minutes a day means that you could be reading an average of 3000, leading to 90 000 words each month. That is a whopping 1,080,000 PER YEAR!!! So, let’s pick up a book and start reading!!

  • Jaki Groves,

    Head of Library

    Transforming in Lockdown!

    The current Transformation Program has seen a lot of personal growth in our young men. They spent three days in the Transformation Space before being shifted to remote learning. In spite of that, they have undertaken the program with a willingness and dedication to make an impact in the world, amidst the restrictions we currently face.

    The boys chose to explore a variety of issues including cyber addiction, insomnia, vaping, global pollution, mental health and drug abuse to name a few.

    Two students chose to focus on suicide awareness, as this is an issue that predominantly faces our young men. They chose to partake in the Blue Tree Program whose mission is to help spark difficult conversations and encourage people to speak up when battling mental health concerns. By spreading the message that ‘It’s OK not to be OK’, we can help break down the stigma that’s still largely attached to mental health.

    Another student was able to raise funds for tackling the topic of homelessness by mowing the lawns of his neighbours. Well done to all of the boys for thinking outside of the box and making an impact in the world.

  • Rebecca Barry,

    Classroom Teacher

    House Challenge Daily Physical Activity in Lockdown

    After nearly a month of daily physical activity, our College’s latest House Lockdown Challenge has come to an end, and this time, Taylor has emerged victorious!

    Students and staff from our Middle School Highton and Bellarine campuses have shown enormous persistence during this most recent remote learning period, getting out and staying healthy – both physically and mentally – no matter what the weather or circumstances.

    No doubt the participants in this challenge will have reaped the rewards of completing such a healthy amount of exercise over the past few weeks and hopefully it will have created, or reinforced, some great habits for these students and staff to continue on with into the future.

    After a close race throughout the early stages, it was Taylor that pulled away in the final week to clinch a well-earned victory based on the ‘minutes per participant, per week’ formula used for this competition.

    This figure is calculated by adding the total number of minutes completed by each House for the competition, and then dividing that aggregate by the number of people who competed for that House – and then dividing that number by the number of weeks the competition lasted for.

    On that score, Taylor finished on top, with each of their participants averaging 485 minutes per week.

    However, competitors from the other three Houses are to be commended for all their hard work, with Flynn finishing not far behind in second spot on 440 minutes, while Penman came in third on 423 minutes and Burrows in fourth on 415 minutes.

    These points are sure to be crucial in the year-long race for supremacy between our four Houses.

    Points from this Lockdown Challenge will go towards the standings in this year’s overall House Shields at the Middle School Highton Campus and the Bellarine Campus.

    This latest lockdown initiative was devised by the Health, Physical Education (HPE) and Sport Faculties and was ably assisted by the Homeroom Teachers at each Campus.

    It involved students and staff completing as many minutes of physical activity as possible every day and then recording this exercise in a diary. These diaries were then submitted to the Sport Faculty for calculation.

    As well as the overall House Winner, there were also individual prizes up for grabs.

    The students who recorded the most minutes of physical activity over the course of the Challenge are set to be recognised (a winner from each of the Bellarine and Highton campuses).

    These winners will be announced in Week 1 of Term 4 and the prizes will be presented to these students at each Campus.

    The premise underpinning this Lockdown Challenge was based on the national guidelines for physical activity for young people.

    These guidelines suggest that young people should be completing at least 60 minutes of exercise each day – however most of the participants in our challenge were pushing themselves well beyond that mark.

    In some cases, students and staff were achieving two to three hours of exercise per day, and nearly 1000 minutes across the whole week.

    Participants certainly took on board the advice to find opportunities for physical activity wherever they presented while in lockdown.

    Students and staff constantly found new and creative ways to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine, no matter what the environment or resources at their disposal.

    On behalf of the HPE and Sport Faculties, would like to sincerely thank all the students and staff who participated in this initiative.

    We hope it provided motivation for you to get out and enjoy being active and healthy during this challenging CL@H period, and we look forward to seeing all of you back on campus soon.

    Andrew Richardson,

    Director of Health Physical Education and Sport

    Holiday Screen Time and Cyber Safety – Webinars for Parents

    Given the context of lockdowns and increased screen time for remote learning and social connection lately, these coming school holidays may present some challenges for families when it comes to children and managing their time on screens. Parents may value these parent webinars and resources from Family Zone listed below, which I recommend highly.

    Note that some of these parent webinars have sessions available over the weekend and through to Tuesday, while others are available throughout the holiday period.

    Click the links to register for a webinar or view the parent blog:

    ? Parent Webinar: Managing Screen-time During Holidays.

    ? Parent Webinar: Managing Gaming Consoles.

    ? Parent Webinars: Cyber Safety Webinars for Families (multiple varied topics, take a look!).

    ? Blog for Parents: Holiday screen-time survival tips.

    Parents, I hope these webinars are helpful in navigating the digital environment with your young person and positively guiding them on types of content and volume of technology they consume these holidays.

    Brendan Vanderkley,

    Director of Digital Learning

    Important Information From the Uniform Shop

    Holiday Trading Hours
    Please note our trading hours during the September holidays:
    Closed for the first week; reopening Monday Monday 27th September 9.00-5.00pm every day until Friday 1st October.

    Price Reductions!
    In light of the announcement in last week’s Vine of the NEW wardrobe range for being introduced in 2022 many items from the current uniform are now heavily reduced to make way for this exciting new range.
    There are NO exchanges or refunds on reduced stock and once it is gone, its gone forever so get in quick!!
    All current uniform is only available to existing students to purchase as ALL new families commencing in 2022 are required to purchase the new uniform

    Assistants Wanted
    The Christian College Uniform Shop is looking for people to help out serving our College Families.
    Shifts vary but anyone interested would need to be available during some school holidays.

    Please contact Genelle on 5241 6316 or pop in for a chat – Shop 6/7, 168 High St Belmont.

    A MYTERN Message for This Week

    Today, in this world of isolation, try to reach out and connect with someone. They may be strangers or a friend.

    One of the most precious gifts that you can give them is your time.

    Really listen to them. Make them feel heard. This is not about your story, but theirs.

    The impact will be profound – for you both ❤️