What’s Happening at Middle School 

Week 10 

  • Mon, 12 Sept – Wed, 14 Sept – Middle Schools Music Camp 
  • Thurs, 15 Sept – Athletics Victoria ‘Nitro’ event 
  • Fri, 16 Sept – Conclusion of Term 3 Studies. 2:30pm Dismissal 

Term 4, Week 1 

  •  Tues, 4 Sept – Students Commence Term 4 

        Year 7 Update 

        It has been a busy time for our Year 7 students as they approach the end of Term 3. Many have been completing major assessment tasks at the end of their units and it has been great to see the breadth of skills and knowledge being demonstrated. 

        The English and Humanities faculties have a combined task, with a focus on exploring societal issues. Students are currently creating a “Video for Change” about their chosen issue. We look forward to celebrating these once they are published. 

        In Science, students worked through a Chemistry unit for the duration of the term. They enjoyed separating a range of mixtures and developing their knowledge about particle theory and changes of state. 

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          Andrew Ellery, Year 7 Coordinator

          Year 9s Head to The Prom  

          Last week the “Year 9 GEOS – The Prom” students were off campus, visiting the protected and pristine national park at Wilsons Promontory. Over the term, students have been preparing for this experience, creating nutritious menu plans, discussing gear, and practising working together as a team. Over three days they put their skills and resilience to the test as they hiked 42km with full packs. Amongst the challenges of this walk, students enjoyed beautiful views, white sandy beaches, magnificent displays from wildlife, and above all the satisfaction of knowing that they can do hard things.  

          As someone who has been leading trips like this for my whole career, it never ceases to amaze me how resilient our young people are and how much they shine when taken out of their comfort zones to experience moments in natural places.  

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            Georgie Brown

            Medieval Day 

            This semester, half of the Year 8 cohort has been immersed in the study of Europe during the Middle Ages as part of their History curriculum. A highlight of this learning is the Medieval Day Incursion conducted by History Up Close. 

            The students were able to participate in interactive experiences concerning Medieval music, games, clothing and customs, as well as weapons and armour. The opportunity to explore more about artifacts that have been carefully crafted and created to replicate tools used in Medieval life has given them a greater understanding and perspective of the challenges those people living hundreds of years ago faced. All students then participated in a Medieval feast sharing the type of food that would have been eaten, including a meat and vegetable stew, jam tarts and fresh apples.

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            Konnichiwa Middle School Families! 

            This week, the students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have been rewarded for their hard work in Term 3 by doing a little bit of cooking during their lessons. Valent Sensei and Kana Sensei (2022 Japanese exchange assistant) have been making やきおにぎり (yaki onigiri – grilled rice balls) with the classes and they have been very popular! They are very easy to make, and we have been encouraging the students to make them at home for you. You will need rice, seaweed sheets, soy sauce, mirin (a Japanese cooking condiment) and a little bit of butter to keep the rice from sticking (you can buy all the Japanese ingredients from Coles or Woolworths). Put some rice into a piece of gladwrap and shape it into a triangle with your hands, cook it on baking paper in a pan with a little bit of butter while putting soy sauce on both sides with a brush. Once it’s golden brown on both sides, wrap it in seaweed and enjoy it while it’s warm.  

            If you like it, you can say おいしい (oishii) which means “delicious”. 

            Stephen Brewster

            Athletics Day at Landy Field 

            The return of the SSV Geelong North and Bellarine Athletics day was in perfect conditions at Landy Field on Tuesday 6th September. Christian College had 16 students who all represented our three campuses very well with four students moving to onto the Western Region Finals in October.  

            Ava Mousavi –
            st 12/ 13 yr 200 metres 
            2nd 12/13 yr100 metres 

            Chelsea Ronning –
            nd 12/13 yr  Shot Put 

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            Sally Bishop

            National Health and Physical Education Day!  

            This year National Health and Physical Education Day was celebrated on Wednesday the 7th of September. At Middle School students and staff participated in activities to focus on boosting their health and overall wellbeing.   

            During wellbeing sessions this week students participated in two different activities to promote health and physical activity. The first activity was classroom-based, where the importance of physical activity was discussed, and a fun quiz was completed. For the second activity students participated in a range of physical challenges and games. The Year 5 and 6 students participated in a Golden Child competition, the Year 7 students competed in a basketball shooting competition, Year 8 students completed an amazing race around the school and the Year 9 homerooms competed against each other in netball.  

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            Brittany Dietrich

            Tri, Tri and Tri Again 

            On Thursday the 8th of September the Year 8 High Performance Athlete class had the chance to conduct a small-scale triathlon based at Middle School. The students have been learning about the sport over the last couple of weeks, training for the event and having an opportunity to meet and hear from Adam Beckworth, a college parent but also a professional triathlon coach with his group ‘Beckworth Racing. All this learning led to the day in which students had a go themselves. The standard course was a 2km run, 15-minute bike ride and 250m swim. Due to the inclement weather, we had the GEOS bikes propped up on air trainers and completing that part of the course inside (how luxurious!!). Students had the opportunity to adjust their distances to assist with their strength and weaknesses. We saw some students go for a 4km run whilst others went for a 500m swim. Great to see the students pushing themselves in a sport they have only just discovered. The purpose of this peak experience was for the students to engage in a brand-new sport and give something different a go.  

            If any student in this class or at Christian College who may be interested in triathlon or either biking, swimming, and running is encouraged to email/speak to Mr Wade or Mr Richardson.  

            Callen Wade

            Important VET Information for Subject Selection 2023

            Vocational Education Training (VET) is offered as a subject in Year 10, 11 and 12 at CCG Senior Campus. Students travel off campus to either The Gordon or a government or catholic school (non-Gordon) who offer the courses one afternoon a week. Year 10 students study VET as well as VCE Unit 1 Industry and Enterprise over the whole year which includes a week of work experience. VET is mandatory for students studying the new VCE Vocational Major (VM) and optional for VCE students. More information can be found in the subject selection booklets and on the Senior School Hub – VET for 2023 on SEQTA.

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            Kerryn Fearnsides

            End of Term Canteen Arrangements 

            The Canteen will open as usual at Middle and Junior School campuses on the last day of term next Friday 16th September. At the Senior School Campus, it will only open at recess and no lunches will be available.   

            For all three campuses, the Canteen will open on the usual days again in the first week of Term 4 (students return on Tuesday 4th October). 

            A big thank you again to all volunteers who have supported the Canteen throughout Term 3 and allowed us to offer the services we do to all students and staff. 

            Heather Smith, Canteen Manager

            Uniform Shop Hours Over the Holidays 

            The Uniform Shop in Centreway Arcade, Belmont will be closed from Monday 19th September and reopening 26th September 2022.

            Opening hours in the second week of holidays are from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday  26/09/2022  through to  Friday  30/09/2022  

            The Uniform Shop resumes normal trading hours from Monday 3rd October 2022. 

            Canteen not Open on Last day of Term 

            Please note that on the last day of Term 4, Friday December 9, the canteen will not be open. 

            Thank you to all volunteers for your fantastic help during the course of this term, and throughout 2022.  

            Recycling Uniform Items 

            As part of the transition to our new College wardrobe it was important that we consider the environmental impact of clothing items no longer required. Whilst it is still possible for students to wear items from the traditional uniform, when items are no longer able to be worn, they can be recycled. 

            Any such items can be dropped off and placed in recycling bins at each campus. We are working with our wardrobe manufacturer to ensure that these can be recycled as part of the introduction of our new wardrobe over the next 18 months. 

            Scholarship Applications for 2024 Entry now Open! 

            Each year we offer Academic Excellence Scholarships for entry at Year 5 (Middle School-Highton, Bellarine and Surf Coast campuses); Year 7 (Middle School-Highton and Bellarine); and Year 10 (Senior School-Waurn Ponds).  

            These scholarships have been designed primarily to encourage and support new and current students who wish to attend Christian College and who demonstrate high levels of academic excellence.  

            We are now seeking scholarship applications for entry at any of those year levels in 2024.  

            For more information, and to apply, please see our website. Use the hotlink from our homepage or click here 

            Applications close on Thursday September 29. The examination date is Saturday October 8. 

            Golf Tournament 

            The Foundation Golf Tournament is set for Thursday, 27 October 2022. Join us at 13th Beach Golf Links from 8:00am for a shotgun start. Tickets are $190 each ($150 for members) or $750 for a group of four. RSVPs close on Thursday, 6 October 2022 at 5:00pm. 

            Funds raised from this event will be allocated to our Foundation Scholarship Fund, supporting current students who are in need of financial assistance.  

            Book online at: The Foundation Golf Tournament