From the Principal 

The return to school after the break has been extremely positive. The commencement assemblies provided a wonderful opportunity to focus on appreciating our community and how we each contribute to creating the environment that we all enjoy. We welcomed new students and staff to our College and were treated to outstanding musical performances, dancing and singing at some campuses, as well as acknowledgment of various student achievements. 

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Glen McKeeman, Principal

What’s Happening at Middle School – Highton

Week 2 

  • Thurs, 21 July – Netball Vic. ‘All Schools’ Qualifying Round 

Week 3 

  • Mon, 25 July – 9H and 9M & Individual make-up School Photos 
  • Wed, 27 July – Highton MS Strings Performance at Vic Schools Music Festival 
  • Thurs, 28 July – Mon 1 Aug – Senior Ensembles Music Camp 
  • Fri, 29 July – Friends of Cowrie Creek – National Tree Planting Day Excursion 

    Welcome to Term Three at Highton

    Our first week of Term 3 has flown! The positive atmosphere across our Campus is testament to the way in which Middle School students and staff come together with a strong sense of community and purpose.

    We started off 2022 with the theme presented by our Acting Head of Campus Adam Kennedy, ‘We sustain each other’. During staff devotions this week, the scripture from 1 Thessalonians 5:11 was shared which reads ‘11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing’. Through this scripture we are reminded that the way we encourage and uphold one another is not only invaluable on the personal level of ‘individual to individual’, but also on a broader level in relation to how we are a community of sustaining connections tightly woven to form the beautifully textured and strong fabric of our Middle School Campus.

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      Jemma Morris, Acting Deputy Head of Campus

      A Fresh Start to Term 3 in the Middle School Library 

      We are excited to announce new changes to Middle School Highton Library.  

      Activities are always popular during lunchtime. This term we are trialling a more structured approach to cater for the needs of students. Once students have finished their lunch, they are welcome to join in activities where they can learn new skills, have fun, get creative, develop and build on friendships. Activities will change each term so that we can provide inclusive spaces for everyone. 

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      Jaki Groves


      “The skill that someone uses when they make beautiful things with their hands” 

      Students have completed a wide range of projects in Product Design Materials during Term 2; please enjoy the pictures included in this article!  This course is designed to expose students to skills in developing a design brief that informs a range of skill-builder tasks and a final project.  This process includes gathering inspiration, an ideation phase, creating drawings (3D and different views), manufacturing parts/elements on the laser cutter, CAD drawing, evaluating the product, etc.   

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      David Kehler

      Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety 

      A Must-See Documentary   

      Angst is on a mission to start a global conversation and raise awareness around adolescent anxiety. 

      About this event 

      On top of academic and social stress, the uncertainty and fears of this past pandemic year have brought all of us a lot more anxiety than before. Angst helps break this down, explaining what’s going on, and what we can do about it to help both ourselves and others. It features World Champion Swimmer Michael Phelps. The one-hour documentary delves into all aspects of our society’s most common mental health challenge with experts in the field, and regular teenagers, including:  

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      Come and Sample our Menu! 

      Over the next month, three of our campuses are opening their doors to anyone interested in enrolling their children at Christian College.   
      At Junior School-Belmont there is an Open Morning on August 2 between 9:30 and 11:00am 

      Middle School-Highton and Bellarine Campus are hosting their subject selection expos in August. Aside from the scheduled evening for current College parents, each campus will also present another evening dedicated to families who are considering Christian College as an option for their children. At Middle School-Highton, it’s on August 9 between 7:00 and 9:00 pm, and the date for Bellarine Campus is August 16, also between 7:00 and 9:00 pm. 

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      East Timor Trivia Night


      Language Assistant Exchange Program Running Again 

      During the recent holidays, Christian College graduate, Jack Frencham (2021), landed in Japan to work as an English Language Assistant at our sister school, Naga High until Christmas this year – the first time we’ve been able to engage with our Japanese sister school in this way for three years. Earlier this year we welcomed Naga HS graduate, Kana Miyano as a Japanese Language Assistant, who is helping around all campuses during her stay with us. We are delighted to begin the Language Assistant exchange program again, and hope all our short and long-term Japanese and Indonesian exchange programs will be back up and running soon! 


      National Collection of Data on Students With Disabilities

      Every year, all schools in Australia participate in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD). With data collected on the first Friday in August (this year, on the 5th), the NCCD process requires schools to identify information already available in the school about supports provided to students with disability. These relate to legislative requirements under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Standards for Education 2005, in line with the NCCD Guidelines (2021).   

      Please see the attached NCCD Fact Sheet for more information.   

      Fact Sheet for Parents Guardians and Carers

      Golf Tournament 

      The Foundation Golf Tournament is set for Thursday, 27 October 2022. Join us at 13th Beach Golf Links from 8:00am for a shotgun start. Tickets are $190 each ($150 for members) or $750 for a group of four. RSVPs close on Thursday, 6 October 2022 at 5:00pm. 

      Funds raised from this event will be allocated to our Foundation Scholarship Fund, supporting current students who are in need of financial assistance.  

      Book online at: The Foundation Golf Tournament

      A MYTERN Thought for This Week 

      Since COVID began, many people have understandably been stuck on the roads of fear and frustration. 

      Continually travelling down a rough road (often out of control) takes its toll....increasing stress levels and reducing your immune system...leaving you vulnerable. 

      Pull over, breathe, regain control and steer towards a smoother road if you can. 

      Just that simple act can reduce your stress levels and strengthen your immune system. 

      Worth thinking about 👍😊 

      Discover more about MYTERN here