What’s Happening at Middle School

Week 9, Monday 29th November 2021
Wed 1st Dec – Middle School Celebration Evening – Online
Thurs 2nd Dec – Adventure Park Day Years 5 – 8
Fri 3rd Dec – Term 4 Concludes, 2:30pm Finish

Adventure Park

Further information about Adventure Park.

We are excited about spending one of our final days celebrating the great year together at Adventure Park. An EdSmart form has been sent out today. Please ensure that you have signed this and provided any relevant information.

Some important information to note:

Students can wear casual dress for the day but should remember that if they would like to participate in water-based activities, they are required to wear a rash vest or t-shirt.

Sunscreen will be provided throughout the day and students are encouraged to also take responsibility for reapplying this.

If you require your child to be picked up or dropped off at the venue, we ask that you write to your child’s Homeroom Teacher before Wednesday the 1st of December.

The buses will depart Middle School at approximately 9:15am and return at approximately 3pm.

Students can bring money for the kiosk or mini golf course and will take responsibility for this themselves.

Students require a mask for bus travel unless they have an exemption.

Please contact your child’s Homeroom Teacher should you have any further questions.

We look forward to a wonderful day.

Year 5/6 Science Slimed

The last few weeks have been very busy in the 5/6 Science lab!

Grade 5s have been exploring states of matter and how solids, liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in different ways. Students have been conducting a variety of experiments and practical activities to explore this concept, concluding with creating a presentation explaining what state of matter slime is. Different groups created different types of presentations – videos, PowerPoints and posters. And we all managed to successfully make slime without TOO MUCH mess!

‘I think that slime is a liquid because when you try and form slime into a shape if will melt eventually’. – Holly Jane Cheal 5B

‘I would say it is a liquid because it takes the shape of the container and you might think that if you squeeze, it becomes its own shape like a solid but I think that it is just taking shape of your hand and needs to take a few seconds to melt because it is a thick liquid not like water runny more like cream runny.’ – Elise Morrison 5B

“Slime is a solid and also a liquid because, Slime is a liquid when it is taking the shape of a container. Slime is a solid when it is out of the container.” Esharveer Dhillon 5B

Why we love Science

In Science we have been learning about evaporation and state of matter. The first experiment we did was the evaporation task and we got three beakers and put 50ml of water in each of them we waited  two weeks to see how much they evaporated. All the beakers  were different the first beaker had no layers of tissue paper and evaporated quicker. The second beaker had one layer of tissue paper and evaporated slower, and the last beaker had 10 layers of tissue paper and hardly evaporated. The second experiment we did was about state of matter. We made slime to represent what state of matter it was we worked out that it was non-Newtonian substance.  Zahli Long 5R

The grade 6s have been investigating the growth and survival of living things are affected by physical conditions of their environment. This term we have attempted to grow a variety of living things – mould, bacteria, alfalfa and silverbeet in a WIDE variety of physical conditions – ranging from light to dark, warm and cool, salty water and different soil conditions.

A dissection of the parts of a “perfect flower” – the Lily was also conducted. Students discovered that these flowers have reproductive parts just like animals!

“In this investigation Viliami and I found out that in the plant the outer white petals have spikes on  them that are there to attract pollinators like bees and flies. We also found out that the stamen contains the pollen and the pistil contains the eggs.

In this plant dissection experiment Thor and I learnt that plants have parts called the pistil which is the female part of the plant that can produce eggs like mammals and stamen is the male part of the plant that contains pollen. The pollen needs to stick to the pistil to produce eggs.”

Thor Vanhaelen and Viliami Vaitohi 6G

“Today in science Amber McMillan and I, Lilly Bayley, dissected a lily flower, we learnt that the perfect flower has both female and male reproductive systems, we discovered that the female reproductive system is called a pistil. Within the pistil is a stigma which sits at the top of the plant and sends nectar through the style down to the ovaries. If by any chance the nectar lands on the one of the eggs within the ovary it will fertilise the egg and eventually become a brand-new baby plant.

The male reproductive system is called a stamen. There are only two parts to this piece of the flower the anther, at the top of the stamen, and the filament, which was hollow and had quite a bit of nectar in it. The anther we dissected was not mature yet as it had no pollen on it, but once it has matured enough it will be able to produce pollen.

We really enjoyed this practical – we got to use scalpels and tweezers AND we learnt lots of interesting facts!

We also looked at a couple of things under the microscope and let us tell you we will never look at a flower the same again.”

Amber McMillan and Lilly Bayley 6G

Rachelle Garrard,

Classroom Teacher

Project Care Wrap Up

To end my first year as Project Care Coordinator, the Project Care team and I have been organising one last event. During the last three weeks of term, students are being asked to bring an item to school with them that they could donate to a Christmas hamper. These are then going to families in the Geelong region who are going through some challenges this year. As we all know 2021 has not been the smoothest of years for many families in our region.

I am asking the students to consider an item that they could donate that would bring a little bit of Christmas cheer to a family. For example items that students could donate include some biscuits, a nice packet of sweets or chocolate. Hopefully, between the students in a homeroom, each class will be able to put together two medium sized hampers.

I also want to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the Project Care reps this year for their help and dedication to our events. Over the summer any returning students might like to consider whether they would like to put their name forward to be Project Care Rep for their homeroom for 2022.

Victoria Corkin,

Classroom Teacher

Writer’s Workshop

Our Year 7 and 8 Writer’s Workshop students have spent the term crafting short stories, poem and
graphic novels which delve into many genres and themes. To provide some thoughtful stimulus
for our final assessment piece both groups were lucky enough to attend excursions in the last half of
the term, which explored the history of our Bellarine and Surf Coast and its maritime heritage.
Year 8 Writer’s Workshop Students were able to join the Year 8 Marine Studies class on a field trip to
Indented Heads (thanks to Ms Brown and Mrs Hurrell for accommodating us). Students spent the
afternoon watching the Marine Studies class snorkel while writing and studying the beach. It was a pristine
day, and the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful. Peter the Pelican and Bob the Banjo shark
made an exciting appearance in the shallows as students waded into the warm water to cool off
their feet.
In addition to this excursion the Year 7 students went on a road trip down the twist to Airey’s Inlet.
Here they discovered the shipwreck history of the Surf Coast and the infamous stories of historical
figures that many claim to see still roaming the coast. We also had the pleasure of having Marine
Studies teacher Mrs Monica Cohen attending on the day. Mrs Cohen provided interesting
information about the geography and native plants of the area, sending some of our students on a
hunt for the elusive lemonade berry. To finish off the day we spent some time down at the Aireys
Inlet rock pools were we spotted many fish and even a very tiny crab! Students spent time writing
about their sense and working on adjectives to help enhance their writing style.
Three of our Year 7 Writer’s Workshop students have also placed in the Top 10 finalists of the
international Storyathon competition of 2021. Cara Fletcher and Eseniia Parshukova both received
certificates of merit for their short stories while Michael Group’s story won the overall competition
for 2021. Congratulations to Michael on his efforts and we hope to see many more stories from him
in the future.

Bree Redden,

Classroom Teacher

Community Service

Twenty-five Year 8 students have been representing the Christian College community this semester as part of the Community Service elective.

This term students have been attending placements at different year 5 and 6 classes at Middle School. This had included students helping in the classrooms in small groups, supporting the students and teachers alike.

This week the students were involved in helping The Salvation Army Belmont, cooking up 50 meals for the homeless. They also put together care packs with toothbrushes, toothpaste, personal products, soap and razors, essential items that we perhaps take for granted that they don’t have. To accompany these care packs, the students wrote a heartfelt letter to a person who is homeless. It is these letters that are always received so well as, “they let us know that someone cares or is thinking about us”.

Andy Allen who runs the Geelong Outreach Van; which services local people who are homeless with food, clothing and essential items; spoke to the students and gave them a perspective of the issues homeless people face. The students were so attentive to listen to real life stories of homelessness in Geelong. They were challenged to think of what was different between a person who is homeless and them.

The students have been inspired by some real-world learning and I hope that through these experiences they follow the notion of, ‘we can’t do everything but we can do something’.

Graham Barton,

Classroom Teacher

Year 5 Music – Celebrate the Learning!

The Year 5 classroom music curriculum has involved the students participating in a year-long Music Performance and Instrumental Music Program. Throughout the year the students have taken part in a range of musical activities to engage them in performance. This experience has been enriching for students in many ways, it has provided them with the opportunity to develop a range of music skills as well as ones that are ‘transportable’ to other areas of learning and life. They have learned technical skills, built their knowledge of music, learned to listen carefully and respond musically. They may have also gained an understanding of the value of such things as persistence and patience.

Learning to play an instrument and performing in an ensemble is exciting and challenging. For many students, this program is the commencement of a music journey that sees them go on with their instrument and play in the College band and string orchestras.

Congratulations to the Music students and Year 5 Music staff team for a superb culmination to the year.  Enjoy their concert performance of ensemble pieces recorded while ‘on tour’ at the Senior Campus RW Gibson Centre for Music Performance last week!


Brighid Mantelli,

Music Coordinator

Year 9 Wrap up

It has been a hectic and exciting week for our Year 9 students as they round out their time here at Middle School.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed our final assembly and Christmas service, filling our chapel with joyful sounds as we sang along to Christmas carols and were reminded of the real meaning of Christmas. That evening, students and staff dressed up in their evening best to enjoy a magical evening at Clyde Park Estate for our Year 9 Formal. It was a perfect way to celebrate a challenging year it was a night to remember, filled with great food, lots of dancing and a lovely feeling of community.

On Thursday, students participated in their Graduation Ceremony which marks a time when they officially finish their Middle School journey. For one last hurrah, Year 9 staff and students enjoyed a day at Barwon Heads beach on Friday, enjoying time as a cohort, participating in challenges and fun filled tasks.

I would like to thank the Year 9 staff and Middle School Leadership for assisting the smooth delivery of this busy week and we wish the Class of Year 9, 2021 all the very best for their transition to Senior School and beyond!


David Hatswell,

Year 9 Coordinator

Year 7 & 8 Sport Program

How good has it been to have Sport back in Term 4?

The students in our Year 7 & 8 Sport Faculty Program have loved the opportunity to get out to community venues and compete against other schools over the past month.

It was a privilege taken away from them several times throughout the year by the COVID lockdowns, but made all the more special this term because of it – and it has provided a positive end to a challenging 2021.

After a few weeks to train and prepare in their chosen summer sport, our College teams from the Middle School Highton Campus have bounded onto buses with excitement on Wednesday afternoons.

Whether it be heading to Geelong Lawn Tennis Centre, Belmont Common, or Leopold Recreation Centre, our male and female teams have jumped at the chance to test their skills and team-work against other GISSA-affiliated schools in sports such as cricket, softball and tennis.

We also had students enjoy our own high-quality Sport and Aquatic Centre Facilities at the Middle School Highton Campus competing in volleyball and water polo.

Our Year 7 and 8 male cricket teams had a special opportunity to play on the turf wickets at Geelong College during two-day matches played after school against Geelong College.

On behalf of the Sport Faculty, we thank all our students have performed so admirably this term and, most importantly, have upheld our College values in their behaviour on and off the field.

For our Year 8 students, this term has provided solid grounding as they move into Year 9 and put their hand-up for selection for our ‘Inter’ teams that will compete in GISSA Championships across many sports next year.

For our Year 7 students, we look forward to watching them grow even more in 2022 as they step up and take leadership of our College teams over the next 12 months.

Check out the pictures attached for a snapshot of the action from Term 4.

The Sport Faculty is already counting down to Day 1 of the next academic school year, and the chance for our students to shine even brighter in the sporting arena.

Andrew Richardson,

Director of Health Physical Education and Sport

  • Market Day

    Year 6 held their Market Day on Wednesday and what a successful day it was. Every student created their own business and ran a variety of stalls. From paper planes to plants to ten-pin bowling, there was so much that our customers could spend their money on for a great cause. By the end of the day we had raised a heap of money for the Make a Wish Foundation.  Some students share their thoughts about the day:

    “Market Day was fun way to learn some marketing skills, have fun and see everyone else enjoying themselves.” Maisy Clark 6B

    “It was enjoyable to see everyone happy winning prizes and buying stuff!” Zac Price 6M

    “It was a hot day but it was great to see it all come together and see what other kids made.” Summer Morgan 6B

    “We looked at the items and we could so how hard the Year 6’s tried. We loved buying stuff because the money went to a great cause. It was a really fun day.” Ava Mousavi 5M

    “The Grade 6s did a great job. It was good because it was sustainable and went to a good cause. I’m looking forward to doing it next year!” Grace Lochhead-Caddy 5M

    Thanks to all the students, Year 6 teachers and parents who helped make Market Day roaring success!

    Andy Francis,

    Year Level Coordinator – Year 6

  • A MYTERN Thought for This Week

    In this busy time of the year, there will be moments when you feel as though you are driving along a rough road surrounded by high hedges…blocking your view and making you feel that there is no exit or end in sight.Don’t despair.Just slow down…breathe…and be confident in knowing that you are improving your driving skills.Remember…no road lasts forever 😉😊