What’s Happening at Middle School

Week 8, Monday 22nd November 2021
Tues 23rd Nov – Year 7 Writers’ Workshop
Wed 24th Nov – Year 6 Market Day
Wed 24th Nov – Year 9 Christmas Service
Wed 24th Nov – Year 9 Formal
Thurs 25th Nov – Year 9 Graduation Ceremony
Fri 26th Nov – Year 9 Beach Activity Day

Week 9, Monday 29th November 2021
Wed 1st Dec – Middle School Celebration Evening – Online
Thurs 2nd Dec – Adventure Park Day Years 5 – 8
Fri 3rd Dec – Term 4 Concludes, 2:30pm Finish



Welcome to our Art, Technology & Design Festival

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to provide opportunities for our community to discover and experience traditional aspects of our programs such as the annual Art, Technology and Design Festival in new ways. This year, we are excited to share with you a dedicated Festival page on our college website for our online ATD Festival.

We couldn’t possibly capture & include every single student’s artwork created throughout the year, but I’d like to acknowledge the incredible efforts of both our students and staff to continue their exploration and enthusiasm for our program. We have seen some extremely creative works, using a huge variety of materials and techniques in the various subjects that we offer.

We have 3 exhibition videos –

  1. A Junior video which includes Kinder – Grade 4 artworks from Butterfield & Williams House, Junior School Belmont, Bellarine & Surf Coast Campus.
  2. A Middle School which covers Grade 5 – Year 9 & is a collection from both campuses – Bellarine & Highton
  3. A Senior School video that displays Year 10 – Year 12 work that was exhibited and filmed at the Villa Paloma Campus.

To complete our show, we are very excited to share with you a series of VCE subject videos that are essentially mini documentaries on each ATD subject. In each one, we have followed one or two students throughout the entire year through their creative journey to gain some real insights to behind their thought processes when working towards their end product or artwork. We hope you enjoy this raw insight into some of our year 11 & 12 students that have been willing to let us into their creative worlds while they have been studying with us this year.

So grab yourself some popcorn, sit down, relax and enjoy our show!

Sally Gray,

Director of Art Technology & Design

Year 7 Media

Year 7 students in Media class are putting their director’s cap on! They are studying film production with a focus on creating a short documentary or instructional style video. Students had the opportunity to analyse, plan, film, and edit their original video using Adobe Premier Pro video software. This project is exciting and challenging because the students have to pitch their stories within approximately 60 seconds! It has been amazing and unexpected to see stories that the students have come up with within that short amount of time, ranging from a tutorial of how to plait hair, making a delicious smoothie, or a mini-documentary of a bad day. Through this process, many students particularly enjoyed editing their video, exploring the use of audio, video footage, and text. They found that the skill they obtained through this mini-project has enabled them to create a more ‘professional’ vlog for their social media!

Keen to watch some of their final edits? Get some popcorn and enjoy the videos!

Zacky Zakaria ,

Classroom Teacher

Year 7 Music-a tale of online and on-campus learning

The contrast between learning in the online classroom and learning in the physical classroom is obvious when looking at Year 7 Core Music.

Every student studies Music in Year 7. During remote learning, students explored their own cultural history by exploring traditional folk music from their own background. Through analysing a chosen piece of music, they learned about different elements of music and how the manipulation of these creates different effects in music. They worked individually at their computers to create their own PowerPoint presentation.

Back on campus, students have been using their knowledge of musical elements to create their own musical performances. They have formed groups and have been devising a Junk Percussion Performance. Students are no longer sitting quietly in front of a computer. They are making lots of noise, collaborating and negotiating with each other to make a creative yet structured piece of music, which is both aurally and visually stimulating. The excitement of being able to physically make music with each other was extraordinary in the first Stomp Percussion session. One class spoke about how loud it had been but that they couldn’t hold back. Each lesson they have settled more, as they again learn to work with each other and to listen to each other. This is reflected in their creative work which has become more nuanced.

Soon they will be leaving school for the summer holidays, and I hope that this time together at school will help them to feel excited to come back to school next year. I am looking forward to many more musical performances.

Brighid Mantelli,

Music Coordinator

Celebration – Upstart Express Success

Wonderful news for two of our students in Year 8 who this year engaged with the Upstart Express Program.

In working through the Upstart Express program, largely online due to the limitations imposed on school-based learning by COVID-19, Penelope Christie and Francesca Sollberger envisioned, researched, and delivered a winning Environment and Sustainability pitch.

Their pitch focused on tackling the significant environmental impact of food wastage. Penelope and Francesca’s web-based solution, delivered confidently and convincingly by Penelope, attracted the highest attention of the judges, declaring them winners of the Environment and Sustainability category.

On Thursday this week Jenny Perks and Maham Daniyal of Upstart Geelong presented the award to Penelope and Francesca. As this category was sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Geelong, Linda Carr and David Sinclair of Geelong Rotary attended this small celebration to award the school $500 prize money. This money is to be used to encourage and support the ongoing development of the students’ thinking around food wastage.

A small number of fellow Upstart Express participants supported the winners by attending the celebration. All in attendance benefited significantly from the wise and passionate words shared by David Sinclair as he encouraged students to continue to pursue solutions to environment and sustainability issues.

Roselyn Smith,

Director of Learning Support Services

Christian College Geelong Senior Ensembles Showcase 2021

Christian College Geelong Senior Ensembles Showcase 2021

Featuring students Years 7 – 12 from Bellarine, Highton & Senior Campus’

Regularly in October the College Community would gather in Costa Hall for the Annual Combined Campus Music Evening featuring hundreds of students from years Prep to 12, sharing their music in a huge annual celebration.

During the interruptions of the pandemic our College Ensemble program has continued to provide opportunities for students to engage in group music making and creative expression from years Prep to 12.

The College’s Senior Ensembles feature in this recorded Concert. The Senior Choir, Strings, Stage Band and Wind Symphony will each perform a selection of their 2021 repertoire……. these groups have had extended periods of not being able to rehearse or perform and are so excited to have the opportunity to share their music with family, friends, and community through this presentation.

Here we also acknowledge the graduating Year 12 musicians. Many of them have been involved in the music program since Junior School but others have joined us later in their school journey. Please see program details below. The Music Faculty staff congratulates the student musicians for their work and proudly presents this ‘Showcase’ to the College Community.

Fiona Gardner

Director of Music – Teaching and Learning on Behalf of the Music Faculty Staff

Update on the new Christian College Wardrobe

The uniform review team have been grateful for the email responses, questions and suggestions received in response to the launch of the new College wardrobe. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we have also been able to address a number of parent requests, based on the feedback received.

As a result of the responses and feedback from students and staff, the College Executive and leadership have confirmed that students will be permitted to select items from the full range of the new wardrobe on a daily basis, as well as for formal occasions, such as School Photos and Celebration Evenings etc.

The College blazer will be still be required for all students in Years 5-12 as the outer garment, and students from Prep-Year 4 will be required to wear their choice of knitwear (jumper, cardigan or vest). The anorak can be worn as the outer garment for Junior School students, along with the item of knitwear.

The details of the updates have been added to the FAQs on the ‘Our new mix and match wardrobe’ page on our College website, along with some updated story-boards. You can access the updates here.

We are pleased that some garments have arrived in the uniform shop and others are well into production. A delay in the manufacturing of the dresses has been addressed by the manufacturer by sourcing a Geelong based company to produce these items. We now remain hopeful that we will have a full range available in January, as previously expected.

A MYTERN Thought for the Week

If you find yourself alone on the road, it doesn’t mean you are going in the “wrong” direction, or that you have made the “wrong” decision.It just means that you are expanding YOUR map and not just settling for the roads of others.This is your unique journey, so embrace it 👍😊