What’s Happening at Middle School

Week 6, Monday 8th November 2021

Tues 9th Nov – Robert Noggler Presentation – Year 9

Wed 10th Nov – Robert Noggler Presentation – Year 8

Fri 12th Nov – Robert Noggler Presentation – Year 7

Week 7, Monday 15th November 2021

Tues 16th Nov – Transition Day

Libraries Bring Us Together

‘People may go to the library looking mainly for information, but they find each other there.’

Robert D.Putnam, (Research Professor, Harvard University)

 Library Week celebrations began this week, coinciding beautifully with all students returning back to  campus.

Library staff sashayed through the corridors of Middle School visiting each homeroom in an effort to promote a mobile library. During Wellbeing sessions, students had the opportunity to borrow and renew. It was great to see so many students flock to the goodies in the trolley to see what they could snatch up. It also provided grateful relief for overdue books.

Continuing with the theme of ‘taking the books to the people,’ it was lovely to lay out picnic rugs on the grass during lunch time to sit, read and chat together. Sharing stories and enjoying the sun was a great way to connect after being apart for so long.

Remember what J. K. Rowling said: When in doubt, go to the library.’

We will see you there!!

Jaki Groves,

Head of Library

Year 6 Stemming the Tide

It’s been exciting watching students engaging with the many hands-on subjects offered here at Christian College. In Stemming the Tide, students research and distinguish between renewable and non-renewable energy, investigate photovoltaic cells, collaboratively research and make plans, investigate efficient hull designs and construct fully remote-controlled, solar-powered boats. This program culminates in an opportunity for students to take their boats to Senior School and actually test them in a body of water. This course requires students to not only design and build the boats, but they also learn software that enables them to create CAD drawings for manufacturing parts like rudders and mounts for holding the motors and servos.

Pictured are several students showcasing their boat designs. They are not yet complete, but we are looking forward to getting these vessels in the water!

David Kehler,

Classroom Teacher

Reflections on Year 7

Year 7 is a significant and exciting year in the life of our students as they commence their secondary education journey. 2021 has been a year of fun, laughter, new experiences and forming friendships. It has also been a year of growth, developing resilience and learning to adjust. I could not be prouder of our Year 7 cohort and the wonderful Year 7 teachers for the way in which they have approached the year, staying motivated, connected and looking out for each other throughout the journey.

Year 7 was awesome!! We did so much this year, we started off with an awesome first week with a three day Orientation Program where we got used to Middle School and made so many friends. We were all so excited to start at Christian College! My first day was my favourite though, we were just all so happy to start and it was very easy going. The first semester seemed to go so fast. We started our electives, we learnt our way around the school, and we had camp! It was just so much fun, we got to make so many friends which was awesome, but we were all so grateful to have such supporting teachers! They helped us through every day, which we could not have done without the caring teachers. Semester 2 was also a blast, we got to develop our friendships and got to do so many more subjects as a part of our electives program. Like any good thing it went fast as well, before I know it, I will be finished Year 7 and into Year 8.

Year 7 was awesome!!! So many friendships were made, so many things were learnt, so many good memories, I would not change a thing!

Ashton Nelson, 7M.

Year 7 has been really fun and exciting. I have really learnt a lot about myself and what my values are. I value my friendships and being kind to everyone. I quite enjoyed going to the Halls Gap Lutheran Camp. I enjoyed our walks into the Halls Gap town and being able to connect with some different people than I would normally. In Term 2, the Athletics Carnival was great being out in the sun and celebrating our peers as they would achieve something in their sport. Term 3 was when we were in lockdown and we got to spend some great quality time with our families. Year 7 has also had its challenges in itself. The workload has definitely increased since Year 6. For many Year 7 students, CL@H has been challenging and stressful. For me my stress levels regarding schoolwork was really impacted by where I would have my classes. Some stress was caused by the unknown and that we didn’t know if we were going into lockdown or not and worrying about our future.

Josiah Davies, 7R.

 My year at CCG has been crazy and exciting. I came into the school barely knowing anyone however this year was great, I made new friends and kept some of my good friendships. The first day was nerve-racking but I stayed around the people I knew and got used to the school. The first week was all about getting to know each other and making new friends. After the first week it got real. I felt what high school was like and knew the struggles of it. I didn’t take it too seriously and I regret that because good grades are what everyone should be aiming towards. I was lucky to have such good teachers around me and supporting me through the first two terms. It was the first time I’d ever heard of some of the subjects at the school such as: Humanities, Self Direction, Digitech and of course our electives. Our electives were some of the most enjoyable things I’ve done. My electives this year were: Systems Engineering, Media Arts and Interschool Sports for both semesters. Systems is about making a robot and getting to code and customize it however you want. There was also an optional competition you could go into. Media Arts is about learning media and other tech related things. During this we have edited videos, made our own mini movie, and did a movie review. For Interschool Sport I did three different sports; Hockey, Table Tennis and Cricket. I have enjoyed everything about this school and am so grateful that my parents chose to send me here for my first year of high school.

Cooper Monk, 7M.

 Year 7 has been an interesting experience for me. Going to a new school and making new friends was a challenge but everyone was so welcoming and made everything so much easier.  They made sure I knew what I was doing and helped me when I was struggling. I have really enjoyed all the opportunities I have been given and I’m really looking forward to next year!

Brianna Anderson, 7Y.

Something I enjoyed this year was learning Japanese. I liked not only learning about the culture but I also enjoyed the challenge of learning all the words in the Japanese alphabet. I liked the different ways of learning and getting introduced to Japanese culture. One thing that was challenging for me was being organized for my Food Tech class every week. I found it hard to remember to pack my things before hand and not last minute. Being organized is something that I have become better at this term.

Alina Cao, 7R.

In 2021 as I’m sure you know, we went through a lot of lockdowns. At Christian College we overcame the obstacle of remote learning together. A huge challenge for me was schooling from home and getting on top of all my work at home. Motivation ran dry when schooling from home, as I’m sure some of you would agree on, and it was strange handing in all my assessments digitally. When we came out of lockdown, I felt proud of myself for getting all my work done even though the temptation of playing a game on my computer or going outside was right there at my fingertips.

Spencer Barnes, 7B.

During the year, it was really a roller coaster, with going to school, getting told put on your mask, then being finally able to take our masks off, then the next day we have Mr Brewster telling us that Dan Andrews has just announced we will be going into lockdown. At first it was like “Oh no lockdown again?” Then it was like we all just expected it. I didn’t mind remote learning, because instead of getting up at 6:30 every morning, I was able to stay asleep until probably nearly 8:30, and even be able to do my first class in my Pyjamas. Every Friday the Year 7’s would do Fun Food Friday, which was always a joy to do, after a week of watching the cases and doing work, we just get half an hour to come together and just bake food!

Madison Meara, 7B.

2021 has been a crazy rollercoaster. We have had the highs of returning to school and the lows of continuously returning to lockdown. We are approaching two years living with Covid-19. That’s two years of being in Home Learning, two years of wearing masks, two years of anything but normal. Being in and out of lockdown has been challenging. I enjoyed home learning though because I could learn from the comfort of my own home. But home doesn’t have our amazing friends, and teachers in 3D. Thank you to our teachers for all the support you have given us throughout home learning. As the year is coming to an end, I look forward to moving into a new year with new experiences. 2021 has been a complicated and sometimes scary ride but moving forward into the new year we can hope to get back into our normal routine at Christian College.

Alyssa Booth, 7M.

Renee Garing,

Year Level Coordinator – Year 7

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A MYTERN Thought for the Week

When your life outside feels unstable…it’s ok.

Just stop for a moment and take control of what is on the inside.

Take a few deep breaths, look at a flower, watch a bird or a cloud. Listen to music.

Take control of what you can, knowing that no road lasts forever.

All will be well 👍😘