What’s Happening at Middle School

Week 2, Monday 11 October 2021

Mon 11 Oct – Fri 15 Oct – Year 7 onsite learning

Tues 12 Oct – Wed 13 Oct – Years 8 & 9 onsite Learning

Thurs 14 Oct – Fri 15 Oct – Years 5 & 6 onsite Learning

Week 3, Monday 18 October 2021

Mon 18 Oct – Fri 22 Oct – Year 7 onsite learning

Mon 18 Oct – Year 7 Gardasil Immunisations

Tues 19 Oct – Wed 20 Oct – Years 8 & 9 onsite Learning

Thurs 21 Oct – Fri 22 Oct – Years 5 & 6 onsite Learning

This I Believe

As I write to our Middle School – Highton community this afternoon, I am full of optimism at the good things we have to look forward to. We staff are so excited to be welcoming all students back on to the campus next week, beginning with the Year 7s on Monday morning. I’m looking forward to upcoming camps, a return to Back Creek Farm, Science experiments, sports, music, arts, language learning, and so much more. I’m looking forward to the giggles and shouts in the school yard, to the fist pumps and ‘ah-ha’ moments as young learners grasp a new concept or conceive a new idea. I’m looking forward to our staff saying “line up kids”, “tuck your shirts in boys”, “put your hats on girls” and “it’s great to have you back”, all of which of course is another way of saying “you are loved, you are valued, you belong, and you are a child of God”.

This latest lockdown and period of Continuous Learning @ Home has been a tough one, stretching back to mid-Term 3. Online lessons can be overwhelming, the days can seem to blur into each other, and it’s safe to say we all miss our families, friends, colleagues and classmates. Furthermore, school is only one part of our lives. Across our wider society, there is disconnect, division, fear and hurt. It can be easy, natural even, to focus on the negatives, on our own opinions, on difference. Or, we can choose to focus on the positives, on gratitude, and on that which we appreciate in each other. If you are reading this, you are a critical member of the CCG family, a 41 year old community with a reputation of inclusivity, care, acceptance, integrity, wisdom, strength, gentleness, and of love. I encourage you to seek comfort in, and be proud of that.

It goes without saying that we continue to move through challenging, unsettling and uncertain times. Perhaps it is within these most challenging of times, that the best in each of us is called for. I believe that this is a pivotal time that I will look back on throughout my life, and I’m committing to being able to look back with pride and contentment.

Go gently everyone, see you soon

Blood Cancer Awareness Month – a personal story

In September, awareness is raised about the various forms of blood cancer, such as Hodgkins Lymphoma  and Leukaemia, that affect thousands of Australians and their families each year. Hannah Cunningham, of 9H, shared her family’s story with us.

“Last year my older sister, Paige Cunningham, was diagnosed with stage 2A Hodgkin Lymphoma, on the 30th of September 2020. She went through surgery, and 4-6 months of chemotherapy. Paige lost her hair within 10 days of starting Chemotherapy and said that, “it was harder than knowing I had cancer.” She was lucky enough to graduate from her 2020 class.

Chemotherapy was extremely damaging to Paige and she was very lucky to be able to get away for Christmas and spend it with family in Yarrawonga. Her immune system was so fragile, that she was told that she wouldn’t be able to leave the house or she would be stuck in a hospital bed. On the 17th of January 2021 , Paige was declared cancer free and put into remission.”

We were so very grateful to Hannah for the grace and maturity with which she told this story, and shared the facts about blood cancers. Teachers and students alike were moved by Paige’s story, and some students shared their own stories of how cancer has impacted their lives.

Every two hours in Australia a person is diagnosed, and four Australians die from Hodgkins Lymphoma every day (it takes the same amount of lives each year as skin cancer). It is the sixth most common cancer in adults and the third most common in paediatric, and in the age of group of 15-29 years.

Hannah also shared links to some support organisations, such as CanTeen, whic specifically deal with and help teenagers impacted by cancer personally, or in their lives.

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