What’s Happening at Middle School

Week 6, Monday 7th February 2022

Mon 7th Mar – Rural 2 (BG) girls commence

Tues 8th Mar – Marine Studies Snorkelling Prac

Wed 9th Mar – Y 9 Food Studies Pop – up Snack Bar

Wed 9th Mar – Project Care event – Offspring Day

Thurs 10th Mar – Year 5 Parent Cuppa Morning

Fri 11th Mar – Leaders Investiture and Service of Dedication

Week 6, Monday 7th February 2022

Mon 14th Mar – Labour Day Holiday

Tues 15th Mar – House Swimming Carnival

Wed 16th Mar – GISSA Swimming & Diving Championships

Raising the Tide – Special Occasions at Middle School

When the tide goes out in a harbour, all the boats, no matter their size, stature, state or prowess get a little bit closer to the seabed. If the tide was to go all the way out all of these boats would be keeled over on the seabed, no longer floating, not really functioning according to their design and a bit worse for wear. The beautiful thing about this scenario is that the work of righting these boats need not happen one at a time, instead when the tide comes in again every boat will float, every boat will be uplifted.

A global pandemic and all the fatigue and frustration COVID 19 and its restrictions have incurred, an escalating military conflict in Europe, the middle of term struggles and all the normal challenges of taking care of ourselves – it is easy to feel that these things have taken the tide all the way out from under us.

Something that can help bring the tide in again is to practise marking and celebrating the special occasions that are scattered throughout the year. By holding ourselves and each other in these rhythms of significance we are able to keep the tide of what is meaningful coming and going beneath us and so remain upright and moving in a good direction.

This week Middle School, along with many other schools, families and communities around the world celebrated the beginning of Lent. Lent is the six or so weeks prior to Easter that allows people to prepare to celebrate Easter and the love, presence and work of Jesus Christ in our lives, families and communities. Lent is proceeded by Shrove Tuesday, a day for pancakes and discussion around what this period of preparation might look like and begins the following day on Ash Wednesday when we acknowledge that regardless of how Lent goes, whether we succeed in preparing well or struggle to prepare well God has already declared that we are good and God loves us.

To celebrate and participate in this Middle School staff shared a pancake morning tea and received an Ash Wednesday blessing. Many here at Middle school are participating in Lent by taking some form of intentional action. This could be trying to abstain from something they normally do for 40 days or to add something into their day that they don’t normally do for 40 days. In this way, by being intentional for 40 days we mirror and imitate Jesus’s intentional choices involved in His choices to live and die for us. Jesus lived very intentionally with us in mind. Lent helps to grow our ability to also live intentionally, not compulsively or sporadically, not addictively or meaninglessly but to live intentionally towards what we believe is good, true and beautiful. This kind of intentional living is very difficult for us to do. This is why we take the opportunity every year to practise living intentionally and in so doing we mature a little from year to year as we reflect on our experiences. When Lent finishes with the celebration of Easter we celebrate the gift God has given us, of our free will that we can use in the service of others, in the receiving of God’s love and of our most whole and integrated life.

Perhaps you could consider, as an individual or as a family what kind of intentional action you could take for 40 days. I wonder what you may learn and come to understand about yourself or each other if you were to live intentionally in one way or another for 40 days? How could this practice change your experience and appreciation of Jesus’s intentional life and choices that He made with you in mind?

We can, if we choose to, increase the meaning and meaning making in our lives, families and schools–  this becomes a tide that world events cannot externally take from us as so much of our meaning-making is an internal reality created via external means – like birthday cakes, pancakes, intentional fasting, family gatherings etc. Lent is a meaning-making season, I invite you to raise the tide with me and get involved.

Mia Kafieris,


Year 5’s Learning about the Season of Lent

This week the Year 5 students have been immersed in the beginning of Lent. They have reflected on their understanding of what Lent really means and its importance in fostering a strong relationship with God. The students have explored different ways of participating in Lent, such as making an intentional effort to speak to God, going out of their way to speak to others each day, giving up time on devices to create space for calm and reflection.

On Tuesday the students focused on Shrove Tuesday and the history behind this significant day in the Christian calendar. The traditional feast to mark the day before the start of Lent which is Ash Wednesday. The students received pancakes and a message from Mia, our chaplain, to signify the feast before Lent. It was lovely to see the students enjoying pancakes together and having time to reflect before the commencement of Lent.

Natasha Troop,

Year Level Coordinator – Year 5

Terima kasih, Bapak dan Ibu Hall

Thank you, Mr and Ms Hall

Recently, CCG Indonesian Language program received a generous donation from Fiona and Greg Hall, a class set of Indonesian traditional musical instruments called Angklung. Fiona has been a music teacher for 15 years, mainly at Mooroolbark East Primary School. Her interest in Indonesian culture started when she travelled to Indonesia as a Year 12 student. Since then, the love of Indonesia has developed and cultivated within her. As Fiona is retiring this year, she searched for a new home for these preloved sets of Angklung. CCG was incredibly grateful to receive and make use of them, knowing that they will provide significant enrichment and benefit to the learning and experiences of CCG students, not only here at our Highton Campus but also across our Bellarine and Senior Campuses. We sincerely thank Fiona and Greg for their generosity.

The Angklung is a musical instrument from the Sundanese (ethnic group in West Java) in Indonesia. It is made of various bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame. A master craftsperson carefully carves the tubes to produce specific notes when the bamboo frame is shaken or tapped. This musical instrument has been played by the Sundanese for centuries and has been part of the cultural identity of Sundanese communities. Usually, Angklung is played during the rice planting and harvesting ceremonies. By nature, Angklung is played as an orchestra. Thus, it requires cooperation and coordination and is believed to promote the values of teamwork, mutual respect, and social harmony.

This week, students of Year 9 Indonesian were given the opportunity to play for their very first time. Although they felt hesitant at the start of the lesson, they soon became familiar and comfortable to play the instrument, and they played harmoniously as a class. They practised by playing the song, Twinkle twinkle little star, Happy birthday, and Row row row your boat. You can watch their practice in this video.

Middle School Library

The Middle School library is a special place for so many reasons: this week the Year 7s acknowledged that Middle School is situated on Wadawurrung country. They researched Wadawurrung local language and culture and demonstrated their understandings in a one pager poster. Students also had the opportunity to read Aunty Joy Murphy’s beautiful text, Welcome To Country to further develop their knowledge.

The Year 5 and 6s continue to focus on their reading. They have been building their reading stamina during Reading for Pleasure sessions as a whole class to see how long they can read for. Each week a new time is plotted on a class chart to monitor their progress. Most classes are now up to 20 minutes, a great achievement at the start of the year.

New books are coming in thick and fast. The two most popular titles at the moment are Heart Stopper and Wings of Fire, our magazines are also always a hit, with Wheels and Dirt Bikes being the two front runners.

Many students are also using ePlatform, by Wheelers to access digital and audio books. But by far, the most exciting new book we now have in our collection has been donated by Mia Murphy, a Year 9 student from the  Transformation program. She has written a magnificent book targeted at adolescents to promote body positivity. We are very proud to have this on display and welcome opportunities for discussions around this important issue.

Jaki Groves,

Head of Library – Middle School

Deakin District Sport

We have had a big week of sport in Year 5 and 6 with students representing the school in a Tennis Championship and our annual Summer Sport Lightning Carnival.

On Thursday the 24th February four Highton students headed to The Geelong College to compete in the Deakin District Tennis Tournament against five other schools.

Hayden Cox, Joshua Lee, Ryan King and Arabella Grills represented our school with a great level of skill and superb sportsmanship.

Hayden and Joshua both made the boys finals playing some terrific hard tennis and just missed out in the semi finals.

Congratulations to all students on their efforts and enthusiasm on the day.

Deakin District Summer Lightning Carnival

Our Christian College Highton Year 5 and 6 students travelled to the Geelong College to play the five other schools of our district in the following sports: Cricket, Tball, Swimming Games, Volleyball, Dodgeball and Hot Shots Tennis.

It was a warm day but I’m sure all students enjoyed the competition and the camaraderie with other teams as well as learning some new skills. We look forward to our winter sport Round Robin competition in Term 2 and playing more competitive games.

Many thanks to our staff and sports assistance in preparing our teams for this day.


Community Service

Well, what a start it has been to the Year 8 Community Service Unit. Students have been researching local charities and finding where they can contribute to our local community.

Part of the process has been them phoning up local charities to see if any were interested in them making and dropping off meals for people who are homeless.

After interest for food donations from some charities, the students have been busy making spaghetti bolognaise and fried rice in the food technology room.

Today culminated in them visiting the local charity Outpost to drop off the prepared food and experience what it is like to be homeless.

Students also commented on what they had enjoyed or liked so far this term in community service. Below are some of these.

Ivy: I think it made me feel really good about myself because I’ve been helping the community.

Maeve: Doing community service has made me more passionate about helping out in the community.

Emma: It made me feel good that I am able to help people who have less than me.

Winnie: Helping people makes me feel like I’m part of their community and it fills all of our hearts.

Ellowyn: Doing community service has made me feel good and happy because I’m helping the community.

Abbey: it makes me understand how privileged I am in my life.

Izzy: It is really eye opening and makes me feel like I’m making a difference.

In the coming weeks students will continue to visit other charities like One Care and participate in their food bank program.

Project Care Day for Offspring

Next week, students will participate in our first Project Care event of the year. The first organisation that we will be supporting is the Offspring Project which is based in Kolkata, India. This is a charity which the school has supported for a number of years and is led by a past Christian College staff member, Kristi Davidson.  

The Project Care and General Prefects have two goals in mind next week;

  • Raise awareness around the growing issue of human trafficking
  • Raise funds for Offspring. Some information has already been shared with the students about the work of this organisation.

Students in each homeroom are being invited to bring a donation on Wednesday 9th March, which will support the work of Offspring. We suggest a $2 donation be brought by each student at the start of the day where it will be collected by their Project Care representatives, with the support of the Homeroom Teachers. Homerooms may have already discussed a target that they, as a class, are working towards and there will be a small prize for a homeroom in 5/6 and one homeroom from 7-9 who raise the most money. 

Thank you for your support of Offspring.

Victoria Corkin,

Classroom Teacher

Swimming Carnival

We are looking forward to our Swimming Carnival which will be held in Week 7 of this term. Please read the attachments carefully so you have the information you need prior to the day. Please know that times on the program are approximate.

Parents and guardians are warmly invited to attend this event. To help ensure as COVID-safe an environment as possible, families will be asked to remain in an allocated area throughout the day, rather than mingle amongst the student group. Visitors will also be asked to show a vaccination certificate upon arrival at the pool.

Any further questions you can contact Miss Dietrich.


Highton Swimming Carnival Information:
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2022 Swimming Carnival Program:
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Brittany Dietrich,

Classroom Teacher

2022 CCG Surfing Championships ‘Scott Elliss Trophy’

The CCG Surfing Championships were contested earlier this week where the prestigious ‘Scott Elliss Trophy’ was up for grabs for students from the Bellarine, Middle School Highton and Senior School Campuses.

The choppy two-foot conditions did not deter what was our biggest field of competitors ever (34 participants) from Year 6 to Year 12 from making the most of what Jan Juc had to offer.

Excellent surfing took place, with some exciting new talent joining CCG in the last 12 months.

This included our biggest female contingent ever, which is exciting for the future of surfing at CCG, especially as we prepare for the GISSA surfing comp on the 30th of March where we will hopefully enter two teams.

The Under 16 Boys surfed well all day, with many of the heats closely contested.

Final Results:

1st – Jack Lindsay

2nd – Tanner Maddock

3rd – Eddy Martin

4th – Ryan Tolley

5th – Sam Callahan

We welcomed several new faces to the female line up this year, which allowed for two semi finals to take place before the final later in the day.

At the end of the day, the experience of Imogen Castle shone through, riding a couple of nice waves to win narrowly over Ava Abetz in the Final.

Final Results:

1st – Imogen Castle

2nd – Ava Abetz

3rd – Heidi Abetz

4th – Ellie Morgan

The Open Boys was the biggest Division of the day, with 19 entrants competing for a coveted spot on the Scott Elliss Shield.

The Open Boys made the average surf look quite good, with both Remi Currell and Taz Higgins ripping into some powerful turns in each of their heats.

The smooth style and drawn-out turns of Reuben Keeble were also rewarded with a spot in the Final.

Harvey Graham surfed consistently all day and applied pressure to the other surfers in his Heats.

Final Results:

1st – Taz Higgins

2nd – Remi Currell

3rd – Harvey Graham

4th – Reuben Keeble

5th Jonti Wylie

6th Beau Waters

I would like to thank all the students who surfed in the competition and enjoyed a day out. You all participated with great spirit and respect towards each other.

I would also like to thank the staff who ensured the event ran smoothly and kept the students safe throughout the day.

We look forward to more surfing events in the future.

Steve Sullivan,

Head Coach – CCG Eagles Surfing

Chair’s Lunch

Join the Chair of the Foundation Board for lunch as we celebrate the significance of Easter and learn more about the work of the Foundation.

All funds raised from this event will be allocated to our Scholarship Fund supporting current students who need financial assistance.

Book online today at www.ccgfoundation.org.au/chairslunch

For all enquiries, please contact Jennifer Freind via j.freind@ccg.vic.edu.au.

A MYTERN Thought for This Week

Sometimes we spend so much time on busy roads that we start to feel uncomfortable when we drive alone.

Take a moment today to be still and silent. Look at and listen to the nature around you. Feel that connection.

 Know that you are never really alone 😊