Upcoming Events at Junior School

Week 9 – Monday November 29th

Monday November 29th – Year 4 Live Wire Park Excursion
Tuesday November 30th – Junior School Activities Day (details to follow)
Wednesday 1st December – Year 3 Live Wire Park Excursion
Friday December 3rd – Junior School Christmas Service
Friday December 3rd – Canteen is open Recess & Lunch
Friday December 3rd – End of School Term, 2:30pm Dismissal

Operation Christmas Child

What a flurry of donations we have seen coming through our classroom doors over the past couple of weeks to help support Operation Christmas Child. Items of clothing, toys, toothbrushes and soap and so many toys and school supplies!

A massive thanks to all the students and their families for your wonderful donations towards this cause. Our Year 4 students enjoyed sorting and packing the shoeboxes and we had many extras so have donated them locally to families and communities in need.

We are looking forward to making this even bigger next year, so start saving your shoeboxes! 😊


Prep Assembly Item

Today Junior School were treated to the very first assembly item presented by our Prep students.  Students were clearly very focussed on their movements and song in rehearsal and their performance about rainbows was enjoyable for all.

Well done Preps!

Roll Up! Roll Up! Year 4 Holds the Annual Side Show Alley!

On Friday, the Year 4 students held the much-anticipated Side Show Alley. This event is organised and run by Year 4 students each year, usually on Geelong Show Day. Over the past few weeks, students have been working collaboratively to create and organise their ‘stall’ and design posters to entice and engage customers. Like most shops during COVID times, we moved towards a ‘cashless’ system this year where each customer had a credit-card to pay for their involvement. The Year 4 students had to document and then calculate how much money their stall made on the day.  As part of Side Show Alley, Junior School students attended a petting zoo which added to the fun.

“It’s really fun and you get to participate in things like a fair.” -Milly 4R

“Side Show Alley is a great day to have fun with your friends.” -Alfie 4R

“It’s a great time. I got a tattoo and I won bubbles at the Magic Mystery Box stall” -Violet 3B

“I did Limbo Lucky Dip, Pop Race and the Magic Mystery Box. I really liked Limbo. It was hard but I made it.” –Besa 3B

Year 1 Celebration Day!

On Wednesday, the Year 1 students had a wonderful day celebrating what has been a great year.

We started off the day with a brilliant magic show performed by Dazzling Dan. Many tricks amazed us, with a particular favourite being the ‘shrinking’ tricks.

Each class then participated in a magic workshop where we learnt how to make a hermit crab disappear! We may have some budding magicians on our hands in the future.

After our magic workshops we received mystery craft bags which were provided by Geelong’s very own Urban Upcycle. Some creations included buildings, cars, monsters, and nativity scenes.

For lunch we had pizza and icy poles which we enjoyed together in the sunshine. This was a highlight for many children.

To top off a wonderful day, we watched a movie and ate popcorn. It was a busy day with lots of laughter and fun.

The Big Christmas Investigation

There was much excitement when a special package arrived in 2B on Monday. It was bright red, freezing cold and according to Mrs Begg (who brought it to us), it was delivered by a man of small stature with a jingly hat and shoes, driving a red refrigerated van with a large snowflake painted on the side. When we opened the mysterious package, we discovered an Elf inside! We examined the postage details and it turns out that it had come all the way from the North Pole. Our classroom Elf’s name is Jingles and each morning it is clear she has been up to mischief as we find her in all sorts of weird spots. Jingles’ arrival prompted the beginning of our Christmas investigations into how people around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus. We have been very interested in the varied traditions from all over the world, as each day we travel to a new country with our ‘Christmas Airline’ passport. We have continued with our Christmas theme during our writing sessions and have been researching all about reindeer. These creatures have many adaptations that help them to live in some challenging conditions. Keep reading to find out some amazing Christmas facts from the students in 2B…

Mitch: Reindeer can walk through blizzards. A baby reindeer can walk an hour after it is born and by the end of its first day can run faster than an Olympic sprinter.

Isabelle: Female reindeer lose their antlers in summer and male reindeer lose theirs in winter. This means that Santa’s sleigh team are all GIRLS!

Raafay: The Golden Eagle is a predator that hunts baby reindeer that are called calves. Also, the larger herds are mainly made up of females and their calves. The male reindeer join the herd in September and stay until the calves are born and then are solitary for most the year.

Henry: Did you know that reindeer can swim? One of the oldest carvings in the British Museum is on a mammoth tusk and shows two reindeer swimming.

Feivel: Did you know that reindeer have a double layer of fur to keep them warm. The fur is such a good insulator that if they lay on the snow the snow doesn’t melt.

Jagger: Their knees and hooves make a clicking noise when they walk so that even in snowstorms they can stay together. Also, their hooves are fluffy to help them to not sink in the snow.

Judah: Reindeer can trap air in their fur and this helps to keep them warm when it is freezing cold!

Ebony: Reindeer are the only large mammal that can eat reindeer moss. This is because they have a special digestive system that can break it down.

Brydie: Reindeer can warm air in their nose when they breathe so that no cold air gets into their lungs!


On the last day of term Friday 3rd December the canteen will be open at recess and lunch as usual.
Lunch orders to be placed through the online system.

Thank you to the parents who have been able to support the canteen with their time this year. It is greatly appreciated.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday break.

Thank you

Heather Smith,

Canteen Manager

A MYTERN Thought for This Week

In this busy time of the year, there will be moments when you feel as though you are driving along a rough road surrounded by high hedges…blocking your view and making you feel that there is no exit or end in sight.Don’t despair.Just slow down…breathe…and be confident in knowing that you are improving your driving skills.Remember…no road lasts forever 😉😊