Upcoming Events at Junior School

Week 8 – Monday November 22nd
Thursday November 25th – Junior School Celebration Evening Recording (details to follow)
Thursday November 25th  – Year 4 Graduation Recording
Friday November 26th – Sideshow Alley – Year 4
Friday November 26th – Assembly, Prep Item

Week 9 – Monday November 29th
Monday November 29th – Year 4 Live Wire Park Excursion
Tuesday November 30th – Junior School Activities Day (details to follow)
Wednesday 1st December – Year 3 Live Wire Park Excursion
Friday December 3rd – Junior School Christmas Service
Friday December 3rd – End of School Term, 2:30pm Dismissal

From the Head of Junior School

As we look ahead over the next couple of weeks at Junior School we are focusing on all things ‘Celebration’.

On Tuesday this week we were able to celebrate an Orientation Day with current students and, after school hours, had the opportunity to welcome our 2022 Preps with their transition sessions. Whilst our Year 4 students could not physically visit the Middle School building on this day, they were visited by Year 5 Middle School staff and spent some time in their 2022 class groups. Students felt a mix of excitement and apprehension that goes hand in hand with change however were encouraged by the message that although the new year will bring about change in their lives, they have the choice to either resist or embrace the possibilities. As part of our teaching and learning culture we encourage a growth mindset, a concept born out of the research by Carol Dweck. Having this mindset enables us to know that despite the challenge of change, we ‘can’. In the words of the famous Walt Disney “Around here we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Mrs Dunlop, with the assistance of Mr Horman and all staff and students at Junior School, has been working hard over the past few weeks to create our special Celebration evening video for families and students to share on the evening of Thursday the 2nd of December 2021 via a video link. The evening will feature performances by all students and staff in the musical ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ originally written by Tim Rice with music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and adapted for our Junior School.

We will also have the opportunity to celebrate our Year 4 students as they graduate from our Junior School and begin their Middle School adventure. Originally planned to be held in the Sports and Aquatic Centre at Middle School, we now can record the graduation service at the beautiful R.W. Gibson Music Centre at our Senior School on Thursday the 25th of November. This event will also be recorded and made available to families via video link on Thursday the 2nd of December. Further information for Year 4 families will be made available closer to the 25th of November.

Celebrations continue to abound with the running of side show alley by our Year 4 students, the Prep Day Camp today, Year 3 and 4 visits to Livewire Park and our Junior School Activities Day to be held on Tuesday the 30th of November (details will be made available to families via EdSmarts). We recognise that the landscape of COVID means that at any given moment our celebrations may be subject to change, however with the words of Walt Disney in mind we have hope in our heart to look forward not backwards.

Prep Camp

The Prep children excitedly jumped onto the bus on Friday morning ready for their camp adventure! Lots of chatter filled the drive as we headed to Yeodene Tree Adventure Park. Once there, the children enjoyed a quick snack before jumping straight into their training to put on a harness and venture around the thrilling aerial activities. The children were able to cross ropes courses and go along flying foxes in a beautiful natural environment filled with amazing birds and wildlife.

After our adventure at Yeodene we headed to the Colac Botanical Gardens to explore the playground and the beautiful surrounds. We all enjoyed our lunch and a play before jumping back on the bus to return to school for yet more adventures.

Dazzling Dan the magic man was waiting for us when we arrived back at school and he sure did dazzle us with his magical tricks. The children were in awe of his magic and eagerly clapped and joined in the experience.

Our appetites by this time were enormous and we couldn’t wait to enjoy our dinner followed by a movie and popcorn, of course.

The Prep children all thoroughly enjoyed their first camp experience and we are sure they will sleep well tonight, as will the teachers!

Year 1 – ‘Let There be Light’

This term the Year 1 students have been learning about light and sound as a part of their Integrated Studies Unit. We have discovered all the different manmade and natural sources of light and just how important light is for us! Children have also loved exploring the different vibrations and frequencies of sound.

We dived further into our topic of light by discussing translucent, transparent and opaque objects and how much, if any, light can shine through them.

Students were excited to complete their predictions of various objects and materials as to whether all, some or no light would shine through. Students were then able to test their predictions by using torches and the bright light shining in from the window to discover which objects were translucent, transparent or opaque.

Great job Year 1!

I Used to Think…Now I Think – Year 4

The Year 4s have been focusing on using our thinking routines to deepen our understanding of the world around us. We have been looking at animal ecosystems and the important role different living organisms have to create certain ecosystems. When we explored this further, we came up with the big question, ‘What is the purpose of prey and predators in the ecosystem?’ This prompted a lot of discussion about which animals are more important and why, the causes and effects of natural phenomena such as drought and flood and the impact on ecosystems when animals or plants are removed. 4G explored these questions using various thinking routines, using them to help us unpack these thoughts and discover the answers. An important thinking routine we use regularly is, ‘I used to think, now I think’. This helps us reflect on past ideas, thoughts, see growth and how answers can develop and evolve as we explore. It has been fantastic to see the Year 4s reflecting using these thinking routines and develop their own perceptions about the purpose of different living things.

Hoop Time

Today 53 children from Junior School, Years 3 and 4 participated in a cross-campus ‘Basketball Extravaganza’ at AWA stadium in Belmont.

The children played against their friends and made new relationships with children from the
Bellarine and Surf Coast campuses. It was great to see great sportsmanship and healthy competition throughout the day.

It’s been a great day to meet new friends and play basketball all day.’Occy 3B

‘It has been an exciting day to be able to represent Junior School. I have had so much fun.’ – Arabella G 4B

‘It’s been the best because we get to compete against our friends that we may know. It’s great to also meet new people too.’Nevaeh 4R

‘It’s been amazing to play basketball all day long and be able to spend the day with my friends.’Lucas O

The spirited competition ended on a high, with Junior School coming out on top. Thank you to all staff involved and I congratulate every child who played today. Your encouragement and support of one another is to be commended.

Liza Lambert,

Junior School Sports Coordinator

Lost Property

We have many unnamed items of clothing, containers, drink bottles and lunchboxes.

If your child is missing any of these items, please come in and check in the lost property cupboard at Reception.


Sophie Olden,

Student Services

Update on the new Christian College Wardrobe

The uniform review team have been grateful for the email responses, questions and suggestions received in response to the launch of the new College wardrobe. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we have also been able to address a number of parent requests, based on the feedback received.

As a result of the responses and feedback from students and staff, the College Executive and leadership have confirmed that students will be permitted to select items from the full range of the new wardrobe on a daily basis, as well as for formal occasions, such as School Photos and Celebration Evenings etc.

The College blazer will be still be required for all students in Years 5-12 as the outer garment, and students from Prep-Year 4 will be required to wear their choice of knitwear (jumper, cardigan or vest). The anorak can be worn as the outer garment for Junior School students, along with the item of knitwear.

The details of the updates have been added to the FAQs on the ‘Our new mix and match wardrobe’ page on our College website, along with some updated story-boards. You can access the updates here.

We are pleased that some garments have arrived in the uniform shop and others are well into production. A delay in the manufacturing of the dresses has been addressed by the manufacturer by sourcing a Geelong based company to produce these items. We now remain hopeful that we will have a full range available in January, as previously expected.

A MYTERN Thought for the Week

If you find yourself alone on the road, it doesn’t mean you are going in the “wrong” direction, or that you have made the “wrong” decision.It just means that you are expanding YOUR map and not just settling for the roads of others.This is your unique journey, so embrace it 👍😊