From the Vice Principal

Resumption of activities

Over the past two weeks, the COVID-19 Operational Guidelines for schools have relaxed somewhat, allowing us to re-engage with a variety of activities across our campuses, which have been welcomed by staff and students alike. It has been fabulous to see our Year 9 girls return to Back Creek Farm, the Year 8 GEOS Camps and Senior Outdoor and Environmental Studies Camps providing a much-needed time for students to learn in the outdoors and enjoy building relationships with each other. These are pivotal experiences for our young people, creating lasting memories, but also rich multi-disciplinary learning opportunities. However, more importantly, after spending so much time at home in lockdown, it has been valuable for our young people to be active in the outdoors, away from technology and appreciating the peace and quiet of nature. The benefits of re-connecting socially within peer groups has also been the cornerstone of these rich outdoor experiences.

Along with camps, various sporting pursuits have also recommenced in recent weeks, as have learning experiences for enrichment and enhancement, music ensembles have been rehearsing and we are beginning to find our rhythm and return to some semblance of normality with all students being on-site at each of campuses. The hustle and bustle of life on campus has been a joy to both observe and experience; it is palpable, as the students really are the heartbeat of our College.


End of Year events

As we traverse Term 4, we also cast an eye forward to a variety of upcoming major events. As in 2020, it has been incredibly challenging to activate our planning and make firm decisions regarding major events, due to the COVID-19 guidelines within which schools must comply. As a general rule, we are able to facilitate activities and events involving only students and staff, however, the moment we wish to introduce parents, visitors, or outside guests, the guidelines change significantly. Therefore, we have made the decision to deliver the vast majority of our end of year events for 2021 via video links, allowing you to watch them collectively as a family in the comfort of your own homes. We have commenced filming a variety of segments around our campuses that will contribute to various compilations. All families will receive the ‘link’ to view each video on the launch date. The first release will be our virtual Art, Technology and Design Festival, showcasing the amazing creative works from our students in Kinder through to Year 12. The festival will be launched to families on 19 November – see the article in this week’s Vine, with further details to come next week. Our annual Celebration Evenings for each of our College campuses will also be captured on video and shared with families in the final weeks of term.

We are pleased that our Year 12 students will have the opportunity to attend a ‘live’ Graduation Service with their peers, Senior School Staff and a limited number of guests. This event is scheduled for Sunday 21st November, outdoors, at the Geelong Racecourse. The grit and resilience of our Year 12s to maintain their focus and resolve throughout two years of COVID-interrupted studies, has simply been outstanding. We are looking forward to celebrating our Year 12 cohort and I encourage you to keep them in your prayers as they complete their final exams next week.


Choosing joy

In the midst of uncertainty and challenging times, I am reminded that we can choose joy. To choose joy does not mean to choose happy feelings or an artificial atmosphere of hilarity. But it does mean the determination to let whatever takes place, bring us one step closer to the God of life. When you hope, be joyful. When you suffer, be patient. When you pray, be faithful. Romans 12:12 (NIRV)


Scott Elliss

Vice Principal



Upcoming Events at Junior School

Week 7 – Monday November 15th
Monday November 15th – Prep Health Nurse visit, (please refer to Edsmart notification for details)
Tuesday November 16th – Prep Health Nurse visit
Tuesday November 16th – Prep Transition Evening Session 1
Tuesday November 16th – Junior School Orientation Day, 2022 Year 1 – 4
Thursday November 18th – Prep Transition Evening Session 2
Friday November 19th – Prep Day Camp, (please refer to Edsmart notification for details)

Week 8 – Monday November 22nd
Thursday November 25th – Junior School Celebration Evening Recording (details to follow)
Friday November 26th – Sideshow Alley – Year 4
Friday November 26th – Assembly, Prep Item

Week 9 – Monday November 29th
Tuesday November 30th – Junior School Activities Day (details to follow)
Friday December 3rd – Junior School Christmas Service
Friday December 3rd – End of School Term, 2:30pm Dismissal

Rainbows Walkathon

The school was a flurry of colour as all the year levels dressed as one big rainbow today! It was lovely to see everyone so colourful, especially seeing as the weather was not! Lots of bright smiles have filled the hallways as the rainbow flowed through the school. It was a special day to remember our friends in East Timor, to raise money for them after the effects of the pandemic and remember how fortunate we are to be able to give.

2 Corinthians 9:6-8 NIV
Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the day, when we give with an open heart, our eyes are opened to the joy and colour it can bring to other lives. And what a colourful school we have indeed!


Year 4 Incursion – Wild Action Zoo!

In this one-hour interactive workshop presented by animal enthusiasts Jamie and Jackson from Wild Action Zoo, our Year 4 students were introduced to some fascinating life cycles, behavioural qualities and physical features of many Australian animal species, which enhance their survival in the wild. Jamie showed and described many unique animal species including echidnas, diamond pythons, shingle back lizards, mountain pygmy possums, giant burrowing cockroaches, salt-water crocodiles, koalas and Port Jackson sharks. Yes, there was a shark in the Junior School gym! This workshop was a great way to reinforce and consolidate the concepts covered within our Integrated Studies unit – ‘Friend or Foe’. The students were enthralled with the presentation and had real opportunities to hold and touch the animals during the interactive workshop (please note – the saltwater crocodile was always muzzled).
So inspiring was the incursion, many of our Year 4 students are looking at Zoology as a future career choice.



Term4 Year 4 Japanese

Year 4 students have been working on the Japanese unit of work ‘Neko chan to Sakana san’ (The cat and the fish) this term. This unit provides students an opportunity to consolidate their vocabulary and grammar they have learnt over the past four years and to apply them to comprehending more complex sentences. With the audio and visual cues, students identified the key sentences and started to read the story written in hiragana without Roma-ji captions. After practice by repeating after the teacher’s model, students read out the story with correct pronunciation and intonation. Students also enjoyed learning some kanji in this story. They learnt not only how to write them but also that many kanji are pictograms which represent meaning.

Yukiko Valent,

Year 4 Japanese Teacher

Putting Bike Ed Skills Into Action in Year 4 and Year 1 Swimming Update

The Year 4 students completed the annual ‘Jason Mahoney’ Bike Ride around the Waurn Ponds Creek path on Tuesday. We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day. Students had completed numerous sessions at school during the Bike Ed program and were able to put their bike skills into practice. The two main aims of this year’s program was to develop confidence and awareness. Many students were able to achieve lots of success and demonstrate perseverance and resilience to complete the day long activity.

Firstly, I would like to thank all the students for their wonderful effort and cooperating so well together by supporting each other. Towards the end of the ride, a lady riding past mentioned how well mannered this group which was – very pleasing to hear.

I would also like to thank Mr Andrew Richardson for all his help leading up to and on the day, always a great support.

To the Year 4 Homeroom Teachers, Mr Foran, Mrs Stapp and Mrs Lobbe, thank you for all your efforts during Year 4 Sport with the Bike Ed program and on the ride. Thank you also to Mrs Lambert and Mrs Muhlenberg for helping on the day.

For all the support crew, thank you for making the day such a success, Matt Murnane, Jackson Holmes-Henley, Grant D’Altera, Brydon Barnett, George Elliss, Chris Lever, Seth Norton, Lily Griffin and Mr Morris,

I would like to make a special mention to the Heather Smith, Kate O’Halloran and Claire Fagan for all their preparation in feeding everyone with a lovely lunch.

Well done to everyone who was involved. I hope this provides students with the motivation and skills to continue enjoying riding.

Year 1 Swimming

Each Friday of this term, students from Year 1 have been participating in a swimming program at the Sports and Aquatic Centre at Middle School. Students have had an opportunity to continue developing their skills and confidence in the water as well as play games in the indoor stadium.

It has been wonderful to watch their enthusiasm and willingness to participate in all the activities. Friday 26th November will be the final session with lots of fun novelty events planned for the afternoon.

Arrays Away in 2G

During our Numeracy unit we have been looking at a range of strategies to solve multiplication equations. As part of our classroom activities, we have been looking at arrays. In 2G, we have focused on how to create and use arrays in order to solve multiplication problems. The students have been able to build upon their understanding by investigating arrays using unfix blocks, counters, and completing tasks requiring them to physically build their arrays. The students have been thoroughly enjoying using manipulatives to create and solve their numeracy problems.

One of the tasks the students were particularly engaged in was the chance to create their own array city. This task required the students to cut and paste the windows in the correct rows and columns on their tower according to their multiplication sum. Students were given the opportunity to represent their multiplication sum as a times table, array, repeated addition or connect it with a different operation such as division underneath their tower. This helped students link together their strategies.

To conclude this activity students were given the chance to reflect on their learning. Reflection often helps children consolidate their understanding and grasp the knowledge of others. Some of the reflective statements from the students are below:

I enjoyed making the arrays and learning what they are.

I enjoyed making arrays using challenging numbers.

I enjoyed seeing other people’s arrays.

I learned how to break up my multiplication sum into rows and columns.

I learned that if you flip the numbers of the multiplication sum the arrays are different but the answer is the same.

I learned how to connect different strategies to reach the answer

I learned how to link arrays with division.

In 2G, we love hands on learning in numeracy as it creates engaging and meaningful learning experiences!


Junior Strings News

Junior String Ensemble 

In Week 6 the Junior String Ensemble travelled to Senior School where they had an opportunity to rehearse and perform in the new RW Gibson Music Performance Centre. Despite a year of disruption, the ensemble performance was polished and of a high standard. We’re pleased to be able to share our recording in this edition of The Vine.

Year 2 String Program

The Year 2 String students have been fortunate to attend regular rehearsals this term and they have done an amazing job to maintain a high standard in their playing. They have enjoyed playing together as a group again and we hope you enjoy their performance that we recorded this week. The students played most of their pieces from memory for this performance! They are so resilient and love a challenge.

It will be so exciting to see our courageous Year 2 Strings players join the Junior Strings Ensemble next year. Rehearsals are Wednesday morning at 8am. We are all very proud of the Year 2 Strings and their commitment to the program. We thank the parents for their continued support.

We look forward to performing live in 2022 and in the community!


Year 1 String Demo

This week the Year 1 students were treated to a string instrument demonstration by the Junior School String Staff. Students asked questions and listened to the different sounds of the violin and cello. In 2022 students in Year 2 will have the opportunity to learn a string instrument in the Year 2 String Program.

Trish Timmins ,

Junior School Strings

Junior Choir News

This Junior Choir also travelled to the RW Gibson Music Centre at Senior School on Wednesday. What a treat it was for the students to perform and record in such a beautiful venue, definitely a highlight of our year. We look forward to enjoying learning Christmas carols for the remainder of our rehearsals. There may even be an opportunity for some carolling at Junior School, to share our music making with all students and staff!

Art, Technology and Design Festival

Next Friday is the launch of our Art, Technology and Design Festival!

This will be the second year running where this event takes place online – and we are excited about bringing to the College community such a fantastic range of creative talent – across all our levels: Early Learning to Year 12.

Over the past few months, we have been curating the 2021 collection, which is drawn from all the various Art, Technology and Design subjects offered across our campuses. Featuring many different visual art styles and hundreds of examples of outstanding creative work, photographers, videographers and editors have been busy constructing a great range of multimedia presentations, so we can bring this year’s Festival to our College community.

The Art, Technology and Design Festival launches on Friday November 19. It will be accessible online via a link on the Christian College homepage. Visit, and be amazed!

Order Your East Timor Calendar Now!

The 2022 East Timor calendar is due to arrive soon! Proceeds from sales will enable funding for 16 University scholarships. Each year Christian College sponsors four new university scholarships, and we are excited this year that these students will come from our very own Uma Maun Alin volunteers.

You can pre-order and pay for your calendar now by calling any one of our campuses and paying over the phone via EFTPOS. They will be available for collection in the next two to three weeks.


Scholastic Book Club News

Issue 8 of Scholastic Book Club is now available, and orders should be placed online before Thursday, 18th November.

Our preferred payment method is via LOOP either via the mobile app or the desktop site which can be found here.

You may also return your order form and payment by cheque to school. Cheques should be payable to Scholastic Australia.

Please do not send cash as we are unable to process cash payments.

Thank you for your assistance and ongoing support of Book Club throughout this year.

Anna Daley and Violet Novacevski

A MYTERN Thought for the Week

Viewing what you may judge as a failure from a different perspective, has the power to change everything.Don’t see it as telling you who you aren’t .See it as guiding you towards who you could be 😉😊