Upcoming Events at Junior School

Week 6 – Monday November 8th
Tuesday November 9th – Year 4 Bike Ride (please refer to Edsmart notification for details)
Wednesday November 10th – Beach Prep, Prep B,G & R
Wednesday November 10th – Junior School Choir & Strings to visit RW Gibson Music Performance Centre, Senior campus, (please refer to Edsmart notification for details)
Friday November 12th – Rainbow Walk-a-thon

Week 7 – Monday November 15th
Monday November 15th – Prep Health Nurse visit, (please refer to Edsmart notification for details)
Tuesday November 16th – Prep Health Nurse visit
Tuesday November 16th – Prep Transition Evening Session 1
Tuesday November 16th – Junior School Orientation Day, Preps – Year 3
Thursday November 18th – Prep Transition Night Session 2
Friday November 19th – Prep Day Camp, (please refer to Edsmart notification for details)

Week 8 – Monday November 22nd
Thursday November 25th – Junior School Celebration Evening Recording (details to follow)
Friday November 26th – Sideshow Alley – Year 4
Friday November 26th – Assembly, Prep

Week 9 – Monday November 29th
Tuesday November 30th – Junior School Activities Day
Friday December 3rd – Junior School Christmas Service
Friday December 3rd – End of School Term, 2:30pm Dismissal

Operation Christmas Child Reminder

Families are reminded of our collective involvement supporting Operation Christmas Child for 2021.

If you have not already done so, we are encouraging students to bring at least one item to place in their homeroom boxes to send to children in need. Alternatively you may wish to send in some money to cover the costs of shipping.

Please see last week’s Vine for more information regarding what items to include and what items to avoid.

A big thanks to the students in the Project Care Team for all their help.


Operation Christmas Child:

From The Head of Campus

There is a church up the road from my house that often displays a message or a thought to ponder. I like to notice what it says and try to use it for a bit of reflection. A little while ago as I was driving past it said, “Hope Is Real” with the scripture reference from Psalms 39:7 “But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you.” At the time I remember it stuck out to me because of all of the things that are happening in our world at the moment. There seems to be so many hurts, problems, sicknesses, troubles, financial woes, world issues, political concerns, etc. It seems sometimes like the world has no hope!

But with God’s help, we do have hope and my encouragement to you is to know that whatever situation you find yourself in at this moment, there is hope. It may be hard to see or feel sometimes, but it is there for you. Trust God and be encouraged by the scripture in Jeremiah 29:11 which says “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” 

Jamie Buckingham quoted Hugo Gryn, a London rabbi, in Charisma magazine. Hugo told of a holocaust experience in the German magazine, Der Morgen:

“It was the cold winter of 1944 and although we had nothing like calendars, my father who was a fellow prisoner there, took me and some of our friends to a corner of the barrack. He announced it was the eve of Hanukkah, produced a curious-shaped clay bowl, and began to light a wick immersed in his precious, but now melted, margarine ration.

Before he could recite the blessing, I protested at this waste of food. He said, ‘You and I have seen that it is possible to live up to three weeks without food. We once lived almost three days without water. But you cannot live properly for three minutes without hope.’ “

No matter what we face today, Jesus is our hope and came to give us a bright picture of tomorrow. Is there someone in your life today that needs encouraging to know hope is there for them?

Take Care

Connecting our Learning in Prep

Connecting learning across multiple subject areas not only strengthens the concept being learnt in multiple ways, but also allows the students to explore, engage and approach the learning using different styles and approaches.

This week in Prep, our word of the week has been ‘fork’ where we have been learning the vowel digraph ‘or’ within the context of that word and sentence form. We have connected our learning about this sound in context during Spelling, Reading, Writing, Integrated Studies and Investigation lessons.

We made our own “Forky” just like the one in Toy Story. We wrote about our Forky creation in our narrative story writing lessons to take it on an adventure! We read ‘or’ words to Forky and taught it what the words meant, building our vocabulary understanding. During recent Reading lessons we have been making predictions about what we read before and during reading. Predicting who we thought “spork” was or is, helped us to explore what we thought the text and main character would be about through analysing images and connecting our knowledge. Then in Integrated Studies we made further connections in our learning about how toys move and the materials they are made from. Linking our fork creations and their function regarding how they feel and move to practical lessons and multimedia (watching Toy Story), helped us form those important learning links in fun and engaging ways.

We have had so much fun and loved our learning this week in Prep.

Year One Integrated Studies: Looking at the Weather

During our Integrated Studies program we have been looking at the question ‘What changes can we see in the world around us?’ As part of our class activities, the children have been learning about different types of weather and the way in which certain weather conditions can affect our community and particular environments.

The children have been able to apply their knowledge and understanding during our Investigation sessions, where they have been provided with the opportunity to research a weather pattern and then complete a poster recording key facts, drawing illustrations and creating clothing suitable for their chosen weather conditions.

As part of a class focus upon different types of weather instruments, the children designed their own wind socks which they then enjoyed testing during one of our windy days at school.

Through this Integrated Studies topic, the children have been able to continue to build their learning power muscles of resourcefulness and reflectiveness, in terms of questioning, making links, planning and revising ideas.

We are looking forward to beginning our new topic of learning for this term, ‘Light and Sound’, which focuses upon the question of ‘What are the key sources of light and sound?’ A unit of work which will lead us into investigating the many lights and sounds of the festive season.


Year Three Poets

The Year 3 Students and teachers are so happy to be back in our classroom doing what we do best: ‘teaching and learning together’.

For the past two weeks we have had a literacy focus on Poetry. We have been reading and interpreting poems in our literacy lessons for example;

A Sensory Stroll

As I walk, I can feel:

the dampness of the humid air as I inhale;

the spongy, uneven ground beneath my feet

and the dewy undergrowth delicately grazing my skin.

Where is the poet? What words make you think this? What is the poet doing in the rain forest? Which word from the poem means the same as ‘plants and shrubs?

The Year 3 students have also been investigating different types of poems and have become poets themselves. The students have written Diamante, Haiku, Cinquain and Colour poems using rhyming, onomatopoeia, figurative language and visualising to bring their poems to life.

Summer Fun in Art – Let’s Make an Ice-Cream! 

Our students are continuing to show wonderful enthusiasm, enjoying the creative process and learning new techniques along the way.

With the warmer weather approaching we have tried our hands at making a mixed medium ice-cream, using paint, clay, texta-colour and decorations. We also explored textures and created marbled patterns and were even able to discuss parallel, vertical and diagonal lines. Students had great fun adding faces and keeping their eyes on their ice-cream!

Here are some smiling examples.

Order Your East Timor Calendar Now!

The 2022 East Timor calendar is due to arrive soon! Proceeds from sales will enable funding for 16 University scholarships. Each year Christian College sponsors four new university scholarships, and we are excited this year that these students will come from our very own Uma Maun Alin volunteers.

You can pre-order and pay for your calendar now by calling any one of our campuses and paying over the phone via EFTPOS. They will be available for collection in the next two to three weeks.


A MYTERN Thought for the Week

When your life outside feels unstable…it’s ok.

Just stop for a moment and take control of what is on the inside.

Take a few deep breaths, look at a flower, watch a bird or a cloud. Listen to music.

Take control of what you can, knowing that no road lasts forever.

All will be well 👍😘