What’s Happening at Junior School

Week 4, Monday May 16th:
Wednesday May 18th – Prep Incursion, Magic story Journey (please refer to EdSmart notification for details)
Friday May 20th – Assembly, 3R Class Item
Friday May 20th – Timor Leste Independence Day, Casual Dress in colours red, white, black and yellow. Gold Coin donation.

Week 5, Monday May 23rd:
Monday May 23rd – Emergency lockdown and drills
Wednesday May 25th – National Simultaneous Storytime, ‘Family Tree’
Thursday May 26th – Junior School Arthur Reed Photos (please refer to article in this week’s edition of The Vine)
Thursday May 26th – Bush Prep, Prep B,G,M,R
Friday May 27th – Friday June 3rd – Reconciliation Week

Week 6, Monday May 30th:
Monday May 30th – Friday June 3 – Reconciliation Week activities
Monday May 30th – Year 1 Roaming Reptiles Incursion (please refer to Edsmart notification)
Friday June 3rd – Assembly, 2B Class Item

Arthur Reed Class and Individual Photos – Thursday 26th May

Our 2022 class photos and individual student portraits will be taken on Thursday 26th May. All students are to wear full College winter uniform on this day in line with our College uniform policy. Please be aware that items from the original uniform cannot be mixed with items from the new wardrobe. Some key reminders include shoulder length hair being tied back, hair cut neatly, navy blue or maroon ribbons only, small gold or silver, sleeper/stud single piercings.

Students who would normally have a Physical Education class on this day are not required to bring along their sports uniform. Instead, please send along runners for students to change into for their Phys Ed session.

A note on glasses – All students who wear glasses will receive individual portraits with glasses on. However, to enable the photographers to provide the best possible quality shot, your young person may be asked to briefly remove their glasses.

Thank you for your support with this.

Investigating Preppies!

Investigations are a key part of our Prep program at Junior School. We build these into our daily routine. But what exactly are Investigations?

Investigations allow individuals time to really explore a concept or idea in a hands-on, play based way. As teachers we plan provocations to invite children to unpack these ideas. We ensure these set ups develop skills, understandings and concepts that we want them to consolidate or develop.

Our aim is for the Investigations to also allow children to learn together. Oral language skills, negotiation, turn taking and collaboration are all important skills that can be developed through Investigations.

Development of fine motor skills also plays a key part in the choice of these provocations. Ensuring the children have opportunities to manipulate, build, draw and move things to build their strength in their fingers as well as their use of the pincer grip. While the children use playdough, LEGO and various drawing tools they are constantly working on their fine motor skills!

There is also the element of choice. The children have the ability to move from one provocation to a different one or stay at the same activity for the entire time. This self-management is a key competency for future learning.

The smiles and level of engagement during Investigations is high, often so is the noise level! The children enjoy these opportunities to have freedom and fun in the way they approach their learning.

We see the social and academic benefits to the Investigations as key part of our approach to learning in Prep.

50 Days of Prep

Upon coming to school on Tuesday there was much anticipation for the joy and excitement to come as The Preps were to celebrate their 50th day of school. Students came to school dressed in clothes that were ½ one type and ½ another type. ‘Half’ hair was styled in crazy ways and there were interesting combinations of shoes worn too!

The Preps learned that 50 days of school is ½ way to the BIG celebration to come, of being at school for 100 days, and that ½ of 100 is 50. A fun-filled day of activities based around the concept of ½ was planned around this concept.

Classes combined to enjoy some activities based around the concept ½. Activities included:

*Cutting pictures from magazines in ½ and with a partner, each pasting half of the picture each.

*Secret picture drawing where ½ a picture of a character was drawn and then a partner drew the other ½ by only seeing a tiny bit to work from. Then the character was named.

* Making and designing shape pictures using squares, triangles, circles, and rectangles that had been cut in ½.

*Matching ½ pictures of animals together with a numeral on it and counting the total.

*Reading ½ a story and then predicting what the other half would be about.

* Dancing to ½ a song and then singing the rest.

*Having races outside where students were set the challenge of running/ jumping/ skipping ½ way to a location and back.

The biggest highlight was making ½ of a Hundreds and Thousands sandwich and working out how best to cut the bread so it would become ½ a piece.

We had so much fun and cannot wait until our big 100 days of school celebration to come…… in the next 50 days!

My Island Home – Year 3

This term, Year 3 have been exploring the geography of Australia and how we are connected to our neighbours. Our threads of inquiry for this unit of work called ‘My Island Home’ are:

  • What are the main natural and human features of Australia?
  • How and why are places similar and different?
  • What would it be like to live in a neighbouring country?

A major investigation at the beginning of this unit has been the representation of Australia as states and territories and as Countries/Places of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. When we examined the positioning of Australian states and territories we discovered that prior to European invasion, Australia was made up of hundreds of rich and diverse language groups each with their own culture, stories and traditions. This led us to ask questions about First Nation People’s connection to Country. This week Year 3B have been exploring this connection and our understanding and respect for the oldest living cultures in the world has grown. We have created posters to share our new learning with others.

A topic of whole class discussion has been the European names for important places and learning the traditional First Nation’s names for these too. The upcoming Indigenous Round in the AFL sparked a relabelling of our class map of Australia as we learned that the traditional name for the area of Melbourne was actually Naarm, a Woiwurrung word. During Reconciliation Week the Melbourne Football Club will change their name to the Naarm Football Club in acknowledgment of the Kulin Nations people and their ongoing connection to the land. We were inspired by this and took the opportunity to research the traditional names of the other capital cities in Australia and re-labelled our class map to reflect our new learning. We look forward to keeping you updated on all of the fascinating information we will be learning about our closest neighbours in the coming weeks.

Secret Messages and Codes in Year 3

This term Year 3 students are discovering the wonderful world of cryptography!

During Digital Technology classes, students are learning the science behind encoding and decoding codes, ciphers, and top-secret messages. Students have particularly enjoyed exploring and creating their own alphabet and number substitution codes and making connections to written language with symbols like ancient hieroglyphics and modern emojis.

As we progress further into the term, classes will explore and discover the history of Morse Code, learning the symbols to represent the dots and dashes, while also incorporating lights and sounds as another means to represent the code data.

I’m so excited to see where the code breaking, and deciphering fun will go with our fabulous Year 3 cohort.

Mothers’ Day Tabloid Sports and Sack Race

We were blessed with a sunny and calm day on Monday for the Junior School Mothers’ Day Tabloid Sports. It was wonderful to invite and see so many parents come and support the event. Students in Years Prep to 3 participated in activities focusing on some fundamental motor skills and sporting activities.

I would like to acknowledge the effort and attitude of all the Year 4 students who set up and conducted the 16 activities. It was great to see all students participating to the best of their ability. Teachers and parents were very proud of you.

We had 30 mothers and grandmothers compete in the sack race at the end of the tabloid sports, eagerly cheered on by the Junior School students. There were a number of heats with a hotly contested grand final. Congratulations to Chantelle O’Kelly for taking out the sack race for the second year in a row, closely followed by Angela Azzopardi and third Laura Medved. Thank you to all the mothers and grandmothers who competed.

A huge thank you to Danielle from Baker’s Delight in Highton for providing a cheese and bacon roll and a fruit bun for every student at the school. Danielle also donated the trophies and $175 worth of gift vouchers for first, second and third for the sack race. We value her ongoing support for this great event.

  • Preps AFL Stars

    At the end of Term 1 we were blessed to have AFLW star Mia and AFL Victoria coach Abby run a two-week football clinic for the Junior School Preps.

    We had so much fun learning different types of marks such as the teddy bear, superhero and zombie mark. We also learnt how to kick, handball, tag and chase ground balls. Mia and Abby also played lots of fun footy games, with a crowd favourite being Angry Ogre.

    The Preps were absolute superstars and participated with great enthusiasm and enjoyment over the two sessions. A huge thank you to AFL Victoria and especially Mia and Abby for running such a fun clinic.

    Cyber Safe Schools Program Parent Update

    Parents may recall from direct communication and information in the Vine late last term that we are in the process of introducing the Linewize Connect app onto all Year 4-12 student laptops. This is an important component of the technology behind our new Cyber Safe Schools Program and will also facilitate the parent tools for home that all parents will be invited to activate as part of our program launch later this term.

    It’s pleasing to see that, while the process of introducing this app is not quite complete, a good proportion of student laptops have it on board already. In addition to enabling parent tools at home, this app will also provide teachers with new classroom tools to better support students to avoid digital distractions and stay focused on their learning when using devices.

    The Connect app will also ensure access to the internet on College laptops remains filtered, safe and distraction-free on school days, even if a student connects via a different network or ‘hot spots’ via a mobile phone. In this way we’re better able to fulfil our duty of care and support students’ safety, wellbeing, and learning.

    Some students may notice some changes on school days after the Connect app has appeared on their device.

    • Students who have a habit of engaging in ‘hot spotting’ to avoid school filtering at school will now find that access on their device is filtered even when they ‘hot spot’.
    • Students who are not at school on a school day will notice that school filtering is still applied to internet access on their College laptop even while at home.

    It is important for parents and students to be aware that it is a condition of our Digital Learning and Student Device Policy that students do not tamper with or remove the Connect app from their College laptop.

    This will be reinforced alongside other information we’re sharing with students about our Cyber Safe Schools Program over the next several weeks.

    The Connect app filtering operates only on school days, between school hours, and only if a student is not connected to the College’s safe Wi-Fi network. Our school hours in this context are from 8.30am to 4.00pm.

    We look forward to our launch of this program with all parents in just a few weeks, after which the parent tools will be made available. This will also enable parents to enact a ‘parental override’ quickly and easily to the College’s school filtering on any school day where your child may be convalescing at home.

    We are so close and so excited to soon be sharing more complete and detailed information about the work we’re doing on a range of fronts across the College to ensure we are supporting your children with their wellbeing and learning, and how we’d like to partner with you on this journey.

    East Timor Day – Friday 20th May

    Christian College Junior School is proud to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the restoration of independence for the second newest nation on Earth: Timor-Leste. Servicemen and women from our country, Australia, helped the Timorese to independence from 1999 to 2002, and also during short periods of civil unrest since this time. Now, people from Geelong support our friends in Viqueque. Christian College has steadfastly supported this community for most of their independence. We are now proud, and yet humbled to have developed strong friendships in Viqueque.

    We will be having a casual dress day on 20th May wearing the colours of the flag- red, white, yellow and black. We also ask that students bring a gold coin donation to raise money for our Viqueque friends, helping students to return to school after the pandemic.

    Young Professionals

    The Foundation is hosting a dinner for young professionals. Join us on Saturday, 25 June 2022 from 6:00pm-9:00pm at the Shelter Shed, 25 Hesse St, Queenscliff. Tickets are $50 each and RSVPs close on Friday, 27 May 2022 at 5:00pm.

    Our guest speaker is Paul Gray, Managing Director – Southern Star Group of Companies. one of the leading window manufacturers in the country.

    Paul Gray’s experience in the window industry covers more than 40 years. After a career with some of Australia’s major window manufacturers, he has been the Managing Director of the Southern Star Group of companies since starting the business in July 2002.  Over the last 20 years, he has led the significant growth of the business, with the Group now employing more than 600 people in 7 branches Australia wide and comprising the brands Southern Star Aluminium Windows and Doors, Canterbury Timber Windows and Doors, Homeview Windows and Doors, Southern Star Glass and Big J Doors and Fixings.  Paul’s expertise extends to every facet of the business including manufacturing, procurement, logistics, sales, business management, finance and people and culture, giving him the skill set that has steered the Southern Star business through its impressive growth.  In recent years, Paul has also served on the Board of the pre-eminent industry body, the Australian Glass and Windows Association.

    Personally, Paul is father to 3 daughters and grandfather to nine grandchildren.

    Book online at www.ccgfoundation.org.au/youngprofessionals


    2012 10-Year Reunion

    The Class of 2012 10-Year Reunion is set for Saturday, July 23 2022. Join us at CENTRA in Geelong from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Tickets are $15 each and RSVPs close on Friday, 8 July 2022 at 5:00pm. 

    This will be a great opportunity for you to reconnect with your peers, catch up with past teachers, and reminisce about your school days.

    Tours of the College Clocktower at Middle School – Highton will also be optional on the day of the reunion. If you would like to climb the Clocktower and find your brick, simply book in when you register online.

    For those who would like to have a tour of the College grounds, all alumni are encouraged to book a tour to see what’s happening at each of our campuses. To arrange a tour, please head to our website.

    We look forward to catching up with the Class of 2012. If this is your year group, register for your 10-year reunion today!

    Book online at www.ccgfoundation.org.au/2012

    Inaugural All In Reunion

    The Inaugural All In Reunion for the Classes of 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011, 2016, 2020 is set for Saturday, 13 August 2022. Join us at The Pier Geelong from 5:30pm-8:00pm. Tickets are $15 each and RSVPs close on Friday, 29 July 2022 at 5:00pm. 

    The launch of our all in reunion program was unfortunately postponed last year due to COVID-19 restrictions. The aim of this new initiative is to formerly launch an alumni association, as well as provide more regular networking opportunities for all past students. On this night we will be celebrating the following milestones:

    • Class of 2011 – 10 Years (missed in 2021)
    • Class of 2001 – 20 Years (missed in 2021)
    • Class of 1991 – 30 Years (missed in 2021)

    If you were in one of these peer years, register today!

    Book online at www.ccgfoundation.org.au/allin1

    All In Reunion

    We are pleased to confirm an additional All In Reunion for the Classes of 1992, 1997, 2002, 2007, 2012, 2017, 2021 (and 2010) is set for Saturday, 8 October 2022. Join us at CENTRA from 5:30pm-8:00pm. Tickets are $15 each and RSVPs close on Friday, 23 September 2022 at 5:00pm. 

    Come along to hear all about our new alumni association and catch up with some old school friends. On this night we will be celebrating the following milestones:

    • Class of 2010 – 10 Years (missed in 2020)
    • Class of 2012 – 10 Years this year
    • Class of 2002 – 20 Years this year
    • Class of 1992 – 30 Years this year

    If you were in one of these peer years, register today!

    Book online at www.ccgfoundation.org.au/allin2

    Golf Tournament

    The Foundation Golf Tournament is set for Thursday, 27 October 2022. Join us at 13th Beach Golf Links from 8:00am for a shotgun start. Tickets are $190 each ($150 for members) or $750 for a group of four. RSVPs close on Thursday, 6 October 2022 at 5:00pm. 

    Funds raised from this event will be allocated to our Foundation Scholarship Fund, supporting current students who are in need of financial assistance.

    Book online at www.ccgfoundation.org.au/golf

    Jennifer Freind,

    Foundation Manager

    A MYTERN Thought for This Week

    Don’t get caught up with believing that success means travelling down only smooth roads.

 Being able to regain control on any road is something to be proud of, and that requires experiencing both the rough and the smooth.

So wherever you are….it’s ok.
    Just remember to take control 😊

    Discover more about MYTERN here