From the Head of Campus

At Christian College Junior School students are encouraged and challenged to ‘See, Think and Wonder’ about themselves, their community and their place in the world. They are inspired to see themselves as lifelong learners with a unique and God-given purpose. Students explore and express their learning through core programs such as inquiry units of study, Investigations, Masterclass, Play based Learning and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). These programs guide student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. Students also have many other opportunities through specialist teaching and learning programs and through extra curricula programs such as leadership, Choir, Strings Group, Dance Group, Chess Club, Lego Club, Computer Club, Puzzle Club and even a Junior Knitting Club to engage in experiential learning. These programs serve to enrich the lives of our students, provoke their thinking through careful questioning and engage them in ‘wondering’ about their own identity and their identity in Christ. These programs aim to celebrate students’ unique gifts and talents and allow them to realise that they are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).

Globally our educational landscape is ever changing and reflecting on what was once a curriculum driven by content we now see a curriculum that must develop students’ abilities to not only ‘see’ what already exists but also to ‘think’ and ‘wonder’ about possibilities that do not yet exist. Christian College is intentional in addressing this changing educational landscape, recognising that the adaptive skills of 21st century learners such as collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication are key. The College draws on the work of lifelong researchers such as David Perkins and Ron Ritchhart as the work of these powerful educational researchers promotes the importance of fostering thinking, understanding, and creativity in all settings of learning.

I wonder if you might be able to recall a time in your life when you were immersed in a culture of thinking eg. community group, post-graduate study or even back to your school days? Could you take a moment to identify a single instance from your life as a learner in which your thinking was valued and made visible, and you felt challenged to think and progress your thinking?

How did this experience make you feel? Inspired? Invigorated? Eager to step back into that space? Were you enthusiastic and excited? Was it a positive experience? Ritchhart suggests that this type of educational landscape ‘produces energy and builds community’. It allows us to reach our potential. In education today this is vital as we strive to support students to be immersed in an environment that produces the feelings, energy, and joy that allows them to be active, engaged and motivated to reach their potential.

In his book ‘Intellectual Character’, Ron Ritchhart puts forth the idea that “a quality education is about much more than scores on tests; it is about who students become as thinkers and learners as a result of their time in schools. Furthermore, that as educators, parents, and citizens, we must settle for nothing less than environments that bring out the best in people, take learning to the next level, allowing for great discoveries, and propelling both the individual and the group forward into a lifetime of learning. This is something all teachers want and all students deserve” (Ritchhart, Ron. Creating Cultures of Thinking : The 8 Forces We Must Master to Truly Transform Our Schools, John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, 2015).

Our educational landscape has never been as exciting, challenging, undiscovered and undetermined as it is today. Students are seeing, thinking and wondering about their purpose in an ever-changing world. As educators we strive to help them navigate their way by immersing them in a culture of thinking and as Christian educators we nurture a faith that allows our students to recognise their purpose in doing ‘good work’ for others in the service of God.

What’s Happening at Junior School

Week 6, Monday March 7:
Thursday March 10 – Beach Prep (PB, PG, PM, PR)
Friday March 11 – Year 2 Bible Presentations

Week 7, Monday March 14:
Monday March 14 – Labour Day Public Holiday
Tuesday March 15 – Student Learning Conferences, 4-7pm (Please refer to Edsmart notification)
Wednesday March 16 – Preps attend School due in lieu of Public Holiday
Thursday March 17 – Student Learning Conferences, 4-6pm (Please refer to Edsmart notification)
Friday March 18 – Koala Fundraiser (Casual Dress, Gold Coin Donation)

Week 8, Monday March 21: 
Thursday March 24 – Beach Prep (PB, PG, PM, PR)

Week 9, Monday March 28:
Friday April 1 – Assembly; 3R Item

Week 10, Monday April 4:
Thursday April 7 – Beach Prep
Friday April 8 – Easter Bonnet Parade

Friday April 8 – Junior School Easter Service

Friday April 8 – Term 1 Studies Conclude

Student Learning Conferences

Today you have received an EdSmart regarding the upcoming Junior School Student Learning Conferences.

These important Junior School events provide parents with the opportunity to discuss your child’s current progress and application in each of their subjects through attending an online Student Learning Conference on either Tuesday, 15th March – 4:00pm – 7:00pm or Thursday, 17th March, 4:00pm – 6:00pm.

To book a Student Learning Conference appointment with your child’s Homeroom Teacher, please access the online booking system at www.schoolinterviews.com.au using our school’s event code. The Online Conference Booking Information document attached includes the event code and full instructions to make your bookings. Bookings open today, Friday March 4, 4pm and close on Monday March 14, 4pm.

Please click on the attached PDF for the steps for parents to participate in the online Teams conferences. We encourage you to forward any queries regarding accessing the online conferences to our IT Specialists by contacting junior@ccg.vic.edu.au

We look forward to sharing your child’s learning at the upcoming Student Learning Conferences.

How to Join a Teams Meeting:
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Learning Conference :
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Koala’s Forever

Junior School will be raising money for the koalas affected in the bushfires in 2020/21. The Year 4 Project Care team have demonstrated kindness and compassion when planning for this event. Our casual dress day will be on Friday, March 18th.

Students will have the opportunity to dress in Animal Onesies, their favourite animals or simply an item of clothing with an animal theme. Students are asked to bring along a gold coin donation.

Looking forward to giving towards this wonderful cause.


COVIDSafe Update

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Junior School families for your continued support in keeping our community safe. Please note that the following processes remain in place for our Junior School students:
• Although face Masks will NOT be required by secondary students or staff, they remain compulsory for students and staff in Years 3-6 unless there is a lawful student exemption.
• Face masks remain compulsory for ALL students in Years 3-12 travelling on the College bus network.
• Twice-a-week rapid antigen testing on school days continues to be strongly recommended for all mainstream early childhood, primary and secondary staff and students. Rapid antigen testing is recommended for students at home on Monday morning before school and again on Thursday morning and RATs will continue to be supplied for the remainder of Term 1.

Once again thank you for your assistance with these measures.

Shrove Tuesday – Follow the Leaders

This week we had a fantastic opportunity to celebrate Shrove Tuesday with the students at the Junior School campus. Our canteen manager Kate O’Halloran kindly offered to prepare 350 pancakes for the students who not only enjoyed them, but also were hands-on in the preparation for this special day.

Our Junior School student leaders took part in the preparation of Shrove Tuesday and without their support, the event wouldn’t have been as enjoyable and efficient as it was. While student leaders have a fundamental role in the preparation of this event, they also set the tone for what it means to be prepared for something special. The preparation required teamwork, motivation, and intentional effort to achieve their objective of helping the whole school celebrate Shrove Tuesday. These attributes displayed by our student leaders are paramount in the preparation that follows the next forty days leading into Easter.

Shrove Tuesday is about getting ready for a period of fasting and self-examination. In this fasting period, we intentionally separate ourselves from food and/or activities that we correlate with self-indulgence, with the purpose of self-reflection. It is in this period that we evaluate what is good and what needs to be worked on within us, it is a ‘reality check’ period.

As we move through the next forty days prior to Easter, let us look at the attributes that the Student Leaders of Junior School displayed, and reflect on what are the things that are good in us, and the areas that need improvement. Let us follow the example of the student leaders and set ourselves apart to make a positive change and impact in the lives of people around us. Let us serve one another.

Where Am I?

The Preps have been having a lot of fun this week learning about position and location in Maths. Key vocabulary we are focusing on is behind, between, on top, under, over, in front, above near and far. For this task, students were given a key vocab card and asked to position themselves somewhere in the playground. The students did a great job getting creative with all the different places and positions they could find themselves in.

Later in the week, students used wooden blocks and Lego to build a house for Teddy. Where can Teddy go? The children loved pairing up and giving one another instructions using key vocab to help move him around. ‘Put teddy under the bridge’, ‘Put teddy on top of the roof’ and so on. Intertwining Maths and Writing together, Prep G then used their playground photos to help write and illustrate their own page in our position and location class book.

A terrific effort Prep G, well done!

New Students Bible Presentation

Today we had the privilege of presenting our new students in Year 3 and 4 at Junior School with their very own Jesus Storybook Bible during our morning virtual assembly. We hope that students enjoy exploring the parables and stories in the Bible that allow us to see and experience the life of Jesus and have the opportunity to connect these valuable lessons to everyday life. We would love for you to encourage your child to share their Bible with you and perhaps use it to foster conversation, read at bedtime or reflect on at anytime of the day!
Through reading the Bible students can learn of God’s promises and his love for us. They can also come to understand that we can all receive the kingdom of God like children (Mark 10:15) when we seek it and humble ourselves (Mathew 19:14). I would like to congratulate all year 3 and 4 students who were blessed with a Bible this morning and I pray that it would be a guide and reference for your future to come. Congratulations!!
We look forward to next Friday the 11th of March where we can host our Year 2 Bible presentation to students.

Setting the Scene

The Year 4 students have been investigating descriptive narrative writing and have been linking this to our unit of inquiry, ‘Our Australian Heritage’. This has been very insightful as the students have been looking at different perspectives, using different language techniques and using the writing process to plan, draft, edit, revise and publish their finished stories!

This process is a great way to develop a great understanding of how to set writing and reading goals, in order to build upon our skills as a writer. We have been developing these skills through beginning to use ‘The Writing Revolution’ where we take snippets of rich texts, and add ‘but, so, because’ to them to create different texts using descriptive and figurative language.

Another way we have been developing our writing is through our planning stage when we are, ‘setting the scene’. We used our senses in and around our school to help us visualise and create intriguing hooks to begin our narratives. We can’t wait to publish our finished stories as we move through the writing process!

What We’re Loving in Library

Each week the students have the opportunity to borrow books from our Junior School Library. They are encouraged to choose from a wide variety of books. It is always such a privilege and joy to observe what they choose to borrow.

In the month of February we have, as a school community, borrowed 2,171 books!

Gallery on Tour

Throughout this term, Prep and Year 1 students are exploring the idea of belonging, identity, and family. This leads beautifully into our Visual Art unit of work focused on portraiture and ways of representing self.

We had the privilege of welcoming The Geelong Gallery into our creative space for Gallery on Tour, where students had the opportunity to explore and interpret key artworks from the gallery collection. This allowed the students to expand and be critical with their creative thinking by using visual language and responding to the arts.

Christian Thompson, a proud Aboriginal artist from the Bidjara tribe, explores the notion of identity, cultural hybridity, and history.

In 2010, Thompson made history when he became the first Aboriginal Australian to be admitted into the University of Oxford in its 900-year history. Christian has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally.

Throughout this session, students were given the opportunity to make meaningful connections to Christian Thompson’s brilliant works and draw inspiration from his untitled portrait featuring banksia leaves and his deep connection to land.

Students responded in creative ways to assemble a gorgeous crown that reflected self. This included native materials from their immediate community and country, drawings, and fabric. Similar to Christian Thompson, students were able to draw inspiration from the significance and meaning of Thompson’s gaze and stance to represent themselves in a similar manner.

To say their crowns were gorgeous, is an understatement. Not to mention their brilliant gazes and striking poses.

Junior School Music

The Year 2 String Program has settled into a great routine of lessons and ensemble rehearsals. The 44 students who are participating in the program can hold their instrument, pluck simple rhythms and have also started to learn how to hold the bow! As an ensemble, the students attend a 40 minute rehearsal on a Wednesday and we have a lot of fun singing and playing through our pieces. The students are to be commended on their positive and enthusiastic approach to their studies.

Thank you to the parents for encouraging your children to practise and remembering to bring the instruments to school each week. We are looking forward to our first concert!

Trish Timmins,

Music Teacher

Scholastic Book Club News – Our New Assistants!

We would like to introduce our two wonderful Book Club assistants for this year: Lucinda O’Callaghan and Seyara Mataraarachchi. Lucinda and Seyara, from Year 4, will be helping to distribute the Scholastic books to each of the classes throughout the year. We were very busy with our Issue 1 orders delivering books to every class in our school!

Issue 2 of Scholastic Book Club has been distributed to students and orders should be placed online or returned to school no later than Friday, 11th March.

Our preferred payment method is via LOOP either via the mobile app or the desktop site which can be found at https://mybookclubs.scholastic.com.au/Parent/Login.aspx

You may also return your order form and payment by cheque to school. Cheques should be payable to Scholastic Australia.

Please do not send cash as we are unable to process cash payments.

Thank you for your assistance and ongoing support of Book Club.

Miss Violet Novacevski & Mrs Anna Daley,

Book Club Coordinators

CCG Foundation

Join the Chair of the Foundation Board for lunch as we celebrate the significance of Easter and learn more about the work of the Foundation.

All funds raised from this event will be allocated to our Scholarship Fund supporting current students who need financial assistance.

Book online today at www.ccgfoundation.org.au/chairslunch

For all enquiries, please contact Jennifer Freind via j.freind@ccg.vic.edu.au.

A MYTERN Thought for This Week

Sometimes we spend so much time on busy roads that we start to feel uncomfortable when we drive alone.

Take a moment today to be still and silent. Look at and listen to the nature around you. Feel that connection.

 Know that you are never really alone 😊