Message from the Head of Campus

It has been another amazing week at the Bellarine Campus. As I wander around the campus, observing and listening to students engaged in their learning I am consistently amazed by what our young people are capable of when rich learning tasks are facilitated for them. A couple of occasions stood out to me, and the guests I was showing around our school. The first, the culmination of the Year 5 Classroom Music Program, where Year 5 students come together to form an orchestra, performing a really powerful piece so brilliantly. As we know, on-site classroom time has been at a premium this year, with learning and practice predominantly being delivered remotely, astounding when we consider many of the students have picked up an instrument for the first time this year. We look forward to sharing the Year 5 Music journey with you within our Celebration Evening.

The second was the Year 6 Market Day, an opportunity for Year 6 students to research, design and produce innovative sustainable products to ‘market’ to our community. The depth of thinking, design and production was incredible, as was the community atmosphere of the busy market, as our students were quick to snap up some fine products. Further, our community has been so generous, knowing that all proceeds from the ‘market’ are going to such an important charity on the Peninsula, the Drysdale Food Bank. The Learning that Matters indeed.

There is a real sense of appreciation for one another amongst our students and staff and we are very much looking forward to the final weeks of the 2021 school year as a community. Over the coming week we’ll continue preparations for both the Junior and Middle School Celebration Evening, with filming of our Year 4 and Year 9 Graduations on Wednesday 24th November. As we look ahead to the final week of school, Years 4, 5 and 6 will each spend a day developing their riding skills while exploring the Bellarine Rail Trail. For other year levels across the Campus, various end-of-year activities are planned, culminating on Friday 3rd December with our campus final assemblies.

As you would now be aware, Premier Mr. Daniel Andrews announced changes to COVID-19 restrictions on Thursday. As a College, we are awaiting further operational guidance from the Department of Education and Independent Schools Victoria as to the application of these changes for schools. As Vice Principal Mr Scott Elliss stated in The Vine last week, it has been incredibly challenging to activate our planning and make firm decisions regarding major events and activities due to the COVID-19 guidelines. We have had to pivot to deliver major events such as the Celebration Evenings and Arts Festival via video links, allowing you to watch them collectively as a family in the comfort of your own homes. However as soon as we are able, further information regarding the settings for schools will be communicated with our families, in particular the impact they may have on planning arrangements for end of year activities.


Patterns, Patterns Everywhere in Year 1 Maths

Blue, purple, blue, purple, blue purple! Can you name this colour pattern using letters? The Year 1 students can they know this as an AB pattern. Throughout our Patterns unit in Mathematics, they have named this and other increasingly complex patterns. Our Year 1 mathematicians enjoyed identifying colour, shape, number, body, and sound patterns and their repeats.

Patterns were discovered in everyday life, and students enjoyed creating and naming their own and each other’s patterns. They are looking forward to creating their own patterned Christmas tree for the Year 1 Christmas display.

  • Celebrations in Year 1 and Year 2

    The Celebration Unit is a chance for Year 1s and 2s to share how their family celebrates significant events, as well as understand the similarities and differences between other cultures’ celebrations compared with our own.

    With their Australian ‘passports’ in hand the Year 1s and 2s travelled to various countries around the world to be immersed in their traditional celebrations. Whether it was the Blossom Festival in Japan, or the Diwali Light Festival in India they learnt about and participated in celebrations in a hands-on, engaging way.

    It was a fun-filled day for students and teachers alike.

  • Performances for Families

    We are enjoying taking some special footage of our young musicians on campus as we are approaching the end of the year. As well as rehearsing and recording many items for our Celebration Evenings, our musicians have been practising with their conductors and tutors to conclude their learning of some great music this year.

    The Year 2 Strings program put on a great show this week sharing three pieces they have been learning alongside staff Martin DeMarte, Jeanette Carnie and Luke Richardson. The Novice Concert Band also enjoyed each others’ company as they played through some favourite pieces of theirs from this year with Mr Dunlop.

    Don’t hesitate to contact me at s.huber@ccg.vic.edu.au should you wish to enquire about joining one of our College ensembles.

    Year 4 Investigations Vine article

    During Investigations lessons this semester students from Year 4 have been working on larger, more complex, creative thinking projects. These are STEAM based projects that involve design thinking elements.

    During this project, the students used Scratch coding. Scratch is a block-based visual programming language and website for children. We used this as a tool to program sounds for the characters we created. We then attached copper strips to our characters and linked a Makey Makey circuit board to our laptops, so that we could play our tunes. A Makey Makey kit allows you to turn everyday objects into computer interfaces. View our movie to see some of our finished products, I’m sure you will be amazed!

    This Little Piggy Went to Market…

    These wonderful creations from Year 3 and 4 students are an example of what imaginations can do with recyclable materials.

    Fun, cute and downright irresistible are words to describe these piglets inhabiting the art room.  Activities like this one are a great way to inspire students to imagine, be able to gather different ideas to select one that might solve problems, learn to be more flexible, be creative and learn to persist until they are happy with their solution. I love their results…don’t you?!

    Year 5 Musicians – Amazing achievements

    The Bellarine staff and music faculty are blown away by the achievements of our Year 5 musicians this year. We have concluded our Music Program this week with a recording of their final piece, which will be included in our Celebration Evening. The performance they completed was incredible and we can’t wait to share it with you.

    We would love to encourage students to continue on their instruments for next year and be a part of our program ongoing. Parents have been sent an EdSmart form to complete, if you wish your child to continue having private lessons on their instrument.

    Thank you so much for your support this year as your young person has worked hard on their musical instruments. The final recording is wonderful and we hope you enjoy it.

    The full Year 5 Program video will feature in the Tuesday 30th November Celebration Evening, but here is a sneak peek for you until then.

    Year 6 Market Day Success

    Wow, we were blown away by the professionalism, creativity, and excitement that the Year 6 students brought to Market Day on Thursday. The stalls looked like they belonged in a real market with buntings, marquees, banners, and bright decorations. Students were jittery with excitement as the first group of customers entered the barn area. Big smiles were seen on every face we looked at and it was obvious this event brought a spark of joy to our Bellarine Campus. Almost all the businesses sold out their products. Combined with the support of the Project Care sausage sizzle, we earned over $4,000 for the Drysdale Foodbank. Thank you to the parents for supporting us, it was a massive success. A few comments I heard from the Year 6 students were, ‘I love seeing all of the happy kids’, ‘I like how everyone is having fun with their friends’, and ‘seeing all the little Preps come in and the smiles on their faces made my day’. We are extremely proud of these students, and we believe there are a lot of future business owners in this Year 6 cohort.

    Year 8 International Food Challenge

    What a way to end a semester of delicious cooking! The judges, Mr Watson, Ms Huber and Mr Crole were lucky enough to taste food from Mexico, Japan, Italy and China.  For the International Food Design, the Year 8s researched their chosen countries, trialed and chose two dishes a main, entre`or and dessert dish to present for judging. The groups created menus, decorated their tables and some had background music add to the atmosphere of actually being in a restaurant. It was an amazing experience which the students (and judges) thoroughly enjoyed.

    Update on the new Christian College Wardrobe

    The uniform review team have been grateful for the email responses, questions and suggestions received in response to the launch of the new College wardrobe. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we have also been able to address a number of parent requests, based on the feedback received.

    As a result of the responses and feedback from students and staff, the College Executive and leadership have confirmed that students will be permitted to select items from the full range of the new wardrobe on a daily basis, as well as for formal occasions, such as School Photos and Celebration Evenings etc.

    The College blazer will be still be required for all students in Years 5-12 as the outer garment, and students from Prep-Year 4 will be required to wear their choice of knitwear (jumper, cardigan or vest). The anorak can be worn as the outer garment for Junior School students, along with the item of knitwear.

    The details of the updates have been added to the FAQs on the ‘Our new mix and match wardrobe’ page on our College website, along with some updated story-boards. You can access the updates here.

    We are pleased that some garments have arrived in the uniform shop and others are well into production. A delay in the manufacturing of the dresses has been addressed by the manufacturer by sourcing a Geelong based company to produce these items. We now remain hopeful that we will have a full range available in January, as previously expected.

    Christian College Geelong Senior Ensembles Showcase 2021

    Christian College Geelong Senior Ensembles Showcase 2021

    Featuring students Years 7 – 12 from Bellarine, Highton & Senior Campus’

    Regularly in October the College Community would gather in Costa Hall for the Annual Combined Campus Music Evening featuring hundreds of students from years Prep to 12, sharing their music in a huge annual celebration.

    During the interruptions of the pandemic our College Ensemble program has continued to provide opportunities for students to engage in group music making and creative expression from years Prep to 12.

    The College’s Senior Ensembles feature in this recorded Concert. The Senior Choir, Strings, Stage Band and Wind Symphony will each perform a selection of their 2021 repertoire……. these groups have had extended periods of not being able to rehearse or perform and are so excited to have the opportunity to share their music with family, friends, and community through this presentation.

    Here we also acknowledge the graduating Year 12 musicians. Many of them have been involved in the music program since Junior School but others have joined us later in their school journey. Please see program details below. The Music Faculty staff congratulates the student musicians for their work and proudly presents this ‘Showcase’ to the College Community.

    Fiona Gardner

    Director of Music – Teaching and Learning on Behalf of the Music Faculty Staff

    A MYTERN Thought for the Week

    If you find yourself alone on the road, it doesn’t mean you are going in the “wrong” direction, or that you have made the “wrong” decision.It just means that you are expanding YOUR map and not just settling for the roads of others.This is your unique journey, so embrace it 👍😊