From the Vice Principal

Resumption of activities

Over the past two weeks, the COVID-19 Operational Guidelines for schools have relaxed somewhat, allowing us to re-engage with a variety of activities across our campuses, which have been welcomed by staff and students alike. It has been fabulous to see our Year 9 girls return to Back Creek Farm, the Year 8 GEOS Camps and Senior Outdoor and Environmental Studies Camps providing a much-needed time for students to learn in the outdoors and enjoy building relationships with each other. These are pivotal experiences for our young people, creating lasting memories, but also rich multi-disciplinary learning opportunities. However, more importantly, after spending so much time at home in lockdown, it has been valuable for our young people to be active in the outdoors, away from technology and appreciating the peace and quiet of nature. The benefits of re-connecting socially within peer groups has also been the cornerstone of these rich outdoor experiences.

Along with camps, various sporting pursuits have also recommenced in recent weeks, as have learning experiences for enrichment and enhancement, music ensembles have been rehearsing and we are beginning to find our rhythm and return to some semblance of normality with all students being on-site at each of campuses. The hustle and bustle of life on campus has been a joy to both observe and experience; it is palpable, as the students really are the heartbeat of our College.


End of Year events

As we traverse Term 4, we also cast an eye forward to a variety of upcoming major events. As in 2020, it has been incredibly challenging to activate our planning and make firm decisions regarding major events, due to the COVID-19 guidelines within which schools must comply. As a general rule, we are able to facilitate activities and events involving only students and staff, however, the moment we wish to introduce parents, visitors, or outside guests, the guidelines change significantly. Therefore, we have made the decision to deliver the vast majority of our end of year events for 2021 via video links, allowing you to watch them collectively as a family in the comfort of your own homes. We have commenced filming a variety of segments around our campuses that will contribute to various compilations. All families will receive the ‘link’ to view each video on the launch date. The first release will be our virtual Art, Technology and Design Festival, showcasing the amazing creative works from our students in Kinder through to Year 12. The festival will be launched to families on 19 November – see the article in this week’s Vine, with further details to come next week. Our annual Celebration Evenings for each of our College campuses will also be captured on video and shared with families in the final weeks of term.

We are pleased that our Year 12 students will have the opportunity to attend a ‘live’ Graduation Service with their peers, Senior School Staff and a limited number of guests. This event is scheduled for Sunday 21st November, outdoors, at the Geelong Racecourse. The grit and resilience of our Year 12s to maintain their focus and resolve throughout two years of COVID-interrupted studies, has simply been outstanding. We are looking forward to celebrating our Year 12 cohort and I encourage you to keep them in your prayers as they complete their final exams next week.


Choosing joy

In the midst of uncertainty and challenging times, I am reminded that we can choose joy. To choose joy does not mean to choose happy feelings or an artificial atmosphere of hilarity. But it does mean the determination to let whatever takes place, bring us one step closer to the God of life. When you hope, be joyful. When you suffer, be patient. When you pray, be faithful. Romans 12:12 (NIRV)


Scott Elliss

Vice Principal



Remembrance Day Service 2021

Yesterday our Bellarine Campus participated in the Remembrance Day Service around our flagpole.

The students once again were shown the importance of this Remembrance Day commemoration to our local community and the world at large.

Year 3 students placed a hand-made poppy at the foot of the flagpole with the Australian flag flying above them. Other students were involved in the laying of a wreath, raising the flag and the music aspect of the service by playing the Last Post and the Rouse.

The students were respectful and showed an understanding of the significance of the day and the tremendous sacrifices that have been made for all of us.

Grandparents and Special Friends

Around about this time each year we as a Junior School at the Bellarine Campus would usually open our classrooms and invite our Grandparents and Special Friends to come in, spend some time with us and enjoy a morning tea in their honour. Unfortunately, due to COVID regulations, we have been unable to do this for a couple of years. In considering different ways for us to continue our connection with these special members of our extended family we decided that if they couldn’t come to us, with a little creative help from Mrs. Potiriadis, we would arrange to go to them.

So, leading up to this week, preparations for this event have been in full swing. Grandparents and Special Friends have received invitations from the Prep – Year 4 students, links to a Junior School slideshow and Choir performance and even a little snack for them to enjoy with a cup of tea. Everything we think they’ll need for a time of entertainment and delight.

We hope that the special people in our students’ lives enjoy being able to share a little of life in the Junior School at Christian College Bellarine and look forward to a time when we can once again welcome them back to visit us in person.

Orientation Day Arrangements 2022

An Orientation experience for current students attending Christian College Bellarine in Prep to Year 8 has been arranged for Tuesday, 23rd November 2021. This orientation experience has been structured within the COVID-19 Operation Guidelines for Victorian schools to ensure the wellbeing and safety of our students and community. Unfortunately, the most recent Operations Guide requires schools to continue to avoid mixing of students across various educational sites, due to the transmission risk and contact tracing implications. Therefore, the orientation program arrangements for 2022 include alternative opportunities to connect with our new students and families joining our Bellarine Campus community.

The orientation experience is designed to generate excitement for students as they look ahead to their continued learning journey in 2022 at the Bellarine Campus. Students will participate in a variety of activities within their new homeroom group during Period 1 to Period 3 on this day. Students will return to their 2021 classes after recess for the remainder of the day (for Middle School students, this will be at 11.30am).

Current Year 9 students will continue in their Rural and Transformation studies on this day.

Students not returning to Christian College Bellarine in 2022 are not required to attend school before recess on Tuesday, 23rd November.


Year 5 News and Artefacts

Year 5 students at the Bellarine campus have been learning about the Victorian gold rushes and Eureka Stockade. We explored the importance of these events on the history of Victoria and impact they had on the way we live today. The students were tasked with creating an artefact that would have been found on the goldfields. Some of their artefacts included the Eureka Flag, Chinese pillows, gold pouches, pocket fob watches and scales used to measure the weight of the gold.

The students also wrote a number of newspaper articles around topics that were relevant to this period of time. We studied the structure of articles and looked at how a newspaper would have looked in the 1850s. Each student was placed in a group that came up with their own newspaper, naming it and writing major articles about the important events of this time.

It was fabulous to see some of the students’ learning brought to life and watch them be creative with their thinking.

Middle School Celebration Evening

Students have been working diligently on a number of amazing projects that will be featured in this year’s Middle School Celebration Evening. From musical items, art installations and house recognition to poetry writing and market day innovations, students are delving into their projects to celebrate an amazing year at Bellarine Campus. Take a look at some action shots from our recent activities; Bellarine orchestra rehearsals, Market Day promotions, Year 5 music program rehearsals and the Year 7 art installation.

We look forward to screening our Middle School Celebration Evening to families on Tuesday 30th November.

An interview with Eva and Charlie about Japanese Summer Camp

Eva Hoe (Year 5) and Charlie Gregory (Year 6) both participated in the Asia/Pacific Childrens’ Convention Bridge Virtual Summer Camp. Usually, the camp is held in Japan, and Christian College Geelong students have previously attended it. However, this year it was held online. To explain the camp, Eva and Charlie answered these interview questions.

What was the Bridge Virtual Summer Camp?

Charlie: It was a Japanese online international forum held over many weekends. We were able to connect with students from 32 other countries and study sustainable development goals that will help our planet.

Eva: We made friends with many students and had many conversations with them. We learnt about their cultures and how they live in their county.

What Japanese language did you learn?

Eva: We learnt our names in hiragana script. The Japanese students said our names and wrote them in hiragana. Then we wrote down and learnt everybody’s names in hiragana.

What did you learn about Japan and Japanese culture?

Charlie: We learnt a lot about the religions and values of Japan. Especially things like table manners, laws and what you should and should not do. We also learnt about the popular tourist spots and good places to visit.

How will your participation in the camp help your future study of Japanese?

Eva: If I go to Japan, I already know some people there and it would be fun to meet up with them. I also learnt Japanese language that will be useful in the future.

Charlie: If I go to Japan, the camp program has prepared me for a lot of things related to how I should interact with Japanese people and the culture. As I now know people there, I can visit my new friends and have somewhere to stay.

The LOTE faculty would like to congratulate Eva and Charlie, as well as their families, for their commitment toward the camp program. みんなさん、たいへんよくできました。Minnasan, taihen yoku dekimashita! (Really well done everybody!)

Under 10 Rookie Boys Christian College Eagles Basketball

Christian College Eagles Basketball Club afterschool program, with Bellarine Peninsula Basketball Association commenced this week. We had our Under 10 Rookies boys play their first game together on Wednesday, the start of summer season with a close one-point win against Seagulls Thunder. Boys are coached by CC Eagles Basketball Club Life Member, Robert Aherne.

All smiles from the following players: Jamison Bull, Jethro Burns, Mac Smith, Greyson Peck, Oscar Underwood, Michael Shava, Roy Weng and Finn Leighton.

Humanities Excursion to Kryal Castle

On Friday 5th November the Year 8 students (from both the Bellarine and Highton campuses) ventured to Kryal Castle in Leigh Creek (just outside of Ballarat) as part of their studies of the Middle Ages in History.

The students enjoyed participating in various medieval activities including apothecary, leatherwork, arms and armour and sword training, enhancing their knowledge of various aspects of Medieval society.

A great time was had by all with many students expressing an interest in returning to Kryal Castle of their own accord in the near future.

Visual Communication Design – Promotional Item

As part of their Communication Design unit, the Year 8 Visual Communication Design class have created original concepts for a skateboard deck, and this week they added the finishing touches for their design.

The students used the design process to help them first identify a target audience, then create a design that promoted an individual or a company in some way. They have used a combination of media and materials to complete their designs, including spray paint, stencils, printed images, acrylic paint and posca pens.

And the best part…they can keep their skateboard decks as a reminder of their learning!

Art, Technology and Design Festival

Next Friday is the launch of our Art, Technology and Design Festival!

This will be the second year running where this event takes place online – and we are excited about bringing to the College community such a fantastic range of creative talent – across all our levels: Early Learning to Year 12.

Over the past few months, we have been curating the 2021 collection, which is drawn from all the various Art, Technology and Design subjects offered across our campuses. Featuring many different visual art styles and hundreds of examples of outstanding creative work, photographers, videographers and editors have been busy constructing a great range of multimedia presentations, so we can bring this year’s Festival to our College community.

The Art, Technology and Design Festival launches on Friday November 19. It will be accessible online via a link on the Christian College homepage. Visit, and be amazed!

Order Your East Timor Calendar Now!

The 2022 East Timor calendar is due to arrive soon! Proceeds from sales will enable funding for 16 University scholarships. Each year Christian College sponsors four new university scholarships, and we are excited this year that these students will come from our very own Uma Maun Alin volunteers.

You can pre-order and pay for your calendar now by calling any one of our campuses and paying over the phone via EFTPOS. They will be available for collection in the next two to three weeks.


A MYTERN Thought for the Week

Viewing what you may judge as a failure from a different perspective, has the power to change everything.Don’t see it as telling you who you aren’t .See it as guiding you towards who you could be 😉😊