From the Principal

It’s so good to see our community back together

What a joy it was today to have all year levels return onsite after what we all hope will be the final phase of CL@H (Continuous Learning at Home). Hearing the bustle of busyness in the yard and in classrooms this morning gave a warm sense of normality following recent disruptions and large amounts of time spent apart as a community. The students and their teachers have once again demonstrated remarkable focus to maintain consistent levels of learning and connection under these challenging circumstances.

Congratulations Year 12

This week our Year 12 students participated in activities to celebrate the completion of their final year as students at Christian College. The week provided the staff and College leaders with many opportunities to mark this milestone and to share our praise for these young people for their tremendous achievement in completing their studies over the two years of the global pandemic. For example, whilst sharing the traditional signing of the brick walls in the Clock Tower, it was heart-warming to hear the positive reflections and memories that the students expressed, and to hear many talking about how they feel they had grown through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. A breakfast together with the Senior School staff, coupled with the final service and traditional farewell parade on Wednesday, was a fitting send off for the Class of 2021. The College has purchased a tree that will be planted, together with an appropriate plaque, to commemorate the resilience, courage and perseverance of this class. They and their families should feel very proud of the way they have conducted themselves. We pray for them as many now make final preparations for their exams and turn their minds to the future. May God continue to watch over and bless each one.

World Teachers’ Day

Next Friday 29 October we celebrate World Teachers’ Day in Australia. After the past two years, it is fitting that I take this opportunity to praise and commend the passionate, dedicated and highly talented colleagues whom I have the privilege to serve alongside in the provision of the education and care of our students. Christian College teachers are renowned for going the extra mile for their students and for each other.

The relationships, and the exemplary teaching and learning experiences that our teachers provide, in and outside of the classroom, is something to note and celebrate. I encourage students and families to consider how you might take the opportunity next Friday to encourage our staff in some small way for all that they have given to our community over the past two years in particular.

Launch of the new College Wardrobe

This week we had the exciting launch of our new student wardrobe. It has been very encouraging to receive an overwhelmingly positive response to the new range, as well as some helpful and constructive feedback. I again offer my apologies for the elements of this process which created discomfort or caused concern for some members of our College community. Please know that as a result of communication we have received from within our community, a decision has been made to extend the transition period, and allow all students the choice of wearing the current uniform or the new wardrobe throughout the next three years until the commencement of 2025. We have been receiving your feedback and questions via the dedicated email address and this will remain the means of direct communication with families until Friday 12th of November. The feedback is being collated and will be shared with the Review Team. This link will take you to the launch website for those that have not seen the new wardrobe. This page will be updated as physical items of clothing become available and we can include photos and videos to show you more of the range.

Thankfulness and Kindness

Over the last two weeks I have had the need to undergo various tests, and to attend several medical appointments, including a visit to emergency. As I navigated this process, I have had time to observe the amazing people who work in our healthcare system. I have felt a deep sense of gratitude and thankfulness toward those who dedicate their lives to care for our community. After one of the tests this week, I offered my sincere thanks to one of the nurses caring for me. Nothing special or over the top; just a natural expression of my gratitude. My words brought tears to her eyes, and even though her face was behind a mask I could see that she was emotional. She thanked me for being kind, explaining that it had been a tough week. She was thankful that I had shared my gratitude.

Ever since that moment, I have pondered her response, as it has caused me to wonder how I might continue to do this, more regularly, for others; for those who serve me a coffee, take my money when I purchase fuel, work in the supermarket, and so on.

Mother Teresa so wisely once said, “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”

Emerging from the challenges of lockdown and starting to see greater interaction in our communities will provide each of us with the opportunity to show kindness to others. I am genuinely thankful for the healthcare that I have been receiving from those looking after me over the past few weeks, and I’m glad that I was able to show my appreciation. I had not anticipated how much that appreciation would mean to the person on the receiving end – and I am now encouraged to deliberately look for the next opportunity to sincerely express my gratitude to someone else.

Be kind and stay well.



Message from the Head of Campus

On a beautiful spring day, it has been wonderful to welcome back to the Bellarine Campus all students and staff for the first time in quite a while. We look ahead excitedly to final seven weeks of Term 4 together.

In ordinary circumstances, at this time we would be sharing information with our families regarding orientation and transition programs for the 2022 school year. Unfortunately, the present Victorian Schools (COVIDSafe) Operations Guide does not permit on-site transition programs. The purpose of our Orientation program is to provide an opportunity for new and current students to meet new classmates and teachers, allowing students to familiarise themselves with their school and class environment, establish the foundations of class communities and look forward to life and learning at the Bellarine Campus for the year ahead.

The College anticipates receiving revised Victorian Schools Operations Guide in the coming weeks, in line with the full return to on-site learning for all students. The College is planning accordingly for a transition and orientation program later in the term within the constraints of the government guidelines and we look forward to sharing these details with you soon.

In the interim, should you have any questions as to the transition process, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at the Bellarine Campus. I thank you for your understanding and wish you well at this time.


  • Art for the Heart

    Chris Uphues is a contemporary Pop Artist who loves to create fun and happy cartoon inspired characters to spread joy and happiness to others around the world.

    Uphues lives in America and has painted a lot of public art works on walls, shop fronts and around different city streets in his country.

    Bellarine art students were inspired by this Pop Art style and created their own expressive characters. It was a great opportunity to build upon knowledge and skills in drawing and to consider how important the shapes of eyes and mouths are in creating different facial expressions and feelings.

    Some wonderful ‘Art for the Heart’ pieces have been produced by year 3 and 4 art students.

    Book Week Parade 2021

    The excitement was building in the air at the beginning of the week as Junior School staff and students discussed costumes, past winners, and reflected on previous Book Week Parades!

    After having to postpone our Annual Book Week Parade in Term 3, it was a delight to roll out the red carpet on Tuesday morning. Balloons were filled with helium, the Spotify Book Week Parade playlist was perfectly chosen, and the winning Picture Story Book for 2021 was about to be announced! It was exciting to see all the students and teachers create wonderful, funny and detailed costumes from the stories that they love. As we gathered as a Junior School on the oval outside the Library, I was greeted by Prep-Year 4 classes arriving, dancing along to the music.

    This year we revealed clues in the lead up to the announcement of the CBCA Picture Story Book winner for 2021. Mr Kennedy, aka the birthday boy from Your Birthday was the Best, helped us work through the clues together. Mr Kennedy worked quickly to make the words How to make a Bird, the beautiful story by Meg McKinlay, illustrated by Matt Ottley. We enjoyed another dance out in the fresh air with the friends and teachers we have missed over the last term.

    Thank you for going to an amazing effort to create costumes for your children. The support of all involved highlights the importance of books, reading, and stories, and all the love and joy they give us. I am still smiling thinking about the opportunity we had to celebrate this together.


    The Show Goes on- Year 9 Drama news

    The Year 9 Drama elective students have spent this last term exploring and workshopping a range of theatre styles including Greek and Elizabethan theatre. They learnt about the conventions of each style and how to perform characters particular to the style. We spent some weeks blocking and rehearsing a Greek theatre parody called Agatha Rex but sadly lockdown prevented us from actually getting to perform. Regardless, the students learnt about the process of directing, blocking scenes and becoming part of a chorus in ensemble theatre.  Our final performance style was melodrama and the students engaged in creating wildly exaggerated archetypes such as the ‘villain’, the ‘heroine’ and ‘the victim’. It was wonderful to be back in the drama space with the students this last two weeks as they finally got an opportunity to put on the floor, the ideas they had been generating during the last few weeks of CL@H.

    Christian College Geelong – Cross Campus Musical Production 2022

    Shrek the Musical

    Everyone knows Shrek- the story of the ogre who just wants to be left alone but finds himself the saviour of all fairy tale creatures, on a quest to rescue an imprisoned princess accompanied by a very very talkative donkey. We are very excited to announce that ‘Shrek the Musical’ will be our cross-campus production for 2022.

    Students from Years 7 – 11 (2021) from Highton and Bellarine Middle Schools, and the Senior Campus are invited to audition. We are seeking a cast of 50-60 students to play the colourful list of characters; including principal and support cast such as Shrek, Fiona and Donkey, as well as ensemble fairy tale and Duloc townsfolk.

    Auditions will commence in early November; separate auditions will be held for those wishing to audition for a principal or supporting role and those wanting to be in the ensemble only. We hope to have casting completed in time for a read through of the script in the first week of December. Rehearsals will be held at the Senior Campus on Tuesday afternoons from 4.45-6.45 and Thursdays 4-6pm. Students must also be available for list of rehearsal dates on certain Sundays and student free days.

    Please consider all details in the attached document before registering to audition. Students may register to audition via the online survey provided here up until Monday, November 1st.

    Link to audition registration here

    Fiona Gardner – Co- Producer Shrek the Musical 2022 on behalf of Mandy Calderwood and the Production team

    Shrek Information Letter:

    Sport news

    As summer approaches and our traditional community sports get ready for the new season, we are excited to promote two emerging sports that are offering ‘come and try’ opportunities for our young students.

    The Geelong Gaelic Football Club are holding Sunday ‘come and try’ sessions at Hurst Reserve, Herne Hill from 10am each week through October and November. This is a great game with some very good coaching being offered by the Club. For more details, please contact youthdevelopment.geelonggaels@gmail.com

    Lacrosse Victoria are providing a participation program in a ‘all abilities, family-friendly’ environment at Banyul Warri fields in Torquay, beginning Monday 15th November at 6:45pm-7:45pm. Interested students will need to sign up to participate in this Lacrosse program, which costs $40 for 5 weeks of coaching. Your Campus Sport Coordinator or HPE teacher will have details on how to register for this program.

    For further information on these sporting opportunities, please contact your Campus Sport Coordinator or HPE teacher.


    Lacrosse Participant Flyer – Torquay Dates:
    Gaelic Football 'Come and Try' Geelong Gaels:
    View Download

    Operation Christmas Child

    At Christian College Bellarine we have been a fantastic supporter of the Good Samaritan’s Operation Christmas Child for a number of years. Over the years, our College community has blessed hundreds of children around the world with a shoe box packed with love. Once again, we invite families to join us to fill boxes to help us share the joy of Christmas with those children who may otherwise receive nothing. Families can participate in the Operation Christmas Child campaign by purchasing and filling a box, donating items towards a box, and or a monetary donation that would be used towards postage.

    We encourage you to watch the linked video that allows you to see first-hand the impact the gift of a shoe box can have on an individual. The Operation Christmas Child site is a great resource to look for donation ideas, understand the process and track the box you donate!

    The document ‘How to Pack a Shoe Box’ is a great reference when packing your shoe box. This document is in the pack you will receive when you purchase a shoe box.

    Shoe boxes can be purchased at the student office for 50 cents. All donations can be brought to your child’s Homeroom. When postage is paid for online you can also track your box and watch where it travels to.

    Last year, due to Covid 19, we were not able to support this great cause. It would be so good to know that we are able to make Christmas joyful for children around the world who would otherwise receive nothing. These children will not only receive a gift but will also have the opportunity to hear about the love of Jesus, possibly for the first time.

    Boxes that have been filled are due back to school by no later than Friday 29 October.

    Order Your East Timor Calendar Now!

    The 2022 East Timor calendar is due to arrive soon! Proceeds from sales will enable funding for 16 University scholarships. Each year Christian College sponsors four new university scholarships, and we are excited this year that these students will come from our very own Uma Maun Alin volunteers.

    You can pre-order and pay for your calendar now by calling any one of our campuses and paying over the phone via EFTPOS. They will be available for collection in the next two to three weeks.


    A MYTERN Message for the Week

    Every detour that you believe you are forced to take …which feels away from your destination…is a chance to gain more experience.

    Know that this is the perfect route for you….allowing you to arrive at your destination, equipped with the knowledge and skills you need for this part of your journey 👍😊