From the Chaplain

This week the Year 7 students in Wellbeing were involved in an online Teams church service. The students were introduced to this service by way of the teachers, Aaron Loats, Victoria Kent, Fiona Longfield and Andrew Tucker joining a Teams meeting and allowing their respective year 7 homerooms to become the congregation.

The students were introduced to the order of service which involved songs, a Bible reading, a short talk about a Bible character and the story’s relevance to the students and then the students were further introduced to Communion whereby this was explained and demonstrated in a way that was respectful and meaningful.

  • Bellarine Campus Canteen Service

    The Bellarine Campus weekly canteen service, which has been kindly supported by the Bungalow Restaurant on a Friday, will not be available to families for the remainder of 2021, due to various operational constraints. As we look ahead to 2022, and are hopeful of a different operational climate, we will communicate to families arrangements for a canteen service at the Bellarine Campus.


    Music is the Most Wonderful way to Connect With one Another.

    Many instrumental music staff and students have enjoyed being back together at school this week with a renewed excitement for the special one-on-one lessons we have the joy of sharing. I popped in to visit different lessons and ensembles this week to hear some amazing music coming from our campus’ wonderful musicians. Learning an instrument is not only great fun, but it is proven to be a great contributor to the development of a young person’s brain and improve how they approach all areas of their life. This week as many of our amazing Year 12 musicians are completing final performance exams, some of our youngest students are starting their journey on an instrument. We wish for all families to have a wonderful experience with music whether they are at the beginning of their journey, or coming to the end of a season of music making at our school. The Music Faculty looks forward to some great upcoming performances as we move towards the end of another amazing year of achievements.

    Watching it Grow

    This term the Preps are learning all about the world of plants. To introduce the plant lifecycle, the Preps have been very busy planting their own garden in the school vegetable patch. There were many rich discussions about what a plant needs to survive and how we can make our own garden flourish. As you can imagine, the Preps were very excited to get their hands dirty by digging, planting and watering. This practical experience will lead onto further investigations in the classroom where we will be looking at the different types of plants, the function of each part of the plant and the many different uses of plants in our world. The Preps are looking forward to noticing the changes that their plants go through as they grow into something they might even be able to eat!

    It’s All About ‘Time’ in Year 1

    The Year 1s began their Time unit playing the classic game, What’s The Time Mr/Mrs Wolf? After gauging their understandings of time, they participated in lots of hands-on activities to help them to consolidate time concepts, whether it was reading an analogue clock or estimating the duration of various activities. They particularly loved ordering and miming everyday tasks to their peers and using timers to see what they could build from Lego in one, five, and 10 minutes.

  • Year 2 Investigations

    Year 2 students are eagerly preparing to showcase their Investigations learning later in the term. This week students refined their use of ‘loops’ to repeat programs and introduced delayed starts to their programming. In Art the children have been working on some special additions to make their NXT robots engaging and exciting to watch!

    Year 7 and 8 Drama Elective: Superheroes and Storytelling

    Superheroes are everywhere. From Spiderman to Wonder Woman, The Incredibles to the X-Men. They abound in films, television, and books. We love to cheer them on as they battle the ‘bad guys’, and we marvel at their amazing feats of strength, bravery, and leadership. In the Year 7 Drama elective this term we are looking to develop our knowledge and skills of the melodrama genre specifically through a focus on heroes and villains.

    This week, students have started to develop a character profile for their very own hero. This will help them develop a three-dimensional character. As comic book writer Stan Lee says, “Superheroes are just like you and me. They have problems like you and me. The only difference is that they also, often, have some sort of power or ability”. We will add to this with a focus in coming weeks on sidekicks, as well as villains, before devising small group performance pieces.

    In Year 8, we were also blessed to be back on site for Drama this week as we focus on learning that will take us from the page to the stage. This week, we worked to incorporate some non-natural performance elements like tableau (freeze frame) and looped movement to recreate scenes from Shaun Tan’s picture book The Lost Thing.

    Later this term, students will create, develop then perform a non-naturalistic adaptation of a picture storybook of their choosing. We were able to prequel this learning during CL@H last week with students devising monologues as characters from a book they had available to them at home.

    Students should be so very proud of what they’ve been able to achieve whilst learning from home and I can’t wait to see how they are now able to extend that knowledge and those skills back on site.


    Year 7 Visual Art – Wire and Modroc Construction

    The Year 7 Visual Arts students were excited to be back in the Art room this week making wonderful and messy creations! They are exploring sculpture as an art form and will be creating their own small sculptures to be combined into a special installation project.

    The students created tiny test pieces first, getting to know the mediums of wire and Modroc (plaster coated bandages). They were then given a theme to respond to and designed their own original sculpture in response to the theme.

    Each student’s designed sculpture will form part of a larger scale installation and the combined finished artwork is sure to ‘flourish’…more to come on that later.

    Energetic Year 8 Science Students

    The energy was palpable in the Science laboratories this week as our Year 8 students returned to the Science laboratories for some of their lessons. They have been studying a Physics unit about energy, focusing on potential and kinetic energy groups, which are comprised of a range of energy types. It was wonderful to hear sound energy, in the form of happy student voices, being emitted from the rooms, as they discussed and investigated energy transformation and transfer. We look forward to many more lessons in the laboratories, where the students can engage in their studies, alongside their peers and teachers.

    Worldview Elective – Year 9

    This week the Year 9 Indonesian, Japanese and Worldview students gathered at The Barn to enjoy each other’s company and some delicious Indonesian and Japanese food. It was so lovely to see them laughing and chatting with their friends while munching on new flavours and textures.

    A MYTERN Thought for the Week

    Giving is a wonderful way to regain control of your steering wheel.

    To give unconditionally is a blessing for not only the person receiving, but for the giver as well.

    The best gifts are usually the ones you can’t wrap – a hug, a smile, or a kind thought/message.

    Who can you give to today? 😊