Future Enrolments

For Deputy Heads of Campus, Mrs Pam McKeeman and Mr Andrew Platt, and me, it is a real privilege as part of our roles to meet with prospective families and conduct tours around our Bellarine Campus, sharing with them the rich and authentic learning program that takes place in each classroom with your young person on a daily basis.

A tour of the Bellarine Campus provides each prospective family with a genuine ‘feel’ of everyday life and learning at our campus, and that’s something that really has to be seen and experienced firsthand to gain a full understanding and appreciation.

As we come to the end of the first term for 2022, is has been wonderful to have had the opportunity to meet and talk with many prospective families as to their educational aspirations for their children. We feel both excited and privileged that many families are seeking a Christian College education at all year levels. In particular, Years Prep, 5 and 7 are filling quickly for next year.

As a family within our school, should you be aware of other friends and family who may be considering future educational opportunities for their children, please encourage them to come and visit us for a tour, to experience for themselves the learning program, culture and ethos of Christian College Bellarine. Similarly, if siblings of current students have not yet had a tour of our Campus, or completed an enrolment application, to ensure a place for them I encourage parents to promptly book a tour.

Every Day is an Open Day at Christian College. To make a tour booking, please click ‘Book a Tour’ on our website homepage

Please note, along with all other campuses, we are also opening on a day during May (10th for Bellarine Campus) when interested parents and others can visit between 9:30am and 12:00pm with no booking required. See separate article below.

Have you Taken the 5-Minute Cyber Safety Parenting Quiz?

With school holidays almost upon us, now is a great time for parents to review their approach and strategies around managing screen time and technology in the home. Not sure where to start? Family Zone has free parent webinars on ‘Managing Screen Time During School Holidays’, ‘Popular Games and Their Dangers’ and many other topics available via their events page.

Did you know that our new Online Safety Hub from Family Zone also has a helpful quiz to support parents with this?

Complete the cyber safety parenting quiz to receive a safety rating for your family and useful hints and tips on areas that you can focus on to keep your family safe online. Why not complete an audit of your home’s cyber safety and get advice on how to improve it and keep your loved ones safe?

Access the Cyber Safety Parenting Quiz

School holidays are a great time for having constructive conversations with young people about their technology use and referring to the tips and feedback from the parent quiz may be a useful way to begin such a conversation with your child.


Preps Find Treasure

Maths came alive for the Preps when a mystery had to be solved: Where is the missing treasure? Through the Position and Location unit, the Preps developed a wide range of vocabulary to describe the position and direction of something. Clues were hidden around the school and squeals of delight were heard as they applied their positional language correctly and found the next clue. Some clues told the children to look behind the tree, on top of the door and walk in between the vegetable patch. The children were thrilled when they eventually found the hidden treasure on the oval. Lollipops!


Rich Learning During Year 5 Mathematics

Our Year 5 students have been enthusiastically challenging themselves during our Math Pathways Rich Task this term. They have enjoyed the opportunity to think differently and collaborate with their peers to investigate new maths problems. This week, our students enjoyed working collaboratively to create squarable numbers, making conjectures as they went.

Backup Your Devices and Protect Your Data

World Backup Day is 31 March. The day to backup and better protect your data. 

The Act Now Stay Secure Campaign is encouraging all Australians to back up their most important documents and precious memories and encourage their family and friends to do the same.  

Backing up your data makes it faster and easier to restore your files if they become lost, stolen, or compromised. So, to ensure your documents are secure, it is vital that all Australians and Australian businesses backup their data.   

Staff and students at Christian College are already using OneDrive Cloud services for schoolwork files, but this is still a timely reminder about the importance of this.  

What can you do? 

The ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Centre) has developed 3 Step-By-Step guides to help you learn how to back up the data on your personal computers, phones or tablets to the cloud, or external hard drives. These include:  

Take the Backups Quiz to test yourself on your knowledge and view our learning resources to understand how to back up your files and protect yourself from data theft or ransomware 

Source: www.cyber.gov.au 

Shrek – The Musical

Rehearsals for the college production of Shrek the Musical are nearing the final weeks and cast and orchestra are excited to see the show steadily coming together. It has been wonderful to be back together in the rehearsal space and we are all looking forward to our opening night, when the students can share the fruits of their many hours of creative labour. Shrek is a very family friendly show about love and friendship and finding your place in the world and its upbeat and memorable musical score is bound to leave audiences humming along as they leave the theatre.

Shrek the Musical is being performed for six shows only in the W.R Gibson Music Performance Centre at Senior campus, with dates and times listed below.

Thursday 12th May – Preview 12.30pm
Thursday 12th May – Opening Night 7.00pm

Friday 13th May – Matinee 12.30pm
Friday 13th May – Evening 7.00pm

Saturday 14th May – Matinee 12.30pm
Saturday 14th May – Evening 5.30pm

Ticket Price: Adult $35 Student/Child $25

Tickets can be purchased through the Music Administration office – phone 5241 1577 from Monday 4th April-Friday 8th April in school hours, and then from the commencement of term 2, Wednesday27th April. Seating is very limited and the College community is encouraged to book early to avoid disappointment. This year to offset the limited seating, we are offering matinee performances on Thursday and Friday at 12.30pm.

As per government guidelines, parents, carers and other adult visitors (excluding students) must be able to show evidence of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine or have a valid medical exception.

We can’t wait to share the show with you!

Year 9 OES – Surfing and Coastal Environments

Using surfing as a means of outdoor recreation to better understand our coastal environments, students have been eagerly honing their skills while increasing their ability to read everchanging weather variables in order to predict surfing conditions. Identifying risks and hazards in open water environments and using data from beach safety surveys conducted with year 5 and 6 students, the 9s have been busy planning beach safety lessons they will soon deliver to their younger peers. Our most recent excursions have included learning about the history and development of surfboard shaping technology. Today, one group explored local coastlines to better understand the composition of these and the human uses of these areas over time from an Indigenous lens right through to what the future holds for these precious ecosystems. 

Year 8 Marine Studies – Underwater Exploration on the Bellarine 

The Year 8 Marine Studies students have engaged in practical snorkelling experiences and theoretical activities to develop their interest and knowledge of the marine environment, marine species and their classifications and adaptations. This term’s practical snorkelling sessions have been undertaken at locations around the Bellarine Peninsula. We have been fortunate to experience a range of snorkel locations as determined by the weather conditions, from Springs Beach in Pt Lonsdale, to St Leonards pier, to the Ozone Wreck in Indented Heads and the Dell in Clifton Springs. Last week’s weather conditions permitted a snorkel to the Glenus intertidal reef in Point Lonsdale due to the extra low tide, light winds and low swell and we were fortunate to have excellent water clarity. Due to the extra low tide students were able to observe the structures of the basalt reef that are the foundation of this ecosystem. The soft sponges and algae were closely visible as well as a diverse range of fauna. Sea sweep, zebra fish, blue throat wrasse, abalone and other marine invertebrates were commonly sighted.  

Students will engage in a marine studies dissection to investigate and observe physiological structures and adaptations. Next term’s exploration will take place from a warm and dry perspective, as we move into the colder months of the year. We look forward to visiting the Queenscliff Marine and Fresh Water Discovery Centre, investigating local intertidal zones and conducting a research inquiry task. Enjoy reading about the learning and highlights from some of our students… 

“I enjoyed observing marine species and ecosystems. I observed the behavioural adaptations of the juvenile leather jackets as they swam in groups to be more dominant against predators. These leather jackets are found amongst the sea grass meadows and in shallower water to be in a safe environment. Throughout the snorkel session I become more comfortable snorkelling and it was enjoyable doing it as a class. I learnt the duck diving technique by imitating others and developed my understanding of the marine environment.”

William Hannaford  

“I enjoyed getting to see different reefs and how the ecosystems support the marine life. I was amazed to see what the marine environment offered so close to where I live, I am interested to observe these areas again in my own time. It was interesting to see how man-made features such as the Ozone wreck had been overtaken by the wildlife and provided them with a safe habitat.”

Chloe Hall  

Year 8 Textiles 

The students have had a great time, participating in a model illustration session. Students have also been busy making their first article to practise sewing and applique` skills. Some chose to make a drawstring bag or pin cushion. In Term 2 students will choose a major article to sew for their final product. 

  • Project Care – Shoe Boxes of Love

    All of the students at Christian College are encouraged to recognise that they belong to a global community, and to understand their responsibility to positively contribute to the lives of others, particularly, to those in need.

    Isaiah Chapter 1 encourages us to, ‘Learn to do good. Work for justice. Help the down-and-out. Stand up for the homeless. Go to bat for the defenseless’. In doing this, we all seek to follow Jesus’ example of serving and loving others.

    Our Project Care leaders this term are working with class groups to display their heart for others and a passion to help those affected by the recent floods in both New South Wales and Queensland. They are encouraging students from all year levels to participate in filling a ‘Shoe Box of Love’.

    This project has some similarities to the Christmas Child boxes that students fill closer to Christmas. However, with ‘Shoe Boxes of Love’ they can choose a baby, child or adult of any age to buy for, as long as the box is labelled with the gender and the age intended. No need to seal the box as these will be checked by the Box of Love Organisation. Please see the attached files for ideas for your boxes and more information on this great organisation.

    Our date to return your filled boxes to your home room class to be counted is Monday the 4th of April. We look forward to assisting you to be part of loving and supporting those families so terribly affected.

    Shoe Box of Love Information:
    View Download
    Shoe Box of Love Suggested Items:
    View Download

    Bahasa Indonesia – Indonesian Language

    Year 5 – Greetings, Numbers, and Island Profile

    Students in Year 5 are introduced to learning Indonesian for the first time at CCG. At the start of the term, students learned to greet each other in Indonesian and respond to the question, ‘Apa Kabar?’ (How are you?) in a variety of ways. Students also learned Indonesian numbers from 1 to 10. They realised that the Indonesian language is similar to English. The language uses the same alphabet as English, but some sounds are different. Students also essentially spent their time this term discovering islands in Indonesia. In groups of three, they researched an Indonesian island they had chosen and created a poster presentation. Their research includes the Indonesian ethnic group living on that chosen island, the local language, special food, native animals, and iconic landmarks. Through this collaborative task, they discovered how unique and diverse Indonesia is.

    Year 7 – Family and Exchanging Personal Information

    Year 7 students begin their journey this term by revisiting what they know about Indonesia. Indonesia is a country with diverse languages, cultures, environments, and religious beliefs. Students were taken to Indonesia ‘virtually’ to see what Indonesia look like from the charming town/villages with narrow alley way of Yogyakarta to the grand vibrant metropolitan city such as Jakarta. Students also learned various expressions to talk about their personal information, such as their age, where they live, and their family.

    Year 8 – Time and Daily Routine

    Students in Year 8 use their ability about numbers in Indonesian to ask and respond to questions about time. They also expand their vocabulary to talk about their day-to-day activities and develop their understanding of aspects of daily life in Indonesia, such as school life and daily routines. As much as there are some differences in how Indonesians do their daily activities, students find it fascinating to see some similarities in the education system in Indonesia.

    Year 9 – Indonesian society and Personal Interest (Hobbies and Pastimes)

    Year 9 Indonesian students develop their understanding of Indonesian ethnic groups on main islands and look at their faith’s diversity. Students know that, for example, in Papua Island, the people predominantly follow Christianity. Whereas on Sumatra Island, the majority of people follow Islam. As part of learning about Indonesian society, students also learn about hobbies and how to communicate about their own and those of Indonesian culture.

    ANZAC Day Service

    The Drysdale Sub Branch will conduct an Anzac Day Commemorative service on Monday 25th April. This is a great opportunity for those students who are interested or have previously participated in the Veterans’ March. This March will start at around 10:30 am from the corner of Eversley and Princess St past the cenotaph and disperse at the CFA station.

    Following this there will be a commemoration service with wreath laying at the cenotaph in High st (adjacent to the CFA station), commencing at about 11:00am.

    If you would like to be involved in the march then please let Gary Crole know and we can all meet together on the day and participate in this significant event. Please wear your full school uniform on the day.

    Any questions please contact Gary Crole on 0434 548 691.

    Christian College – Community of Respect

    A significant achievement here at Christian College during 2021, was the launch of a College-wide Wellbeing Framework. Through this framework, and based on our understanding of the importance of wellbeing, our College chooses to promote human flourishing, purpose, and passion. Our College is committed to nurturing all members of our community, as we discover and confirm holistic health, both individually and collectively. As part of this College-wide commitment, we have established a ‘Community of Respect’ Professional Learning Team.

    This dedicated group of staff has been appointed to help facilitate a number of developments and actions associated with several priorities across the College, including the adoption of the Respectful Relationships initiative. Respectful Relationships is a Victorian Government initiative to support schools in promoting and modelling respect and equality. It also supports key wellbeing objectives in teaching our children how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence. Respectful Relationships prioritises a whole school approach that sees Respectful Relationships “…beyond curriculum… recognising that to drive real change, classroom learning needs to be reinforced by what is modelled within the school community.”

    In Term 1 of this year, Christian College commenced working alongside several other schools in the Respectful Relationships Surf Coast Otways Cluster including: Iona College (Lead School), Geelong Lutheran College, St John’s Lutheran College, Lisieux Catholic Primary School, St Catherine of Siena Primary School and St Therese Primary School.  This leading and partner schools initiative provides training and support to all Government, Catholic and Independent schools to implement a whole school approach to Respectful Relationships. During the first half of this year, all teaching as well as professional support staff are undertaking Respectful Relationships professional development, while our Community of Respect team begin identifying the most appropriate strategies we can adopt to move forward as a truly flourishing community of respect.

    While it is early days for our Community of Respect team, we look forward to sharing more regularly as our work in this space continues to take shape.


    Jemma Morris – Highton & Surf Coast Liaison

    Andy Davies    – Highton

    Nicole Riddle   – Highton & Chaplaincy

    Drew Oliver     – Senior School

    Kim Doherty    – Senior School

    Rob Moore      – Bellarine

    Octavia Rae     – Junior School

    12A Reach

    Yesterday saw the next phase in the CCG journey with Project Zero – Harvard University and Independent Schools Victoria for 12A Reach project. Six members of staff joined the project this year. For the first time, we have been able to include colleagues from our junior level and we are very excited to see what it will look like in their setting.

    Reach is an instructional innovation that is designed to deepen the learning of our students. It has been created to be embedded in the existing practice of the teacher. It helps the learner understand the content and how they learn through thinking. This then leads onto making decisions by forming opinions, choosing behaviours and actions to make greater connections between their lives and world. A major focus is on conversations, which is such an important skill that has been greatly impacted over the last couple of years.

    The team gathered at Senior School and even though we were in two countries and time zones, thanks to the aid of technology, we are able to hold our meeting on Microsoft Teams. It was so much easier to share ideas and questions in real time as well as we could all feel the excitement and anticipation in the room even though some where on a screen.

    We are all looking forward to developing our teaching practices for the benefit of our learners and sharing our new learning with our colleagues.

    Angela Tutty
    Senior School – Waurn Ponds

    We’re Open in May!

    Each of the Christian College campuses will open their doors during May for prospective parents and others to visit, tour and ask questions – with no booking needed. We encourage all members of our College community to help spread the word about our open days, and our invitation to book a tour anytime to any friends, neighbours, colleagues – anyone you know who may be looking at Early Learning and/or schooling options for their children.

    This year, each of our campuses will open its doors on the following dates at the times indicated.

    Junior School-Belmont: May 3 – 9:30am to 11am

    Middle School-Highton: May 3 – 11am – 12pm

    Surf Coast Campus: May 5 – 9:30am – 11:30am

    Bellarine Campus: May 10 – 9:30am – 12:00pm

    Senior School-Waurn Ponds: May 3, 5, 10 12:00pm – 1:00pm

    We also invite anyone who is interested in visiting any of our campuses, but can’t make the above days/times to book a tour online at a time that suits, meet with campus leaders and have their questions answered. Every day is Open Day!



    Notice to All Parents Regarding CSEF Funding

    The Victorian State Government runs a program called the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF). As the name suggests, the fund is designed to assist families meet costs associated with school camps, sport and excursions and requires families to apply in each year they have a child who is eligible. Families who have an eligible child will receive $125 per year for a primary aged student and $225 per year for a secondary aged student.

    If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. Please complete a 2022 Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) Application Form and return to your campus administration office by the end of Term 1 please.

    Please read the attached letter for further information

    CSEF Parent Information:
    View Download
    CSEF Application Form:
    View Download

    A MYTERN Thought for This Week

    Try not to get caught up in judging yourself on how many likes or texts that you receive or on how many conversations you have.

If a negative comment comes your way, the author is obviously on a rough, red road. 

The choice to join them is yours – not theirs 👍😊
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