2022 Leaders’ Induction & Dedication of Service

Today was a special day in the life of our Campus, as we celebrated and commissioned our student leaders who have been chosen to fulfill a leadership position this year. We prayed for our Project Care Representatives, Junior and Middle School House Captains and our Prefects.  A special congratulations to Jasmina Bevacqua-Hall and Koby Millar-Burton on their appointment as the Bellarine School Captains for 2022.

We thank, the Bellarine Novice Concert band, the Bellarine Campus Clarinet ensemble and guest speaker, Editor of Sight Magazine, Mr. David Adams, for their contribution to our Leaders Investiture Service.

We as a community look forward to working with all of our elected student leaders as they grow and develop their leadership skills, as they commit to serve and lead by example, humility and hard work.

Christian College Bellarine 2022 Student Leaders

Project Care Representatives

Year 4Year 5Year 6
Ella DaviesLayla MaddockOlivia Clark
Joshua HallJessica BerraEmmersen Peck
Year 7Year 8Year 9
Anika SharmaBenjamin EdenHarrison Connally
Alexandra NorgardAlexis FraserCaitlin Bell
Charli Pavlinek


Ruby Harper
House Leaders   
BurrowsFlynn                                   Penman                                 Taylor
Middle School
Madison Grunberg


Abby Mozayyannejad


Sienna Edwards


Tayla Campbell


William MorrisOliver Burgess


Koby Millar-Burton


Noah Jones


Junior School
Taj Hounslow


Xavier Underwood


Patrick Clark


Thomas Russell


Sophie Bodger


Harriet Clarey-Newnham


Ella Marsh


Violet Ellis


Jasmina Bevacqua-HallJack BorthwickOliver BurgessSienna Edwards
Cohen HallMolly HoeAmelia HopperNoah Jones
Aidan LuoSuzanna MavromihalisKoby Millar-BurtonCharlotte Muller
Lila MusticaBrodie O’Donohue

Play-Based Learning in Prep

This week the Preps have been enjoying exploring and interacting with new play-based learning activities. Making cupcakes with playdough, observing insects, playing with the ocean small world, and tinkering with construction are just some of the options open to them.

They also enjoyed role playing in the ‘supermarket’ and ‘vet’ spaces. Checking in animals, applying bandages, choosing items to buy and scanning items to check out. Learning through play is a crucial part of developing the ability to communicate with their peers, problem-solve and use their imagination. Play-based learning is also vital in helping children build the fine motor skills needed to support their pre-writing abilities.

It has been great to see the Prep children interacting with each other in a positive manner and engaged and excited to learn through play.

  • Year 4 Investigations 2022

    Over the course of this year the Year 4 students will engage in a range of different explorative activities as part of their weekly Investigations class.

    They are currently in the process of utilising a varied assortment of skills and learning tools to create Bible story stop-motion animations. This has included writing scripts, creating storyboards, building backgrounds and props, taking photographs and then putting it all together (and editing) in Video Editor. This has not only been a wonderful collaborative exercise, but also a great opportunity for the students to explore and familiarise themselves with some of the software programs on their new devices.

    We look forward to sharing many other exciting ‘investigations’ throughout the course of the year. These will also be highlighted here in The Vine.

    Message From the Chaplain

    This morning the Bellarine staff gathered together before school for a time eating pancakes, conversation and staff devotions.

    This week in our staff devotions we are looking at ways to consider the significance of the coming Easter period and how it can have an impact on each of our lives.

    The accompanying photos show some of the staff enjoying a time together. It is wonderful to see the strength of our Bellarine community. The staff, students and our wonderful families make up a truly unique College environment.

    Take Care and God Bless.

  • Year 5 Excursion – Geelong History

    Last Friday students from Year 5 enjoyed their excursion to Geelong Waterfront learn about the stories of Geelong’s History. We had three main destinations The National Wool Museum, The Geelong Bollard Walk and The Old Geelong Gaol.

    We studied and learnt about Geelong’s rich history and connection to the wool industry. We heard about the stories from groups of people and iconic events in our past through the Bollard Walk. We experienced the Old Geelong Gaol, we were able to roam the corridors and cells, learning about the stories and different uses the historic building has had over the years.

    ‘My favourite part of excursion was when McHenry (our prisoner guide) locked Hugh, Holly, Jess and myself in a cell, because he also turned the light off and we got to feel like it was back then.’

    Abharna Sanjeev – Year 5 Student



  • Our lifesavers star!

    Last weekend saw amazing performances by Bellarine Students, Ryan Tolley, Annelise Draper, Oscar Borthwick, Olivia Clark, Jamison Cox, Thomas Stefanovski, Noah Watson, Madison Borthwick, Patrick Clark, and Harvey Stefanovski who competed for the Ocean Grove Surf Lifesaving Club at the Victorian Junior Lifesaving Championships at Lorne.

    Throughout the weekend these students displayed incredible lifesaving skill, endurance, and character as they competed against fellow lifesavers from across the state in beach and water events. There were notable performances, including state champions in individual and team events, along with significant personal achievements for each one of these young people.

    Congratulations to these students for their remarkable efforts and well deserved results!

  • Year 8 English: Making Meaning Through Make Believe

    This term in English, students have been analysing fairy tales – considering the elements required to craft some of these well-known stories – to help make meaning through make believe.

    As a part of this, students are given the opportunity to create their own ‘fractured’ fairy tale – crafting a more modern version, whilst still being able to identify the ‘traditional’ elements within.

    During our exploration of different writing techniques, students were asked to use their knowledge to craft an updated version of one of the classics.

    Please find attached  a couple of examples from Emma Rodgers and Toby Crook.

    This week, students have begun to formally plan their own original fairy tale. Once complete, these will be illustrated, published and shared with some of our campus’ junior year levels.


    Emma Rodgers:
    View Download
    Toby Crook:
    View Download

    Year 9 Marine Studies – Tour of the Bay

    A group of budding Year 9 Marine Scientists spent Wednesday on a very special tour of Port Phillip Bay. They began the tour aboard the Maureen M – a historical vessel once used as a passenger ferry, then a scallop fishing boat, now by a tour operator and the boat spends its days educating schools, tourists and marine enthusiasts about the importance of healthy marine ecosystems. The first snorkel stop was at a structure originally used to house a shipping beacon in the middle of the channel but has since been relocated and is home to 40 or so male Australian Fur Seals. Here, students enjoyed interacting with playful ‘puppies’ of the ocean, some seals even mimicking the students underwater. We continued our journey towards Portsea beach observing the ongoing impacts from dredging that took place at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay in 2010 before our next snorkel stop at Popes Eye; Australia’s first, smallest, and oldest marine protected area. The students found some very docile and healthy fish species including the horseshoe leatherjacket, magpie perch, bluethroat wrasse, and dusky morwong. The incredible biodiversity of the marine flora and fauna here was evidence that Marine Sanctuaries and National Parks play a pivotal role in helping to maintain and protect our most precious and vulnerable ecosystems. As we approached the harbour almost ready to disembark, several pods of dolphins appeared sweeping through the water working with a group of Australasian Gannets, a type of sea bird. “Bombing” we were told was the correct term to describe hungry Gannets approaching schools of fish from above whilst dolphins approach the fish from below; cooperating in order to make for a more efficient feast. The dolphins were very curious, swimming under the boat and alongside it, providing the students with amazing structural observations of both the dorsal and ventral views. A sight many students will take with them and treasure.

    Following our tour and back on land we were met by Monique, a Marine National Parks Ranger who shared about her journey and also, the roles and responsibilities of Marine National Parks. Prior to our return to school the students completed the day with a brief debris collection along Queenscliff beach. Not only was this about being land and marine custodians and a way to ‘give back ‘ to an environment that gives so much to us, but also to understand that marine debris needs to be collected and collated in the form of data. Data is information and this can be a powerful tool used to detect trends and ultimately used as evidence, and a catalyst, to implement source reduction strategies. We will collate our findings in class and upload our data to a national data base.

    Year 9 Marine Studies Tour of the Bay
  • DCIM100GOPROG0034116.JPG

  • Guy Williams – Gold at the State Athletic Championships

    Christian College Geelong is proud to Congratulate Guy Williams in his recent achievements at the State Athletic Championships. Guy received three gold medals in the Under15 High Jump, Under15 Long Jump and the Under15 Triple Jump. Guy currently is the only Under15 male in the country to have jumped past 6.0 meters in Long Jump.

    Guy will be competing at the National Athletic Championships in Sydney on March 29th. He is super excited for the event and hopes to finish 1st this year after his 2nd place finish in 2021. The entire school community wishes Guy all the best for his upcoming event!

    CCG Surfing Championships

    The CCG Surfing Championships were contested earlier this week where the prestigious ‘Scott Elliss Trophy’ was up for grabs for students from the Bellarine, Middle School Highton and Senior School Campuses.

    The choppy two-foot conditions did not deter what was our biggest field of competitors ever (34 participants) from Year 6 to Year 12 from making the most of what Jan Juc had to offer.

    Excellent surfing took place, with some exciting new talent joining CCG in the last 12 months.

    This included our biggest female contingent ever, which is exciting for the future of surfing at CCG, especially as we prepare for the GISSA surfing comp on the 30th of March where we will hopefully enter two teams.

    The Under 16 Boys surfed well all day, with many of the heats closely contested.

    Final Results:

    1st – Jack Lindsay

    2nd – Tanner Maddock

    3rd – Eddy Martin

    4th – Ryan Tolley

    5th – Sam Callahan

    We welcomed several new faces to the female line up this year, which allowed for two semi finals to take place before the final later in the day.

    At the end of the day, the experience of Imogen Castle shone through, riding a couple of nice waves to win narrowly over Ava Abetz in the Final.

    Final Results:

    1st – Imogen Castle

    2nd – Ava Abetz

    3rd – Heidi Abetz

    4th – Ellie Morgan

    The Open Boys was the biggest Division of the day, with 19 entrants competing for a coveted spot on the Scott Elliss Shield.

    The Open Boys made the average surf look quite good, with both Remi Currell and Taz Higgins ripping into some powerful turns in each of their heats.

    The smooth style and drawn-out turns of Reuben Keeble were also rewarded with a spot in the Final.

    Harvey Graham surfed consistently all day and applied pressure to the other surfers in his Heats.

    Final Results:

    1st – Taz Higgins

    2nd – Remi Currell

    3rd – Harvey Graham

    4th – Reuben Keeble

    5th Jonti Wylie

    6th Beau Waters

    I would like to thank all the students who surfed in the competition and enjoyed a day out. You all participated with great spirit and respect towards each other.

    I would also like to thank the staff who ensured the event ran smoothly and kept the students safe throughout the day.

    We look forward to more surfing events in the future.

    Steve Sullivan,

    Classroom Teacher

    Chair’s Lunch

    Join the Chair of the Foundation Board for lunch as we celebrate the significance of Easter and learn more about the work of the Foundation.

    All funds raised from this event will be allocated to our Scholarship Fund supporting current students who need financial assistance.

    Book online today at www.ccgfoundation.org.au/chairslunch

    For all enquiries, please contact Jennifer Freind via j.freind@ccg.vic.edu.au.

    Take Your Seat – Appeal Update

    Seating sponsorships for The R.W. Gibson Music Performance Centre Seating Appeal are selling fast with many seating sponsorships already secured. If you would like to contribute to our Music Program, get in soon to avoid missing out on this special opportunity. Your generous contribution could honour a family member, create an enduring tribute, or simply celebrate your appreciation for music education.

    You can be a part of this long-standing tradition, commemorating the many fine musicians who have been inspired and nurtured through the College Music Program over the years. We invite you to invest in the establishment of the Music Centre by sponsoring the seating in the rehearsal and performance auditorium.

    All contributions are welcome, but for donations of $500 or more, your name will be placed on an Honour Board in The R.W. Gibson Music Performance Centre, in recognition of your seating sponsorship. 

    To donate, please visit www.ccgfoundation.org.au/building-fund and select “The R.W. Gibson Music Performance Centre Seating Appeal – Tax Deductible” from the options in the dropdown menu.

    For more information, please contact Jennifer Freind via phone 5244 8745 or via email  foundation@ccg.vic.edu.au.

    *Please note, as a seating sponsor you will still be required to purchase tickets to performances in the recital space and will not be guaranteed seating if bookings reach seating capacity.

    A MYTERN Thought for This Week

    Sometimes we spend so much time on busy roads that we start to feel uncomfortable when we drive alone.

Take a moment today to be still and silent. Look at and listen to the nature around you. Feel that connection.

 Know that you are never really alone 😊