Jakara Anthony – Our Golden Girl!

Our College community – together with the rest of the nation – felt incredible elation and pride as 2016 Christian College graduate, Jakara Anthony, captured the world’s attention winning gold in the Womens Moguls event in Beijing last Sunday.

From the moment she set foot inside our Bellarine Campus, Jakara stood out for her commitment and determination to achieve her best.

The world has now seen the trajectory she’s followed to achieve her long-held goal of being the best athlete on the planet in her chosen discipline, but her peers and teachers at Christian College knew a long time ago that she had the motivation, application and temperament to get where she wanted to be.

Jakara knew all about remote learning long before COVID. Despite the challenges, she was able to complete a lot of her schoolwork remotely while training and competing, including during the vital VCE years. She is still able to find that balance between all facets of her life. While achieving at the highest possible level as an athlete, she is also completing a degree at Deakin University.

As a student, she always loved sport – she never missed competing in Christian College House Sporting Carnivals every year she was a student here.

There are many current teachers and ex-students who know Jakara from school days, and beyond, as an outstanding and much-admired human being. For all of us, her Olympic success is a great news story – and one to which many within our community have a personal connection.

Together, we say congratulations Jakara – our College community is immensely proud of not only your achievements, but your fine character and remarkable determination. We wish you every success as you continue a stellar career!

*Thanks to the Australian Olympic Committee for the photo.

From the Dean of Christian Culture


As a focussed thought for the consideration of our College-wide team during our recent Staff Commencement Service, held prior to the on-site arrival of students for 2022, we examined the concept of engagement.

We reflected together on the understanding that as a result of the current international health crisis, and the subsequent challenges experienced by us all over the past two years, we as a College, and we as a society, might well be lacking engagement. We considered the proposition that we all may need to be encouraged to develop, or redevelop, a focus on, and an understanding of, engagement.

When we use the word engagement in this manner it paints a picture of relationship, not only the obvious “agreement to marry” depiction of engagement, but a more broad inference pertaining to connection, involvement, commitment, readiness and attachment. Essentially the notion of engagement can be summarised as a “promise to be present”.

During our Staff Commencement Service, we asked ourselves two important questions;

  • With whom could I engage or re-engage in 2022?
  • In what could I engage or re-engage in 2022?

In so doing, we were effectively challenging ourselves to be honest and to decide whether or not, when reflecting on words such as connection, involvement, commitment, readiness, attachment, and relationship, there was perhaps an area of engagement in our lives which may need some focus and attention this year.

We concluded our Staff Commencement Service by investigating the importance of engagement within us all as individuals and as members of a community – and we discovered, through the Biblical stories of Zacchaeus and Nehemiah respectively, that engagement increases opportunity, and engagement releases strategy.

Today, as we continue to ponder the concept of engagement and as we contemplate how we might individually strengthen our “promise to be present” with the people, events, activities and environments around us, it might also be worthwhile to reflect on our personal engagement with God. This connection could indeed be a wonderful starting place for a renewal of our understanding of engagement. Why is that?

Because when we are discussing our relationship with God, we know that engagement delivers fruitfulness.

The idea of fruitfulness from a Biblical perspective is the concept of bearing fruit in our lives; reaping the fruit that grows as a result of God’s love and presence in our lives; and learning to sow good things into the lives of others and into the community around us with what we do and what we say. A list of the Fruits of the Spirit of God is recorded for us in Galatians 5: 13 – 26 and it is easy to see that each of these described fruits are wonderful values which can help create great patterns of life. So, how we can grow these fruits in our lives; the nine fruits of; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control?

How do we begin to see the growth of this healthy fruit in our lives? Here is a Scripture which may help us to answer this question.

“Happy are those who do not follow a God-less path……but whose delight is in God……They are like trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in its season, and their leaves do not wither. In all that they do, they prosper….” Psalm 1: 1-3

And if we read the same Scripture in plain English from the Contemporary English Version of The Bible, it is even more clear;

“They are like trees growing beside a stream; trees that produce
fruit in season and always have leaves. Those people succeed in everything they do.”
Psalm 1: 1-3

We must remember at this point to note that prosperity and success in God’s language doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will always work out the way you wanted it to, but rather that if we remain engaged with Him there will always be fabulous fruit in your life – healthy and growing results from all that we do and say.

This is God’s plan and pattern – people who chose to become and to stay connected to Him, our wonderful and life-giving God, will see great growth and wonderful fruit in their lives, just as trees who stay planted beside a stream of life-giving water will see growth and fruit as a result. With God we flourish.

And the opposite therefore is also true; when we disconnect ourselves from the life-source it becomes more and more difficult to grow and to bear good fruit. We tire quickly and find ourselves unable to be fruitful. But staying planted, remaining connected and engaged to Him, allows us to be replenished and sustained which in turn allows us to be fruitful and to then share our fruit with others.

May we all consider engaging and re-engaging with God, with one another, and with what is genuinely important as we step into this new year of 2022 – let’s be encouraged to love each other, to joyfully support one another, and to treat each other with peace, kindness, patience, gentleness, compassion and respect. May these simple but beautiful fruits be passed on through our smiles, our words and our actions into our College community and into the broader community.

Be engaged and be fruitful.

Bless you all.

Rev. Tim Edwards

Dean of Christian Culture

Prep and Year 4 Buddies

A very exciting time occurs at the start of Year 4 when our students get to meet their Prep buddies for the very first time. This is a real thrill as they thrive in the opportunity to demonstrate leadership, good friendship and help their new buddy settle into the routine of school.

This week during our buddy activity, the Year 4s read picture story books to their friends. It was wonderful to witness the emerging friendships and see the Year 4 students take on their new responsibility with such enthusiasm.

We look forward to watching as the relationships between the Year 4 students and their Prep buddies grow and develop throughout the year.



Prep Students Celebrate Jakara’s Gold Medal Performance 

The news earlier this week that our very own Jakara Anthony had won a Gold Medal at the Winter Olympics in Beijing, sent our youngest students into a training frenzy.  

Mr. Jacobi and Mrs. Potiriadis got to work creating a snowy mountain backdrop in the gymnasium, while Miss Hoiles set up rigorous training stations which included balance balls, trampolines and even tossing snowballs. The Prep children worked hard to emulate Jakara’s achievements and hone their skills, in an effort to fulfill their own gold-filled dreams.   

As you can see from the photos, an enjoyable time was had by all.  

  • From Your Chaplain

    We hope you have had a wonderful start to 2022. In the recent years, we have seen an increase in young people experiencing mental health challenges. If this is something that you may be experiencing within your family; or perhaps you would like to be more informed, we encourage you to register for this FREE upcoming event. These events usually book out quickly, so make sure you register soon so you don’t miss out.  

    Managing Mental Health Issues in our Young People

    A crash course in the developmental psychology of adolescents – how to understand and communicate effectively with young people. 

    Michael Carr-Gregg is one of Australia’s highest profile psychologists, author, broadcaster and specialist in parenting, children, adolescents and mental health 


    If you, your young person or member of your family are in need of any Chaplaincy support, please reach out to me. 

    Year 5 Art

    The Year 5 students at Bellarine were busy creating a viewfinder in the first week of art. This is a tool that enables artists to crop a particular scene to arrange their composition into a more pleasing view. A rectangle was measured, drawn, and cut out so that a scene could be viewed in more detail around the school grounds. Four potential spots were selected: the barn, playground, basketball courts and art room building, so that students could focus on and discover for themselves the different lines and shapes that were unique to that area being viewed.

    A large A3 drawing of these sketches will be created in the coming weeks, and imaginatively coloured. I look forward to seeing what wonderful works of art originate from our art classes. This activity is a fun and informative way of practising observational skills. Students become more aware of drawing what they see rather than what they know about the everyday shapes in front of them.


  • Chess Club

    Come and learn how to play chess. Chess Club is on the 2nd half of lunchtime on Mondays and Thursdays at the library. Sensei will be there and ready to teach you or take on any challenge. There are new boards ready for you to play with. See you there and good luck!

    A Week of Inspirational Maths!

    In a busy first week back in the classrooms, Mathematics teachers have been challenging students to explore different mathematical concepts and to challenge their thinking of what Maths is and how Maths is all around us.

    With a theme of ‘A Week of Inspirational Maths’ students have been exploring various games of strategy and were challenged to find effective mathematical tactics to improve their chance of winning. These activities are promoted by a PhD Mathematician and Maths education expert, Dan Finkle, who believes in ensuring Maths is fun and that students should be inquisitive and curious about the patterns they notice in the world around them.

    Students will soon begin using Maths Pathways which is a program that is part of our teaching and learning program, which provides student specific data on what they already know and which areas of Mathematics learning they are ready for next. Teachers then use this data to provide ‘Mini Lessons’ to specifically teach concepts to a small group of students and students complete ‘modules’ which provide opportunities to practise of the skills they have recently learned.

    Bellarine Campus students will have an opportunity to get help with any Maths homework with the regular Friday lunchtime Maths Help Clinic in the library. Come for 5 minutes or stay for 20, the choice is yours!

    Student Absence, Late Arrival and Early Departure Contact

    When a student is absent from school, arrives late or requires an early pick-up,  parents/guardians are asked to notify Campus Reception by email bellarine@ccg.vic.edu.au, send a text message to the Student Office on 0437199744 or Bellarine Campus by phone on 52532998, before 9:00am (We recommend keeping the  student office email and mobile phone number in your contact lists for these occasions)

     For students and families impacted by COVID-19, requiring a period of absence, we ask that you email the Student Office on bellarine@ccg.vic.edu.au and the homeroom teacher, indicating the situation and the anticipated return to school date (Day 8) for each child.

    eSafety Parent and Carer Webinars

    Parents and carers of our students have access to a range of eSafety webinars made available by the eSafety Commissioner throughout the year.

    eSafety’s free webinars provide parents and carers with the knowledge, skills and tools to support children to have safe, positive online experiences.

    I encourage all parents and carers in our community to explore these webinar offerings and register for events that are relevant to you. The link is below:

    2022 Parent and carer education topic schedule







    eSafety Webinar:
    View Download

    Expressing Ourselves Through Performance at Bellarine

    Welcome to another year of ‘Drama’ at Christian College Bellarine!

    This term, Year 5 students will focus on storytelling through movement as a part of the subject, Express Yourself. In small groups, students will showcase their learned knowledge and skills through devising a cultural performance. Meanwhile, the Year 7 Drama elective students are working to develop both their knowledge and expressive skills through comedy. This learning will culminate in a clowning performance.

    As the photos show, we have had a fun first few lessons – the Year 5s considering the physicality of Australian animals and the Year 7s focusing on how to still be able to express emotion, situation and/or location behind a different kind of mask. I can’t wait to see the creativity and confidence of students flourish across the semester.

    Finally, rehearsals for this year’s College production, Shrek the Musical, are in full swing – with a number of current and past Bellarine students cast. Performances will be in mid-May, so keep an eye out for more information – including how to secure your tickets!

  • Law and Order – What Sort of World do you Want to Live in?

    So far this term the Year 9 Law and Order students have been unpacking what it means to live in a democracy and how we impact those around us by our actions in this world. We have looked into some influential people’s lives and learned how one person can make a difference to policies, laws and society.

    As we continue through the term, the class will unpack how laws are made in more detail and do some role plays as they re-enact the processes of democracy and law formation.

    Our photos this week show our students designing their own ideal community, where they can display their own key values and goals as they move into being more responsible citizens in Australia’s democracy.


  • Year 5 Music – Starting off With a Pop, Squeak and Strum!

    The Year 5 cohort has had great fun adventuring in the world of music the last two weeks!

    They have learned more about the different types of musical instruments and some students even started a new instrument this week. There were some great sounds, pops and gurgles coming from the instrumental rooms as the students learned some of the first notes on their instruments alongside their specialist tutors. Our more established musicians made some amazing music in the workshop group together, getting out their instruments and learning about their new ensemble and starting repertoire.

    Please enjoy looking at the pictures of some of our new instrumentalists in year 5. Stay tuned for more updates as the term progresses.


  • Vale Mr Robert ‘Bob’ Schultz

    Many of us associated with Christian College were saddened last weekend by the passing of Bob Schultz, a past-parent and generous supporter of our community.

    Bob and his wife Helen initially enrolled 2 of their children at Highton, when we were a single campus College. In the early years of our College, working bees were a regular thing and Bob together with other families from Drysdale, are remembered for their efforts to paint the old ‘Drysdale ‘Hall (named in honour of their work) that was formally part of the Highton campus.

    Bob and Helen moved their two boys, Christopher and Michael, to the Bellarine Campus where they were joined by their sister Emily, who started in Prep as foundation student in 1996.

    Bob was an active supporter of the campus and together with other enthusiastic parents, formed the Parents Association where he served as President for many years.

    Our College is grateful to Bob for his loyal and generous contribution to the life of our College, particularly the Bellarine Campus where the clock that was presented to the campus at the official opening and dedication service by the Parents Association was affectionately named ‘Big Bob’.

    The clock will remain as a reminder of a ‘good man’ for his faithful and generous service to our College.

    Our sincere condolences, love and prayers are extended to Helen, Christopher, Michael, Emily and their families.

    Glen McKeeman


    Camp Australia – Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) – Find out More!

    Christian College partners with Camp Australia to make out-of-school-hours care (OSHC) available. Camp Australia wants to ensure that new families starting school this year know that they are there to help them and their children settle into school.

    To make the process easier for these families, and to answer any questions they may have about OSHC, we are hosting free virtual parent information sessions. Please see the attached document for details.


    Camp Australia Virtual Information Sessions:
    View Download