Message From Head of Campus

nt of the staged return to on-site learning for our Year 3 to Year 9 students next week. YeIt has been wonderful to hear and see the joy and laughter of young people as our Prep to Year 2 students have returned to on-site learning this week. The staff, and no doubt our students and parents are very much looking forward to the commencemear 7 students will be the next year level to return full time, from Monday, and I know from the students I have spoken to they are thrilled about this. The teachers of Years 3 and 4, along with Years 8 and 9 are preparing accordingly for on-site learning and are excited to be able to be with their students on Tuesday and Wednesday, as is our Year 5 and 6 team for these students on Thursday and Friday. 

As we progress with the staged return to on-site learning the College’s priority is to ensure the health and wellbeing of our young people, our staff and our families. Our learning program, including extra-curricular programs, camps, excursions and events continue to be guided by the current Victorian School Operations Guide which outlines the COVIDSafe requirements, along with what is and isn’t permissible at this time for all areas of school operations. Within these guidelines, we are committed to providing our young people with rich and engaging learning experiences within each curricula area. 

As all students return on respective days next week, we remind families of the following Campus-specific COVIDSafe requirements: 

  • It is important to remember that no student, staff member, parent, or visitor, should come onto the Campus if they are unwell or have Flu-like symptoms.
  • Please continue to discuss with your young person the importance of wearing a face mask (12 years and above). Students under the age of 12 years are encouraged to wear an appropriate face mask, but are not mandated to do so. 
  • Unless students are attending Camp Australia before school care, arrival to school is not to be before 8.30am.
  • COVIDSafe behaviours for school communities remain in place. These include maintaining density limits, visitor records and ensuring physical distancing of 1.5m is maintained by parents and staff, both on and off the Campus. We therefore request that parents who drop off and pick up students from school, do so without entering the grounds or buildings of the Campus. 
  • Parents/guardians are permitted on site in the Reception area only after QR code sign in, subject to the density limit in the front foyer airlock. 

It is important that we all remain patient, supportive and united as we press on through the final term of the year. It is no doubt going to present some challenges, yet it is important that we all focus on the health and wellbeing of our young people, our staff and our families. 


Transitioning From Winter to Summer

As we have commenced Term 4, Students will transition from Summer to Winter Uniform whilst learning on site in the first two weeks of term. Students are able to wear either the College Summer or Winter uniform next week. All students are required to wear full College Summer Uniform commencing Monday 18th October. A reminder that this also includes the College hat during recess and lunch breaks and at times when students will be learning outdoors.

The College Uniform shop is open and available to receive online orders by clicking here. For opening hours please visit the College Website.


Junior School Book Week Celebrations

Unfortunately due to lockdowns last term we were unable to celebrate Book Week as we usually would. However on Tuesday the 19th of October we will be celebrating as a Junior School. Many of our students have shared that they already have a costume organised, but for those still thinking about it the Prep – Year 4 students are encouraged to dress up as a character from their favourite story. Students may wish to explore the Old Worlds, New Worlds and Other Worlds Book Week theme.

Tristan Banks writes I love this idea. It does what books are supposed to do and transports me to other places, other worlds. It makes me ponder where we’ve come from and where we might be headed.”

Any families needing support or ideas  are welcome to call or email me.

We look forward to a wonderful and exciting, albeit belated, Book Week celebration!


Visual Art in the Junior School

Year 3 and 4 art students have busily woven a background for themselves in their first week of Term 4 that will become part of an art work the students will hold during a musical performance in the coming weeks. These imaginative and beautiful weavings have demonstrated to me how amazing the creative spirit of our students are at Bellarine Christian College. I am very proud as their art teacher to see their artistic achievements, especially during these times. Seeing their efforts inspire me and bring joy to my heart.

I look forward to seeing their weaving build further over the coming weeks.

Year 7 Humanities: Signs of Respect

This term in Humanities we again combine with English in a unit focused on how words shape worlds.

Within this, Humanities will focus on topics including heritage, culture, diversity, immigration and acceptance through thinking on who makes up our local community. To do this we will analyse and create interactive maps, develop profiles and create visual representations of our learning. Students will also be given choice in their learning focuses.

This week, students considered the people in their own neighbourhoods (think that Sesame Street song) and their personal heritage. We also examined what we know about the First Nations people of where we live – the Wadawurrung.

From this, students created signs of respect – some of which are included below. These will now take pride of place in our classroom as a visual reminder of this country’s heritage when we are back on site next week.