Christian College Student Wardrobe Policy


Christian College is proud of its reputation in the community and recognises the important role its students play in acting as ambassadors of the College when they are both in and outside of the College grounds.

While the College acknowledges that the outward appearance of its students is secondary to the importance of who they are and what they stand for, wearing the uniform as outlined here is an important part of building a positive school identity and culture. Just as those involved in sporting teams wear their team uniform with pride to show unity, commitment to each other, and respect for their club and teammates, our College uniform also captures these same values and attitudes.  

To this end, it behoves all Christian College students and staff to ensure that the College uniform is worn neatly and with pride at all times. This requires clarity of understanding about what the correct uniform is and a consistent approach by all stakeholders – students, parents and staff – to ensure that the uniform is being worn and presented well.

This policy is designed to support students, parents and staff in helping students to uphold the uniform expectations of the College, to minimise areas of ambiguity and to reduce the impact on staff and student relationship in having to keep students accountable to the uniform standards. 


  • The uniform should be kept clean, pressed and in good repair at all times. All articles should be clearly labelled. 
  • Items of the original College uniform should not be mixed with items from the new wardrobe (with the exception of pants and shorts for boys and blazers for all students). 
  • The original Summer uniform must only be worn during Terms 1 & 4 and the original Winter uniform must be worn during Terms 2 & 3.  
  • Should students choose to wear the College uniform after school hours, then they must wear the uniform correctly, and that includes wearing the blazer, if a child is in Middle School or Senior School.
  • Sports jackets are not to be worn to and from school as a replacement for the College Blazer. There is concession to wear sport jacket over the blazer to and from school, as well as during the day at school, in wet weather conditions. 
  • All students are required to wear full College uniform whilst travelling to and from school, as well as at school, including the College Blazer for students in Middle and Senior School.
  • Boys’ trousers are to be well fitted– baggy effect with long or rolled cuffs are not permitted. 
  • The new wardrobe short sleeved striped shirt (boys and girls) is designed such that it does not need to be tucked in. However, should this shirt hang below the trouser or short pocket it is to be worn tucked in.
  • Original uniform shirts are to be worn tucked in
  • The girls dress (original or new), skirt (new) and original kilt are required to be worn at knee length (to mid-calf for the original kilt).
  • College scarf and navy gloves are optional. 
  • Students who have pierced ears may wear only small or plain studs or sleepers and only in the earlobe, with a maximum of two in each ear. 
  • Students may wear only a watch. All other items of jewellery are deemed inappropriate. Failure to observe this regulation will result in the jewellery being confiscated. While body piercing is popular in society, no other form of body piercing other than that mentioned above is deemed appropriate in the school context. Covering items with tape is not acceptable. The fact that a piercing is new will not excuse a student wearing it at school. 
  • Hair is to be clean and tidy and must be tied back from the face. Shoulder length hair or longer must be tied back from the shoulders. Hair ribbons must be navy or maroon only. Extremes in hair cut/styles are not permitted; this includes dreadlocks, sculpting and patterns shaved into the hair. A number 2 haircut is the minimum. Hair must not be dyed using outlandish colours or extreme variations from natural colour. 
  • Boys must be clean shaven. Sideburns must be neat and no longer than the ear lobe level.
  • The following are NOT permitted with the uniform: Sneakers, jewellery (except for watch), visible body art, hair ornaments, including coloured combs, clips, large bows, nail varnish, cosmetics (excluding neutral BB Blemish Balm cream), t-shirts or skivvies that show at the neckline.
  • Sports uniform should only be worn for approved practical classes and VET courses.
  • The House polo should only be worn for House events, carnivals and as directed by Campus Leadership, Sport, Health and Physical Education Staff. 

It is an expectation that The College uniform regulations will be upheld by students, parents and staff. The Head of Campus or their delegated representative will make the final determination as to a student meeting the College Uniform Regulations (including acceptable hair styles).

Students who are out of uniform must have a written explanation that is acceptable to the College. Parents will be contacted if students continue to ignore uniform regulations. 


A link to the weekly Vine digital newsletter is sent to families each Friday. The Vine newsletter highlights Campus activities and celebrations in teaching and learning. Permission notices for camps and excursions are forwarded to families through EdSmart, a fast and secure online forms system for parents, students and schools. The College magazine ‘In Focus’ is a biannual publication to inform parThe Christian College Uniform Shop is located in the Centreway Arcade, High Street, Belmont and sells both new and second-hand uniform. Please check the Christian College website for opening hours. Enquiries can be made by phone (03) 5241 6316 or via email


Compulsory Girls Wardrobe Items

College Blazer (Years 5-12)

College Knitwear Jumper, Vest or Cardigan

Blue College Anklet Socks or Blue College Tights

Girls Wardrobe Options

College Dress – Knee length, worn with socks or tights
College Striped Short Sleeved Shirt – Tie optional
College Striped Long-Sleeved Shirt – Tie mandatory
College Skirt (Years 5-12) – Knee length, worn with socks or tights, long sleeved shirt with tie or short sleeved shirt (tie optional)
College Pinafore (Years P-4)
Knee length, worn with long sleeved shirt and tie or short sleeved shirt (tie optional)
College Culottes – Worn with blue College socks or tights and striped shirt (plus tie for long sleeved shirt),
College Girls Pants – must be worn with Black Lace-up shoes ONLY. T-bar shoes are not permitted with the Girls Pants option. Girls are not permitted to wear boys trousers.
College Tie – Junior, Middle, Senior or Cross-over options. Mandatory with long sleeved shirt, optional with short sleeved shirt
Shoes – Black Lace-up or T-bar Leather School Shoes (flat heeled). Sneakers, jiffies or dress shoes are NOT permitted.
College Scarf
Navy Gloves
College Navy Beanie 


Compulsory Boys Wardrobe Items

College Blazer (Years 5-12)
College Knitwear Jumper, Vest or Cardigan
Blue College Anklet Socks

Boys Wardrobe Options

College Striped Shirt – Short and long sleeve options available. Tie mandatory for long sleeved shirt, optional for short sleeved shirt
Navy College Trousers or Shorts
College Hat – Adjustable microfibre. Mandatory Years P-9, recommended Years 10-12
College Tie – Junior, Middle, or Senior options. Mandatory with long sleeved shirt, optional with short sleeved shirt
Black Lace-up Leather School Shoes (flat heeled). Sneakers or dress shoes are NOT permitted.
Black Leather Belt
College Scarf
Navy Gloves
College Navy Beanie 


College Shorts – Unisex and girls options available
College Track Pants
College Rugby Top (optional)
College Polo Shirt
House polo shirt
College sports socks
College Sports Jacket (Years 5-12)
College Anorak (Years P-4)
Cranberry Football Socks (Year 5 upwards- used in PE classes & Representative sport matches)
College Bathers
Sports Runners (Skate shoes are NOT permitted) 


Compulsory for all students 


All students require protective clothing for practical Art/Technology/Science subjects.

Prep to Year 6 students at each campus are required to purchase a College Art Smock from the Uniform Shop.

From Year 7 to Year 12, aprons or dust coats are required to protect College uniforms in practical studies