Picnic at Hanging Rock

A Christian College Geelong Senior School Production

The Story

The story begins on a cloudless summer day in the year 1900, as the young ladies at Appleyard College celebrate Saint Valentine, and agree it is a perfect day for a picnic to Hanging Rock.

The girls are giddy with excitement as Mr Ben Hussey promises Mrs Appleyard to have the group back no later than eight o’clock that evening. After lunch, a group of four girls led by Miranda, climb the rock in the blazing afternoon sun, while the rest of the students and teacher doze peacefully. Pressing on through the scrub into the shadows of Hanging Rock they climb higher and higher…and then disappear. Shrouded in mystery, the story unfolds…

Whether you’re a fan of the novel, or Peter Weir’s iconic 1975 film, or coming new to the tale, you’ll be left transfixed by this mesmerising journey and must decide for yourself if Picnic at Hanging Rock is fact or fiction.

Christian College Senior students are thrilled to share this classic Australian story with you, one that has been in our national imaginations for decades, and one that will undoubtedly be retold for many decades to come.

Producer’s Notes

Don’t miss this year’s Christian College production of Picnic at Hanging Rock, a captivating and mysterious drama based on the classic novel by Joan Lindsay. Set in 1900, the story follows a group of students and teachers from Appleyard College who venture to Hanging Rock for a Valentine’s Day picnic. But what starts as a pleasant outing soon turns into a nightmare when three girls and a teacher mysteriously vanish without a trace. As the search for them continues, secrets and lies are exposed, and the impact of their disappearance is felt throughout the community.

Directed by our new drama teacher Ms Kelly Clifford, this production features a wonderful cast and crew of talented students from Years 10 to 12 who have worked hard to bring this Australian masterpiece to life. With stunning costumes, sets and lighting, created by a team of CCG staff and students,  Picnic at Hanging Rock will transport you to a different time and place where nothing is as it seems.

Book your tickets now and join us for an unforgettable theatrical experience at Christian College Geelong!

Performance Details

Thursday 11th May

Opening Night 7.00pm

Friday 12th May

Evening Show 7.00pm

Saturday 13th May

Final Show 6.00pm


Platform Arts

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Mature Content, Parental Discretion Advised

“We’ll only be gone a very little while.”