Focusing on the whole person

At Christian College we understand the importance of supporting, enhancing and promoting the wellbeing of all members of the College community and are collectively focused on creating an environment in which our students, staff and families can flourish.

Grounded in the principles of our Christian ethos, our College Wellbeing Framework provides an overarching vision with a set of guiding principles and commitments that reflect and connect with our strategic goals for teaching and learning. We seek to develop…an atmosphere of care and concern for each student’s character, growth and wellbeing within a value system and set of priorities derived from the Christian faith.

We are also committed to prioritising evidence-informed and research-based wellbeing programs that strengthen protective factors and equip students with the skills and tools to navigate life’s challenges.

The pastoral care of students, staff and families is well supported by our Chaplaincy team, which plays a crucial role in creating a positive school culture and promotes the spiritual, emotional and social wellbeing of all members of our Christian College community.

Our Guiding Principles & Commitments to Wellbeing


A personal relationship with God and an exploration of Christian Faith.
  • Individual faith development and personal understanding of life and purpose
  • The College values of Hope, Faith, Love, Truth and Grace as a foundational demonstration of our Christian faith
  • Regular devotional practice
  • An environment that empowers pastoral care one to another
  • Providing opportunities for informed and clear modelling of the Christian faith



The development of character, personal capacity, emotional maturity and positive behaviours
  • Inclusive learning environments that encourage a sense of connectedness and increased belonging
  • Professional learning to build capacity for enhanced social and emotional wellbeing
  • Explicitly teaching social and emotional skills using evidence informed practices related to positive emotions and resilience
  • Positive learning dispositions such as motivation, confidence and engagement
  • A growth mindset, self-confidence and sense of purpose



Strong and inclusive relationships within a respectful community
  • Building links with community organisations, services and agencies that will assist in supporting the wellbeing needs of all members of the College community
  • The continuous involvement of families within the College community; encouraging purposeful and positive relationships and enhancing a sense of identity and belonging
  • Diversity and respect through harmonious relationships
  • Restorative practices designed to model and promote effective conflict resolution and repair relationships



A capacity to thrive holistically in an ever-changing and complex world
  • Providing opportunities for the expression of authentic voice and decision-making
  • Promoting a servant heart with an understanding and appreciation of our role as global citizens
  • Respecting the diversity of the College by teaching, modelling and promoting values and behaviours to build a culturally cohesive community
  • Reviewing all policies and practices to actively promote and protect positive mental and physical health
  • Enhanced connection to global issues and diverse community resources to create life-long learning opportunities


Fostering Positive Relationships

As one of the key guiding principles of the Wellbeing Framework, Christian College is committed to fostering positive and inclusive relationships within a respectful community. Taking a whole-school approach to the implementation of the Victorian Government’s Respectful Relationships initiative, we seek to promote and model respect and equality across our entire school community. We proudly partner with schools throughout the Geelong region, including Iona College, St Johns Lutheran College, St Therese Primary School, St Catherine of Sienna Primary School and Lisieux Primary School and we support and engage our staff with ongoing professional development. For our students, we deliver curricula designed to build knowledge and attitudes to respectful relationships, and we affirm the importance of our parents and families in achieving this. For more information on the respectful relationships initiative please visit this link.




Supporting Positive Digital Wellbeing With Linewize

At Christian College Geelong, we are proactively supporting the holistic wellbeing of all members of our community is paramount. This includes supporting our students’ digital wellbeing. In 2022, we launched our Cyber Safe Schools Program in partnership with Linewize by Family Zone. This program enables Christian College to implement proactive strategies for supporting students’ development of positive digital behaviours around learning, and other contexts. The program increases safety and support to students in their digital journey, both on our school network and on their college laptops, wherever they may use them. The technology and expertise provided by Linewize allows us to embrace ‘Digital Safeguarding’ – a proactive and preventative approach to supporting each student’s digital wellbeing. We value the benefit to students of this program and acknowledge the importance of all parents and families partnering with us in supporting the safety and wellbeing of their young people in their digital interactions.




Building Resilience Through MYTERN

Taking Control of Your Wellbeing


Stress and challenges are part of life. Through the Taking Emotional Responsibility Now (MYTERN) program we teach students to get ahead of the stresses of everyday life by developing preventative strategies. Based on neuroscience and positive psychology, MYTERN builds students’ own emotional intelligence and resilience. To find out more about MYTERN, click here.

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