Our philosophy


“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God “ – Matthew 6:33
Christian College is grounded in the Christian faith as expressed in the Biblical truths of the Scriptures. Our College Motto “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God “ – Matthew 6:33 provides the basis upon which Christian College has developed since 1980.

Christian College develops an atmosphere of care and concern for each student’s character growth and well-being, within a value system and set of priorities derived from the Christian faith. Honesty, integrity, compassion, respect and tolerance underpin the expectations of all interaction within the College program. The Board and staff of Christian College believe that every student reflects the goodness of God’s creation and has intrinsic worth, irrespective of class, colour or creed. Staff members daily seek to provide examples of Christian love in their dealings with students, parents and other staff members.


Students will be encouraged to adopt for themselves a personal faith in Jesus Christ, and to apply His teaching of love, justice and compassion in their relations with others. They will also be encouraged to recognise those aspects of faith which Christians hold in common; and to respect the differences in the expression of that common faith.


The aim of Christian College is to develop the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional capacity of students as part of their total character, and to develop an appreciation of the wonderful world in which we live, to enhance it, as well as to preserve it.


Students will be encouraged to recognise that they belong to a world society, and to acknowledge their responsibility to positively contribute to the relief of the less privileged in this global community.


The changing cultural, social and economic world in which students live, and in which they will spend their lives, requires them to have a developed sense of their own self-worth, and of the values on which to draw in their decision making to achieve a satisfying and rewarding life of service and attainment.


Students at Christian College are encouraged and expected to become active participants in their own educational journey. It is recognised that all students are different, and therefore sufficiently flexible curricula are developed to meet the diverse needs and interests of students, and to provide them with the best employment or educational opportunities.


To this end, students are encouraged to develop independent learning skills. Concepts such as self-discipline, initiative, self-esteem and self-motivation, which should arise from the home, are nurtured and reinforced by the staff and curricula of Christian College.


The College acknowledges its place in a progressively technological age, and will continually seek to identify and avail itself of the best educational and technological practices in advancing student learning.
It is within this philosophical framework that the College would hope to see confident and purposeful students developing their God-given gifts.


Throughout the life of each student, parents are invited to support the College Board and staff in their important educational task. It should be acknowledged that the common aim of both parents and College for the realisation of student potential, can best be achieved through cooperation.