Future focused


Building a future that matters

Our ongoing upgrades and developments to key facilities and programs mean we are well poised to continue to offer an education that nurtures and cares for the whole person, by delivering the learning that matters, for generations to come.

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These upgrades include a stunning new Music Performance Centre; development of a state-of-the-art English and Languages building; and improvements and additions to our expansive range of programs at all year levels.  Also included are the next stages of Surf Coast Campus (Prep to Year 9) and upgrades across all campuses.

English and Languages Building

Our strategic aim to create independent learners, especially in Years 10-12, requires classrooms that are contemporary, flexible and interconnected. The new learning facility currently under construction at our Senior Campus will accommodate all English and Languages classes. Each of these subjects encourages students to consider their ‘worldview’, their place in the world and their role as global citizens. Promoting such learning in a modern facility built to encourage critical and creative thinking, collaboration and various modes of communication, is vitally important to our College vision.

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The project will provide ten contemporary learning spaces with both indoor and outdoor facilities, and also an open plan area that can accommodate up to 200 students or adults for communal gatherings. Some of the intended uses for this space include assemblies, parent welcome evenings, information sessions and student performances. The new building will also become the ‘spiritual home’ for Taylor House, adding to the sense of community and identity for our students who will be able to gather together – both formally and informally – in this dynamic new space, with a beautiful vista looking out across wider Geelong and surrounds.

The English and Languages Building is on track to be completed and ready for use during 2022.

RW Gibson Centre

The recently constructed R. W. Gibson Centre of Music Performance takes our musical community to new heights. The Centre has a 160-seat acoustically ‘tuneable’ rehearsal auditorium, providing space for ensembles, choirs and amplified instruments and groups. Other spaces include rehearsal rooms, central recording booth, classrooms, three teaching studios, main foyer, staff offices, music library and a central courtyard.

The Centre’s showpiece is the 160-seat rehearsal/recital auditorium which provides a much-needed space for the program’s ensembles and solo performers. The Wind Symphony, Senior Strings, Senior Choir, Stage Bands and contemporary ensembles have a rehearsal environment in which they can hear themselves play as well as those around them. The auditorium is an acoustically tuneable room providing appropriate acoustical treatment for soloists, groups of acoustic musicians, as well as amplified instruments and groups. 

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There are also rooms and studios designed to cater for the broad range of activities undertaken in Music studies. For amplified contemporary music there are two isolated rehearsal rooms that feature a central recording room and ‘iso’ booth all built on sprung floors to assist in isolating the sound.  

Two large classrooms also feature, which are flexible in use in that they can serve an open foyer space for events and a green room for the auditorium. The main foyer provides a gathering space for students/audiences and has a servery with a box office. The Music administration office is adjacent to the front doors, at the head of a wide, sweeping central corridor, which allows the shifting of grand pianos and other large equipment from room to room, and students with large instrument cases have an easy avenue through the facility.  

The Centre also has three instrumental teaching studios, significant storage spaces, a music library and resource room and a sunny central courtyard. Music staff are also provided for with new offices, a meeting room, and staff room. 

Learning at Christian College

As educators, we believe it is a necessity to reach beyond the fundamental skills to teach the whole person.

We call this ‘whole person’ approach The Learning That Matters. Students develop understanding and build skills to meet the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.

Experiences at CCG

Through an extensive range of co-curricular and extra-curricular experiences, students learn Christian values and gain knowledge through participation and interaction, in local and global communities.