Our College Values


Beliefs to inspire us

Our values convey our core College beliefs. We aim to reflect them through our behaviours in our day to day school-life. They guide and shape the way we interact with each other, within school groups and to the wider community.


Is complete trust in God’s promises. As our students search for their own identity in a confusing world, they can always have faith in God’s plan for them.


Is moving forward with assurance, regardless of circumstances. Our students will face many challenges on the path to achieving their goals, hope gives us the character and resilience needed to face them.


Is freedom, the key that unlocks wisdom and maturity. The truth protects our students’ hearts and minds from falsehoods, so they can find true meaning and happiness.


Is the secret to real joy and gladness of heart. In the face of greed and envy, grace allows our students to treat others with compassion, as they aim for a higher purpose – God’s purpose.


Is seeking to serve and honour others ahead of ourselves. Our students are encouraged to be selfless in their interactions with others, thus emulating the love God has for them.


Our Pastoral Heart

Our College was founded on its “pastoral heart”. Grounded in the principles of our Christian ethos and activated by our nine College chaplains, our wellbeing program offers pastoral care and support through counselling, small group discussion and participation in activities.

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