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A dedicated space for studio-based learning where students explore individual creativity across a wide range of future learning areas using new and emerging technologies; creative software, computer-aided design, laser cutting, computer numerical controlled milling and 3D printing.

Melding creative thinking with self-direction

Our approach to educating the whole person through delivery of The Learning That Matters, seeks to encourage creative expression, build future-ready skills in creative, critical and design thinking and foster self-direction through exploration of art, technology and design projects.

Our Art, Technology & Design disciplines

Studio Arts

Explore the role and practices of artists in society and follow your own ideas across traditional and contemporary artforms.

Studio Arts provides opportunities for personal growth, expression of ideas and an examination of identity – and encourages you to make an ongoing contribution to the culture of your community through lifelong participation in the making and viewing of artworks.

Product Design

Start the process of creating products that fulfill human needs and wants. Apply design thinking through the product design process and build a structure for creative problem solving.

Product Design and Technology is investigated and informed by research to aid the development of solutions for human needs and wants – working in a medium of your choice, including materials – wood, metal or plastic; or textiles – fabric, yarn or fibre.

Systems Engineering

Design, create, operate and evaluate the integrated systems that mediate and control so many aspects of human experiences. Systems Engineering promotes innovative systems, design thinking and problem-solving skills.

Understanding how mechanical, digital and electrotech systems combine to form a controlled integrated technological system, enables your design ideas to flourish with processes of increasing complexity and a variety of materials, tools and equipment.

Visual Communication Design

Take a look at how visual language conveys ideas, information and messages in communication, environmental and industrial design.

The design process is shaped by many factors – VCD develops skills to communicate ideas using design elements and principles, selected media, materials and methods of production.

Media Studies

The media is ubiquitous and deeply embedded in our lives and culture. It entertains, teaches, informs, and shapes audiences’ perception of their lives and their worlds – and it’s all about telling the story.

Explore this in depth as you consider narratives, technologies and processes from different perspectives and examine debates about the media’s role as a contributor to, and influencer of, society.

Food Studies

Develop lifelong skills, understand and appreciate all things food – with an emphasis on health and sustainability.

Food Studies opens the door on many aspects of food – its production locally and globally; economic, environmental and ethical impacts; marketing and trends; while you learn and refine a range of practical skills.

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