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Christian College has been educating students over the past 40 years. Throughout these years the provision of a uniform has been a consistent part of the College’s culture, providing students with a sense of corporate belonging and identity.

As we embrace the changes to society and prepare our young people for the modern world that awaits them, the College offers a wardrobe that provides a contemporary element of choice and image, whilst maintaining the benefits of a sense of belonging and pride. For more information on our great new wardrobe range, click here

College Uniform Shop – Trading Hours

Belmont Centreway Arcade
Shop 6-7 / 168 High St,
Belmont, VIC 3216

(03) 5241 6316

Monday            9am – 5pm
Tuesday            8am – 12pm
Wednesday   12pm – 5pm
Thursday         Closed
Friday                 9am – 1pm
Saturday          Closed
Sunday              Closed

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Belmont Centreway Arcade
Shop 6-7 / 168 High Street 
Belmont, VIC 3216

Christian College Uniform Shop