Music, Sport and Performing Arts Centre – Bellarine Campus

At the heart of the Christian College experience and the Bellarine community, the Centre hosts events, provides spaces for rehearsals and performances and develops social cohesion. We also invite the community to host events and utilise the basketball court and fitness areas.

Our Centre features

Music & Performing Arts

This dedicated area offers private tuition rooms for the teaching of instrumental music and a large rehearsal space.


With a 320-seat capacity there’s space for music and drama performances, school assemblies and guest speaking opportunities.


The Centre’s foyer and kitchen areas play host to events; parent teacher interviews, art shows and community gatherings.


A full-size court for basketball, volleyball, netball, badminton and other sporting pursuits. This also has the capacity to seat 800 people for presentations.


A fitness circuit room is found upstairs and two mezzanine levels, used for table tennis, tumbling and movement activities, plus a classroom for theory lessons.

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Music, Sport and Performing Arts Centre – Bellarine Campus