Year 9 Transformation Program

Back Creek Farm

This unique program offers Year 9 students a full term of experiential learning. It includes a half term residential experience, taking on a range of responsibilities, at our ‘Back Creek Farm’ and half term on campus in an ‘industrial space’, discovering an issue through personal connection and purpose.

Student guided learning

The learning is cross-disciplinary, guided by the students and explores each student’s personal character, their place in the world and how they can make a difference in both these environments to contribute to human flourishing.

Transformation Program

All Year 9s participate in the Transformation Program. For half a term, in gender groups, students live at Back Creek Farm, the College’s working dairy farm in Scotsburn, Victoria. They tend animals, maintain the property, plant and pick fruit and vegetables, collect eggs, make produce and work front and back-of-house at Back Creek Café in nearby Meredith.

The other half-term sees students based in Middle School’s Transformation Space: an open, informal learning environment. Using visible thinking routines and design thinking approaches, they identify a problem in the world, where they see injustice and establish a plan for how they could make a difference.