Where are they now – Rebekah Hines

Early in secondary school I enjoyed Mathematics, Languages and Art. In senior school I mostly enjoyed Music and Chemistry, but also had a great time in ‘Our World’ studies for a semester.

Since graduating, I focused a lot on my studies initially to pursue my career as a veterinarian. This was a long, sometimes difficult, but often rewarding road that I am still navigating, especially in the current climate.

Some of the things I enjoy about my current work as a veterinarian is the ability to teach pet owners about optimum care for their ‘fur-kids’, as well as being a part of a great team dedicated to high quality care for both human and animal welfare. I work in a very busy environment but try to focus on the little things as they come; alleviating suffering in an elderly patient, maintaining a good relationship with my stressed patients by gaining their trust calmly, distracting the puppy so it doesn’t feel its first vaccination, etc. The veterinary industry has its problems (a focus on mental health was undertaken by SBS’ Insight program), but we try to remember the reasons we got into this work, which undoubtedly comes from our love of all creatures great and small; no matter how much they may not thank us in return!

Skills learned through studying various subjects at Christian College aided me greatly at university, especially time management and maintaining a strong work ethic. I had great opportunities through my time at Christian College to develop maturity and be accountable for my personal actions whilst representing the College, and these things have transferred to my career.